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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. Here we would like to share some of the replies we have received to the question -

'Are there any suggestions you would like to make to either The Casa or The Friends?'

[order according to most recent submitted]
"Keep the Casa and environs simple and inexpensive. Develop a multicultural advisory body to Joao, to provide organized feedback and to counter a sense of elitism."
Jim, US
"To be fully opened without any expectation and let the process totally unfold, be like an empty bamboo to receive what you need to grow up and arise in love"
Martine, France
"Casa: ok as is. Friends: make message board a bit more user friendly...."
Nadja, US
"More English translation in the Salon and in the current rooms"
Rebecca, US

"Just keep doing what you're doing ;-)"
Shayne, New Zealand

"Make more visits to USA for healing"
Bill, US
"Book privately to avoid unnecessary expenses"
David, UK

"Casa bookstore women should smile, I felt like I was intruding"
Bill, US

"Prepare people that they will not get specific info about why they have their conditions nor be given a detailed healing plan but they will most likely receive the greatest healing gift of an experience of unconditional love which opens and heals the heart"
Paula, USA

"Casa bookstore women should smile, I felt like I was intruding. The experience was wonderful. I plan to go back."
Gary, Brazil

"I think all were very friendly. I think they all are doing a great job."
Rosalie, USA
"Have as much English translation as possible...and I see them already studying...and I thank you."
Madelyn, USA

"Some kind of orientation for people chosen by Entity to be a part of the CASA would be great."
Gary, Brazil

"Silence should be observed more. Also it would be good if you could translate more often into English what is being said in Portuguese."
Albert, US

"It would really be nice if there were groups that one could connect with at LA CASA that would assist one in becoming aware of what protocol is. I'm speaking of English speaking, not necessarily separate, guidance. I would like to become more involved with the work of the center and participate in some manner."
Cynthia, US
"The Casa is what the Greeks called an Oracle - a place were men find out the will of the Gods. Joao is a Phythia type - priest incorporating higher Entities. In some occult circles, those teachers are referred as the Mercury beings, mediating religion through healing. I think it is the world that has to listen to the Casa's suggestions! Thanks for asking...."
Anton, US
"It would be rather nice to a have a small printed pamphlet (or if that is too expensive a noticeboard) with the names and a brief resume of the most well known entities that work at the Casa. It would have been very interesting to have some background information on them."
Susie, UK
"None other than the people at the Casa are the kindest most helpful people i have ever met, and they made the whole experience even more special. By doing what they do, they made me want to be a better person and i am so thankful for all their help."
Mehrnoosh, US
"Please try to keep the Casa's integrity and traditions. Things seems to become very westernized to fit only rich western people. Those in need may not have the money to come to the casa with "us western people" driving up the costs of things around the casa and capitalizing because there are money to be made in the wake of the flow of people coming. I feel it is in the expense of the Casas integrity. This was not built (I thought) to be a money making machine. This was my biggest fear of seeing upon arrival and this diminishes the credibility of the place internationally. This is the main thing I was sad to see at Casa de Dom Inacio."
Tomas, Sweden
"No suggestions, but just THANK YOU to both the Casa and to the Friends - your web site with all of its accurate information made it possible for me to travel independently to Abadiania this winter."
Katherine, US
"More posted translations of basic information. Such as signs near the gate which might state: 'We speak to God before our session;God speaks to us during our healing session;We speak to each other after we leave the sacred grounds'."
Bill, US
"You are responsible for getting proper translation from the entity. We had some discrepancies in our group. Everything worked out well, but since we didn't speak Portuguese, and since there were many going before the entity - quickly - at the same time, there was some confusion. Bring a tape recorder if you need to! We've just arrived back today, so the healing is still continuing. I highly recommend going with a host, especially if you don't speak the language. Caterina and Robert were wonderful"."
Andrea, USA
"Coordinate your meditative prayers with the casa current room schedules."
David, USA
"Keep the casa and Abadiania as simple and natural as it was before all the international visitors tried to make it better."
Anna, Malta
"None. Everything was just as it was supposed to be for learning experiences and spiritual growth"
Paulette, USA
"Just a hearty "thank you" for creating this excellent website and to the Casa for holding the powerful healing energy there as it supports Joao.."
Barbara, USA
"Do not be corrupted by money and fame."
Euripides, USA
"No - I thought the experience was wonderful."
Mary, USA
"A french translator could be a good idea."
Sylvie, Canada
"Keep the costs in Abadiania low for those of us who are low-income"
Faith, USA
"I really want to know when the physical surgeries won't be happening anymore. I would have enjoyed the experience completely if not for that."
Jill, USA

"Everything is perfect.".
Amy, USA

"Keep doing what you are doing: it's great".
Alison, Australia

"Regardless of experiencing an "instantaneous healing" or not, just being among this community, the people of abadania, La Casa, Joao, and those who are drawn there is enough to fill you with an experience of love and joy very hard to find anywhere else. My one suggestion to the casa though is that we receive a bit more feedback and guidance of what areas physically, emotionally, spiritually we were worked on especially if we ask, and a bit more guidance on how to incorporate back into our lifestyles at home.".

