Joao Teixeira de Faria
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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Standards for Guides - Details
Most of the guides facilitate individuals who wish to travel as part of a group but whose country of origin is outside of the main countries of departure (US, UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand). Contact guides for more information.
     Groups Travelling from the United States
Josie RavenWing

Josie, one of the first non-Brazilian guides to begin bringing groups to the Casa, takes people from all over the world, at least six times per year, to visit João de Deus, and has been traveling there since 1998. She both serves as your guide to the Casa, speaks Portuguese and so is able to translate for you, and offers in-depth preparation information before trips as well as on-site orientations at the Casa. A medium of the Casa and a spiritual and healing practitioner herself for many decades, she also shares rich perspectives that help participants make the most of the healing opportunities provided by the João. She is often requested to accompany Joao at his international events, usually working in the surgery/blessings room. And according to readers, her book 'The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of João de Deus' is a must for people making the journey to the Casa.

Josie Ravenwing
  Contact Details: Email: ; Website:
Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

Bob and Diana are an open-hearted and compassionate couple who have been facilitating tours to the Casa since 1999. Their mission is to help their tour participants to deepen their connection to God and to gain the highest benefit from their visit to the Casa. Bob shares his miraculous story of recovery from near-blindness and teaches people to always maintain hope. Diana’s soft and loving energy adds to the harmony and balance of each group participant as they go through their experience at the Casa.

Bob & Diana
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Heather Cumming

Healing Quests is honored to provide you with the opportunity to visit John of God. Your journey is facilitated by Heather Cumming - Daughter of the Casa, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Ordained Interfaith minister. Heather was born and raised in Central Brazil, very near to Abadiânia, and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Her
expertise and knowledge of the region, people and their customs, make her an exceptional guide. Her careful guidance and oversight of all the practical details of your visit creates a supportive environment that allows you to focus completely on your healing. Heather translates for
John of God on his trips abroad and is devoted to supporting his mission. She is co-author of John of God: The Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions - Simon & Schuster/Beyond Words Publishing, May 2007.

Heather Cumming
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Emma Bragdon

Emma Bragdon, PhD. (Transpersonal Psychology), a developed medium/intuitive/healer, leads small groups to visit John of God. As your advocate, she gives you compassionate care - as well as guiding inspiring discussions on aspects of healing through Spiritual Therapies.

As Director of "Spiritual Alliances, LLC" she and her associates awaken people to the positive potentials of spiritual healing particularly within Spiritual Centers in Brazil.

Emma Bragdon sells her book, “Spiritual Alliances” (which heartfully orients visitors to John of God’s work) and her 30 minute documentary DVD “I Do Not Heal, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God” which captures the spirit of the Casa. Her newest film, "Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health" will be available in January, 08.
  Contact Details: Website:, Tel: 802-674-2919 in Vermont, Email:
Gary Walker

Fluent in Portuguese and living in Brazil since 1985, this world citizen is a Medium and Group Leader at the Casa since August 2002. Gary spends about five months a year at the Casa intimately coordinating small groups and volunteering. His close involvement with the Casa, background as a therapist/counselor and concern for client security and comfort have made him one of the Casa's most well recommended Guides. Fellow guides often refer him clients and group members often return for the comfort and support he so generously offers with deep respect, spiritual understanding and tenderness from the time you step off the plane.

  Contact Details: or website:
Adrienne Grierson

Adrienne Grierson is a caring, fun & compassionate guide. Over 20 years of healing & self development has made her well versed & experienced in nutrition, emotional healing, energy work & meditation. A medium and Casa Guide since 2002, Adrienne has developed an unparalleled reputation as an excellent and attentive Guide. She speaks Portuguese, has her own home there and lived in Abadiania for 2 years before starting to lead groups. Her thorough knowledge of the Casa and its environs enables you to focus on your healing, ensuring you will be nurtured, cared for and fully supported. People come from all over the world as well as the USA, thus making an enjoyable multicultural blend. Group space is limited to 14 people. Her twenty minute film "Visible Surgeries" is the first ever subtitled footage of the entity at work available. She has contributed footage to two ABC Primetime shows.

