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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Standards for Guides - Details

Most of the guides facilitate individuals who wish to travel as part of a group but whose country of origin is outside of the main countries of departure (US, Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand). Contact guides for more information.

     Groups Travelling from Europe
Lynn Debenham-Drew & Rupert Drew
  Husband and wife team Rupert & Lynn have been taking groups to the Casa since 1998. Rupert received an amazing operation curing his glaucoma in that year & became the first person bringing groups to the Casa from England. The entities authorised Lynn to take groups to the Casa in 2000 after she herself underwent a miraculous "visible" operation. Both speak Brazilian Portuguese. Lynn, herself a gifted spiritual healer and aromatherapist worked in cancer care clinics for many years. In 1997 she worked in Bosnia. Rupert has worked in healing for many years in Bowen Technique, massage, reflexology, Reiki and First Aid. Rupert & Lynn Drew
  Contact Details: Email Lynn at or Rupert at or Websites at and
Julia Andree

Julia, a daughter of the Casa, works in her Swiss practice as a psychotherapist. She is qualified in Reiki, holotropic breathing, aqua-balancing, past lives regressions, energy work, clay therapy and shamanic rituals. As a working tool she also uses a crystal bed which comes from the Casa de Dom Inacio. Julia speaks French, German, English and some Brazilian Portuguese and brings French speaking groups several times a year to this wonderful healing place of Abadiânia. She dedicates herself to the task that Joâo de Deus has entrusted her with. Her mission is to bring along to the Casa and comfort women and men who long for healing their body, mind and soul, so that their face and their heart may again be illuminated with a smile.

  Contact Details: Email:; Website at

  Beatrice Wiesli

Beatrice Wiesli is Psychologist, Reiki Master and Medium of the Casa. She works as a healer in Switzerland.

"When I was 24, I got the diagnosis of a genetic muscle disease. I was told, that it would be more aggressive than in my fathers case and that there is no treatment possible. With this information I decided to live my dreams as long as I can. I flew to India to visit Sai Baba, to Amma and had teachings from Dalai Lama, learnt Shamanism on Hawaii and visited the Aztecs in Mexico.
In 2003 I travelled to the Casa and had a life changing experience: The entity Dr. Augusto took my hand, smiled and said: "forget about this disease, you are healed."

  For more information in German:

  Anita Ekberg  
  Anita works as a Spiritual Teacher, has a Healing practice and offers Crystal Bed treatments, Energy clearings and Consultations.
Her deep understanding of healing and guidance of all the practical details at the Casa creates a supportive environment that allows you to fully focus on your personal process. She is author of a book about healing with information about the Casa, healing stories and exercises you can do for your wellbeing.

"My own personal healing experiences at the Casa began in 2004 and that eventually led me to become a tour guide in 2006."

Anita Ekberg
  Contact Details: Website: Email:
Phone: + 46 (0)8 378051
  Hayette Weidmann
  Hayette is a registered nurse of Switzerland with qualifications in different Holistic fields such as NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, Reiki, Reflexology, Bach flowers counsellor, Post Traumatic Debriefing therapist and is established as an independent therapist in Lausanne. She has added with the permission of the Entities, the use of a crystal bed.
In 2003, 10 days after seeing a film about the works of John of God, Hayette went to Brasil for the first time to visit the Casa. Suffering from a knee deficiency Hayette felt an immense improvment in both knees.
Hayette is assisted by a team: Isabelle and Xenia. All are daughters of the Casa and accompany small groups to the Casa 4 times a year. They are dedicated to helping people to benefit to the most during their stay at the Casa. Together, they speak french, portugese, english, greek, italian and german.
Hayette Weidmann
  Contact Details: Tel/fax: +41.21.653.99.44; Email:; Web:
  Sandra Straw
  Sandra is the principal spiritual guide on the journeys and retreats offered by For over a decade she has travelled the world teaching about the higher truths and wisdoms often accompanied by Elders and Wisdom Keepers of many lands. She gives ceremony in sacred energy sites and countries such as Tibet, Peru, Egypt, The Mayalands, America & Europe and conducts and facilitates spiritual retreats to Mother Meera in Germany and to John of God several times a year as well as teaches meditation and the teachings of enlightenment. She is a healer, energy worker and psychic and works towards helping humanity have a fuller understanding of current transformational times. She has also spent time with modern teachers such as Dr Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. Sandra Straw with John of God;
  Anita Fuller

Anita has spent most of her life working with healing and self growth groups working all over the world. In 2003 she was inspired to visit The Casa de Dom Inacio to meet Joao De Deus, whilst in Entity John of God told Anita that she would be a Daughter of the House.

Since that momentous moment in 2003 Anita has brought many groups to meet John of God. She serves as a medium, helps in the spiritual operation rooms and assists with guided visualisations in the current/meditation rooms.

Anita Fuller
  Anita speaks English and French, she also understands and speaks some German, Italian, Spanish and of course Brazilian Portuguese! Anita has a warm and truly caring rapport with her groups (read testimonials on website) and she has spent the best part of the last 5 years at the Casa. Visiting the Casa is a life changing experience where miracles can and do happen.
  Contact Details: Email; Website:; UK Tel: +44 (0)7949 916 170 Brazil Tel: +55 628 1341 692
     Groups Travelling from Australia & New Zealand
Peter Waugh
  Peter is the Founder and ongoing guardian of the Natural Health Centre,Wellington, New Zealand; a naturopath, psychotherapist and fellow traveller.

At the behest of the Entities, and, as part of his own service, Peter is honoured to organize, facilitate and escort small groups to the Casa several times per year.The groups originate from New Zealand. Others may join enroute. I also facilitated the two visits of Medium Joao to New Zealand with much help from the Entities in 2006 & 2007.

Contact Details: ; Website at ; Tel: 0062 4 3854342

Peter Waugh

Adriana Viglione and Nathan Fepulea'i  
  Diagnosed with terminal cancer Adriana embarked on a journey that led her to John of God, and her own miraculous recovery. She travelled 3 times in 21 months before being told, "Daughter, you are free (of cancer)."
Having lost a loved one to cancer, Nathan had many spiritual interventions of healing and a powerful psychic awakening in Brazil.
Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese Adriana & Nathan facilitate guided tours to Brazil. They work as healing mediums offering crystal light bed sessions & music therapy in Australia and New Zealand. Adriana and Nathan were married at the Casa 7th September, 2007.
Nathan & Adriana
  Contact Details: Mob 0410 153 295; Tel (02) 4308 2720; Email:; Website:
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