"More skilled English translators available for the foreigners going through the line to be with João".
Brian, USA

"Not to change anything, keep it Humble"
Selva, Australia

"I was wary, skeptical, not of the spiritual energy, but of the possibility of others trying to take advantage of the visitors. I found no reason for concern. Those associated with the Casa, directly or those serving indirectly; the posadas owners and workers, taxi drivers, guides, all have such a desire to serve. Each has a story of gratitude. A guide or guidance is important, to learn how to open this gift".
Henry, USA

"I am happy about the English interpretations when one communicates with the entity directly, but I do suggest that more English translations shoud be available during the preparations made from the podium by the entities and his assistants".
Rudolph, Malta

"Keep up the wonderful work".
Brian, USA
"Translators are a problem - not enough, not enough choice".
Tessa, USA

"More English; more explanation".
Herb, USA

"No, it was well-organized. It would be nice to have donated bikes for people to use back and forth to the Casa".
Barbara, USA

"I would recomend to go with a guide for your first visit".
James, USA
"Be very realistic with people regarding physical healing during the 1st Casa visit".
Faith, USA

"Be Patient and open. The real healing starts at the spiritual and mental levels first. The body will heal faster if you know this. Allow yourself to be vulnerable while you are there".
Stephen, USA

"Keep João safe despite protection from the Entities, we worry about the attempts on his precious life and MORE ENGLISH instructions for newcomers, I broke rules like entering the current room without entity permission and got "zapped" by negative energies flowing in the room.....when I went with permission it was a life changing positive experience. Also what about live video cams of the casa main assembly room when open? Easy to implement and puts those of us living across the globe closer to the Casa De Dom Inácio".
Duncan, USA

"Convert to Brazillian currency before arriving".
David, USA

"I got back this morning ( 12-9-2002)I believe that it is appropriate that the Casa Guide would mention that for people who plan to be at the Casa for only 2 weeks it will be a hassle to have to go to Anapolis, vist 4 banks before you find one that has an ATM that will let you use a visa or MC. Better to exchange enough at the airport of Sao Paolo or Rio. In other words: I had no clue that the use of US credit cards is so difficult in central Brazil. And visiting Anapolis, just as I was getting quiet in meditation in Abadiania, was not such a good idea.

For those visitors, who feel the need to call back to the USA the use of a Call Back card is much better than the Brazilian telephone cards. The latter being expensive. I brought with me an MCI calling card that allowed me to call back to VT at US$0.24 per minute. This is is much less expensive as collect and more elegant than collect calling. Your Mother, father, boyfriend or girlfriend is not always so happy with that collect call. The "trick" is to know the access number that will work on the pay phone in Abadiania :08008900012. wait for prompt, then dial: 26, wait for prompt and select 1 for english after MCI come on. Than dial your pin number on the back of your MCI card and wait for the next prompt ( that announces how much is left on your card). Then dial 1- area code and number in the US. Note.You CANNOT recharge the card while abroad, so make sure that you have enough minutes. I started with 75 and ran out. I was told that ATT charges $0.60 per minute for callback. I do not have an interest in either company".
Maarten, US

"Improved signage and directions at the CASA - especially to help new comers".
John, Ireland
"Continue to provide this wonderful gift to the world"
Judy, Australia

"Don't give up on being healed...It IS happening, but physical cure itself doesn't always happen quickly. Just have faith that what is supposed to happen will".
Susan, USA

"Keep doing what you are doing: it's great".
Alison, Australia

"No suggestions - just congratulations on putting this together. It is a grand idea and service. Everyone at The Casa was helpful and friendly - it was a joyous experience".
Barbara, USA

"While in the current rooms - please provide english speakers - praying to help keep us focused".
Deborah, USA

"Watch out for the 2 caste system developing in Abadiânia. Work to keep it affordable for Brazilians and for visitors with less resources."
Hampton, US

"Please make sure all the translators give the same information! We had several different 'rules' given to us depending on which translator you spoke to, this related particularly to how to count the 40 days after the operation regarding sex, and the 8 day issue following a second operation, also when it was appropriate to go to the waterfall following an operation."
Kelda, UK

"This website is amazing! Thank you."
Jan, USA

"A smoke free environment."
Regina, USA

"Have additional English translators. Make a public announcement before forming the lines to pass by the Entity. To have at least 2 Portuguese speaking people before the English speaking ones. To better enable the translators to have adequate time to help the Enlish speaking ones. To upgrade the video recording equipment. To have a more modern camcorder. To have standardized instructions posted for the operating procedures at the Casa. For everything all inclusive."
Brian, USA

"My one suggestion to the casa though is that we receive a bit more feedback and guidance of what areas physically, emotionally, spiritually we were worked on especially if we ask, and a bit more guidance on how to incorporate back into our lifestyles at home."
Jennifer, USA

"To people making their fist visit, the procedures in the Casa are not in my opinion very easily understood despite the willing help from everyone there.I think it would be helpful if a relatively simple pamphlet could be made available explaining the current rooms, meditation etc. healing procedure(overall what to expect) use of herbs etc.This need not be more than a single sheet and be available in Portugese and English.I found many people - particularly non Portugese speaking, who had often traveled a long way, rather confused.Even I who am fluent in Portugese had some difficulty. This is not intended as a criticism but a suggestion to remove doubts and hopefully ensure visitors obtain even more benefits from their stay."
Richard, Brazil

"Yes, the information that we received about diet, visits to the waterfall, protocol after surgery, etc. was spotty and somewhat inconsistent. Could a booklet/paper be printed that is accurate and available at the pousadas? Also, silence was not consistently observed in the casa hall, or even in the current rooms. I think this was due to lack of information on the part of many visitors."
Lynn, USA
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