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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
The following are extracts from emails exchanged between a network of friends which evolved in Abadiânia. We hope they will provide you with an insight into how, for each person, the experience at the Casa is individual and unique.

Email addresses are provided for some of the authors, should you wish to contact them.
I can certainly feel quite a change in me since being in Brazil as I am beginning to feel a strength in me that I have not felt since 1986 - so that is good…
Stuart, UK
I don't think you met Dorothy before you left, she turned up on her last legs with lung cancer, had to have a wheelchair at the airport, her family didn't think she'd make it. It was her last day today, I took her down to the waterfall, and she walked back up the hill. She's 82. So the miracles are still going on, and I think I may have found what I'm looking for.
Rachel, UK

We have learned so much this time at the Casa. About love, care, ego trips, money, lying, covering up, "good" and "bad spirits", how "bad spirits" can force us to change for the better, etc. We went to learn who we were and how we can help change the world. We are probably never going back to Abadiania. Gabriel has gotten everything he needed from there and so did we (or so we feel for the moment). We are actually still integrating a lot of what really went on there. Not everything was beautiful and pure but everything was necessary.
Madeleine, Canada

I am still very relaxed and at peace with myself from Brazil and I still meditate everyday, my health is perfect and I am doing just awesome, back to the Helen everyone knows!!!!!!! I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?!!!!!!!!
Helen, New Zealand
You know I'm still very positive about The Casa even though I'm not getting a quick healing. It seems to be so different for each person, doesn't it? It all depends on what has to change and what potential has to be reached and opened up in each of us, how much we can take in at a given moment and perhaps how far we are down the line of inquiry regarding ourselves. I'm not sure how clearly I am expressing myself... Of course we must be patient.

….. Joao told me that my treatment was not finished so I must be patient and remember what Little Joao told me once: "At The Casa, we are getting far more than we are aware of". That is true for all of us, isn't it? Healing takes place on so many levels.


… Being here is, as you know, trying. Not easy, but so great. Where else do we have the time to take such good care of ourselves, meditate at leisure, ponder about the meaning of our lives!!!! etc... ooh. Getting philosophical here. I hope the entities have a sense of humour!

….. I have decided (or rather re-affirmed) that I would continue to visit the Casa whether healed or not, as I love the place more and more in spite of the times when I have sometimes sat in current feeling angry at various things (the uncomfortable benches, not sensing the Entities working, my treatment not going fast enough, etc ...).
I showed a photograph of a friend who is a paraplegic. I had given him a crystal last time I got back and a small miracle had happened on one of his hands. This time, I showed a photo of him to the Entity, Martin translated the story of his hand, and the Entity got me to buy another, bigger one. Well, I was there yesterday to give it to my friend and the same thing happened with his other hand. He was so happy to get the new crystal. It has been placed under the bed. I hope one day I can take my friend to Brazil when he is well enough.

…. "Even though the past year in particular has been very difficult, it has also been really powerful and wonderful and we feel that we have gained more from his ill health than we have lost". - I think healing is precisely about that, isn't it, and when you say above that a healing is very near, I feel that it is almost done. I know for a fact that acceptance is a difficult thing and I find it quite surprising to see how similar our paths of healing are. You know, at one point last time I was in Abadiania, I had a strange inner feeling that I was healed. It is hard to explain but I never spoke about it because I could see the nodule was still there so I thought I must be wrong. Now I understand better. It is as if our very definition of healing had to be changed and broadened, somehow. Of course, the physical dimension is there too and needs to be dealt with but to me, it now feels secondary, like only the tangible, visible aspect of something much bigger. I am much more concerned with the 'energy' level and the psychological level now. This may be different for Tim since he experiences a lot of pain and much more discomfort than I - incomparably so, but there is a common trend there too.

Nathalie, France

.. trust in the entities, they are in your life. I was a little sceptical but now a few weeks later I'm no more the sceptic. A few days after I arrived I became aware of the changes in me and in my life. I know the entities are to thank .. I believe better things are coming my way (one of those changes in my life that I relate to the entities..)
I ended up having visible surgery on my eyes via Dr. Augusto's fingers -- like a very intense finger scraping all over the eyeballs. I feel like my system is still shifting and changing from it and I have had some noticeable visual improvement.

… It felt like my central nervous system had received significant work and was quite different following the surgery. It seemed as though they had worked through my eyes to many systems inside my body.
Melissa, Kansas. USA

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