Joao Teixeira de Faria
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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Important Notice: The listing of guides on this website is strictly voluntary and is not a requirement for Casa Guides. We are an independent organization of Casa guides who have voluntarily agreed to uphold certain standards of conduct

Increasingly, people from all parts of the world travel to Abadiânia to experience the healing energy at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Whether you travel independently or as part of a facilitated group is entirely a personal decision - in either case you are guaranteed a profound life changing experience.

Those who opt to travel with a group undoubtedly benefit to some degree or another from the group leader's experience and knowledge of the Casa 'journey'. To follow is a list (in order of when they first brought groups to the Casa) of independent guides who organise accompanied trips to Brazil throughout the year. Each has agreed to abide by a code of conduct agreed in association with the Casa and as a result are recognised as guides by the Casa.

Please note, The Friends of the Casa cannot recommend individual guides or is not responsible for the conduct of any guide chosen from the following list. We recommend that you refer to the 'standards' section and satisfy your own requirements before deciding who to travel with.

Group Travel from

Many of the guides facilitate individuals who wish to travel as part of a group but whose country of origin is not the US, Europe, Australia/New Zealand. Contact guides for more info.

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