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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Standards for Guides - Details

Most of the guides facilitate individuals who wish to travel as part of a group but whose country of origin is outside of the main countries of departure (US, Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand). Contact guides for more information.

     Brazilian Guides to the Casa
Tatiana Toshkina Seijsener
Tatiana lives in Abadiania since 2002. She is a strong cleansing Casa medium. Tatiana works voluntarily in the operation room of Casa de Dom Inacio. Her experience and knowledge about the Casa and the Entities gave her the motivation to guide groups through their healing experiences at the Casa, helping them with their emotional, physiological and spiritual difficulties. She likes to give personal attention and healing advice for best results of each individual, also to visitors who are already in Abadiania. Tatiana speaks Portuguese, English, Bulgarian and Dutch fluently.


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Groups Travelling from
South America-Spanish Speaking Countries

  Beatriz & Maggie

Live in Argentina and for several years they have been working together coordinating groups, spiritual trips and other activities for healing, spiritual and inner knowledge. As mediums and authorized guides, since 2006 they have traveled to La Casa conducting people from Argentina, other Latin American countries and Europe. They are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The Entities have granted them the authorization for opening a house for spiritual healing in Argentina. They also asked them to write the book "La Gratitud del Alma", which was published in 2007. The book is a guide for spiritual contact that can be found at the Casa Bookstore.

Beatriz Bibiloni, is an anthropologist & her "Soul Therapies" have been helping many people to rediscover their essence. María Luisa León has Bachelors degrees in Chemistry & Pharmacy and she is deeply involved with bioenergetics & vibration therapies. She is a coach & consultant.

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