Adrienne Grierson
  Contact Details: Email ; Website:; Tel: 212 203 6046
Marge Cuddeback
  My first trip to John of God was in March, 2003. I was told by spirit to bring groups. I brought my first group three months later. I am a Reiki Master, have a B.A. in education. I'm a hypnotherapist, I do entity clearings, regressions and Mariel. I'm a nationwide seminar leader and I channel deceased loved ones and/or your spirit guides or angels. I've made 9 meditation tapes. I'm the author of Vanishing Veil. I give five spiritual seminars, one of which is my healing seminar that I've given in Sedona Az. for over 25 years. I help clients realize what they need to change at home to help facilitate their healing. Marge Cuddeback
  Contact Details: 6981 Elwood Road, San Jose CA 95120 Tel:408-997-1869; Website:; Email:
Janet Rose & Govinda Miller
  Govinda & Janet are both acknowledged by John of God as mediums & guides of the Casa. They have been guiding and assisting people on all levels of their healing, personal empowerment and spiritual development for many years. Their focus is on manifesting miracles through spiritual alignment and mastery of the Laws of the Universe. Janet was near death from Systemic Lupus in Sept 2002 and was healed at the Casa. She lived in Abadiania for 10 months to complete her healing process and experienced and witnessed many miracles. Janet gave the weekly orientations for newcomers at the Casa de Dom Inacio for several months and was trained as a group leader while living in Abadiania. Janet Rose & Govinda Miller
  Contact details: Email:;; Websites:;; Tel: 208-448-2093
Tony Garza
  Tony Garza is an Intuitive and Personal Consultant. He offers personal consultations via the phone internationally for those feeling stuck and seeking guidance on personal concerns whether they be emotional, physical or with relationships.Tony is also a Casa Guide, escorting the sick, the curious and those seeking a leap in consciousness to John of God. Tony has been on talk radio shows in Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia and in the United States sharing information about the Casa, testimonials about John of God, and the loving, healing spirits working through him. Tony feels priviliged to be working with them. Tony Garza

Contact Details: website; Email; Tel: 1.818.421.7131.

Valynda Dupre

Valynda Dupre', has been practicing the Healing Arts for over twenty years. She is a Multiple Modality Therapist©, LMT , Non-Denominational Minister, and REIKI Master Teacher, specializing in Life Coaching, Holistic Healing, Energy and Bodywork, Inner Child Healing, Emotional Release Work, and Spiritual Coaching. Her own profound personal healing experiences at the Casa de Dom Inácio led her to become a tour guide for the Casa.

Contact Details: Email:; Website:

Valynda Dupre
Frani Rubens
  As a Casa Guide, I strive to create a safe and nurturing environment with clarity of the Casa guidelines and personal support in a person's healing process.Having a private healing practice for the past 14 years and having been formally trained in energy healing, as a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the Healing Touch program, and the Jaffe School of Medical and Spiritual Healing, I have a strong foundation in understanding energy healing and the process of healing. Frani Rubens
  Awakening Spirit Ltd, 1870 Beverly Place, Highland Park, IL 60035; Tel: (847) 831-5528; Website:; Email:
Lena Smolyar & Alexander Vainshtein
  The first time we came to Brazil in 2004 was the first day of the rest of our lives. Lena came as a disabled person who now lives a fully committed life to helping others. Lena is a medium who offers Crystal Bed Healing and Meditation Classes in her Brooklyn, NY Office. Alex & Lena speak both ENGLISH and fluent RUSSIAN, we offer a very organized, efficient and pleasant trip to the house of J.O.G. We took over 3 years preparing to become effective guides. Now that we are ready, please join us on a spiritual journey, which will change the way you view the world forever. Lena & Alex

Contact Details: Tel: (917) 921-8554 (347) 673-5090; Email:; 42 Hancock Lane, Manalapan, NJ 07726;

Barbara Brodsky & John Orr
  Barbara Brodsky is an ordained Interfaith Minister, a senior dharma teacher in the Buddhist tradition, and guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center for Meditation & Spiritual Inquiry in Michigan. She's also a trance medium and incorporates the entity Aaron. Since 1990 she has taught meditation and led retreats throughout the world, and with Aaron, offers workshops, personal counseling, and many books of Aaron's teaching. Barbara and John Orr (see below) will guide small groups with the focus to help you integrate the Casa experiences and healing through meditation.
  John is a former Theravada Buddhist Monk ordained for eight years and lived in Thailand and India. Since 1980 he has been leading Insight Meditation retreats in the United States and abroad. He is on the faculty of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and is an Interfaith Minister. My colleague Barbara Brodsky and I will assist you in your healing journey to The Casa and support your meditation practice with individual instruction and guidance. We will meditate regularly together and discuss ways to integrate practice, healing and The Casa experiences you will have. John Orr
  Contact Details: Email:John;Barbara; Websites:;
  Rosamaria Machado  
  Rosamaria Machado Phd. DM LMT, a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Counselor, teacher and lecturer. A pioneer in the conscious use of the Human Energy Field, the former NASA engineer has been researching and exploring for more than 20 years ways for individuals to tap into and use their Energy Field to Heal and transform their lives. Rosamaria originally from the Azores, Portugal and is currently residing in Florida; she speaks Portuguese and is able to translate. She has provided support to Medium Joao in New Zealand and in the United States. Her personal story, guidance and support during your visit to the Casa will complement your healing.
Rosamaria Machado
  Contact Details: Email:Rosamaria; Website:;
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     Groups Travelling from Canada
Monica Péloquin

Monica is a group leader for people looking for a better health both physical and spiritual with Hippocrates Institute in Florida. When in Brazil she was named daughter of the Casa by the medium Joao de Deus. As a medium guide she helps you with her techniques of Focusing and Transe to benefit in depth the presence of the Entities. She will prepare your trip from wherever you are in the world. Fluent in Portuguese, French, English, Italian and Spanish she can speak directly to the Entities in Joao.

Monica Péloquin

Contact Details:; Tel 1-888-288-0449; Email:

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