Joao Teixeira de Faria
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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Websites of Interest
  Kim Lee's website for his first CD "Unconditional Love" including the song he wrote about his experience in Brazil called "Abadiania" as well as some of the other songs he played at the Casa, Café Central & Hotel Amazonas. $3 of every cd purchase will be donated to the Casa.
Earlier this year the Entities granted permission to Mark Agnew to create a line of eyeglasses that have Casa Crystals imbedded in them. He brought stones before the entities and they received a special energy for this purpose.
Exchange Rates
  Useful site to check rate of exchange for Brazilian Real.
Select the currency which you will be exchanging in the 'convert box'; Select Brazilian Real in the 'into' box; Enter the amount, result appears in top panel.
  The article which brought the Casa de Dom Inácio to the attention of the English speaking community worldwide.
  Sandra Ingerman teaches workshops on shamanism around the world. In her website she shares her reflections on her trip to Brazil in 2001.
  Suzanne & Alan have created a superb website for people who are independent travellers or for those with limited funds. The site includes costs, where to stay, procedures and what to expect during the healing sessions.
  Video stills of João de Deus and the Casa de Dom Inácio
Weather Forecast
  Useful site to check up weather conditions in Abadiânia.
Click on WEATHER; Click on LATIN AMERICA; Click on BRAZIL; Click on ABADIANIA; Review the 5-day forecast.
Be sure to check out all the websites listed in the 'Travel with a Guide' section of this website.
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