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GUIDE to the Casa de Dom Inácio - SURGERY & HEALING

19. Visible & Invisible Surgery

Should the Entity prescribe surgery for you, you will have a chance to volunteer for visible surgery at a subsequent assembly-hall program. Both visible and invisible procedures are equally effective; which you choose is a matter of personal preference. You may be disqualified from visible surgery if you are under 18, over 53, diabetic, epileptic, have high or low blood pressure, are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, have a heart condition, etc. You also may be required to stay in Brazil longer – a day or several, occasionally more then a week – if you have visible surgery. Volunteers will be queried about this. Those who do not qualify will be given invisible surgery.

A volunteer, or several from amongst those who qualify, will receive a visible operation before the audience which will be videotaped by the house photographer, and perhaps by others as well. Video cameras capture all visible operations, as well as other aspects of each session. These videos are available for purchase (see 30).

Patients for invisible surgery are led, as a group, into the operating room, where they sit awaiting their treatment. During this brief period, with your eyes closed, concentrate on the part or aspect of yourself to be healed, placing the right hand on the area(s) or, if more extensive or systemic, place your right hand on your heart.

Some may feel sensations like tingling or fingers gently manipulating certain areas of the body; others feel no physical sensations. Both experiences are normal. After a short while in silence, you will be told to exit through the door to the outside.

NOTE: Post surgery photos were discontinued by the entities in 2005.

20. Post-surgery Rules

Patients receiving operations — visible or invisible — should move slowly, rest and recuperate for about 8 days. Follow these simple rules to facilitate your recuperation:

1. Rest, relax, be kind to yourself. Move gently, particularly if you feel tender, until you feel recovered.

2. No sex for 40 days after initial operation, or 8 days after subsequent operations; this includes any raising of the sexual energies, not just orgasm.

3. For 24 hours after surgery, rest and avoid stimulation and crowds; do not pass by the Entity; avoid the assembly and current rooms. Do not watch live or videotaped surgery. Your auric field is open after surgery, leaving you vulnerable to other energies that may be harmful. You may go into the gardens and other areas of the Casa.

4. No physical exertion, such as lifting heavy items. Avoid traveling on the day of surgery.

5. For up to 8 days after visible surgery, rest a lot in bed; eat lightly - water, juices, little sugar. Move around only after incision closes. Dress warmly; avoid chill, don't go out in wind / rain, don't go barefoot on cold tiles. For optimum recovery, avoid sugar, junk food, black coffee, colas, and smoking, especially in the first week following surgery. You are trying to maximize your body’s ability to repair cell tissue.

After a visible operation, get a photo-ticket at the shop and then go to the secretary's office to have your photo taken.

21. Eight-day Review

Patients should return to the Entity for a review 8 days after an operation. This takes place briefly in the operation room; have a casa guide take you and translate. If you are unable to go before the Entity for a review, you may wish to participate in a ritual on the seventh night after your operation:

Dress your bed and yourself in white or pale color. Place a glass of plain water by your bed. Give thanks to the entities and ask them to come and remove your sutures. In the morning drink the water which they have blessed and give thanks.

If you still have any stitches at this point, you may go to the nurse in the recovery room to have them removed.

22. About the Healings

João incorporates more than 30 spirit entities. Many of the entities were medical doctors in former times, while others were skilled in spiritual and psychological matters. Although João incorporates only one entity at a time, unincorporated entities may assist with all treatments. You may receive treatment while sitting in the current room, or at any other time and place that is under the influence of the entities, including while enroute to Abadiânia, in one’s hotel room (even prior to visiting the Casa!) and in the assembly hall.

The spirit treatment you receive, the herbs and the blessed water contribute to your healing and continue working over a period of time. The healing process tends to continue to unfold over the 3-4 months (or more) following your visit. Be patient and faithful to your practices of taking the herbs and observing the simple dietary and health rules.

If possible, wait for 21 days after an operation (visible or invisible) before seeing your M.D. or having an x-ray etc.

23. Sitting in Current

Much emphasis is placed on the importance of sitting in current. Because the entities work on you in the current rooms, it is every bit as important as going before João in-entity. By sitting in the current room, you both receive and contribute to the flow of spiritual energy

The current rooms are power-places for spiritual practice, raising vibrations and healing. The term "current" (Portuguese corrente) refers to the vital force, or spiritual energy that flows through the room and is sustained by mediums and meditators. You also contribute to the current. During any morning or afternoon session, you may sit in silent prayer or meditation in one of the three rooms. The first current room is entered from the assembly hall. From this room, one enters the second current room, where João in-entity sits while in consultation. This room, in turn, leads to the third current room, which is used for invisible operations and body purification. All current rooms require permission from the Entities to enter.

To get the full benefit of the current rooms, and to not disturb those already there, enter before the sessions begin at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Once you enter the current room, plan to stay for the entire session, after all have passed through enroute to the Entity. (The time will vary depending on the size of the crowds.) Keep your legs uncrossed and your hands and arms out of contact with each other, to allow the free flow of energy. Keep your eyes closed and remain silent; the Entities cannot work on you if your eyes are open. If the current is making you too woozy or otherwise uncomfortable, raise your hand and someone will bring you a glass of blessed water to drink. There is also a recovery room for people who really need to lie down for a while. Enter from the assembly room via the second door to the right of the stage or enter through the first current room. A Casa guide will assist you.

A staff member offers spiritual messages in Portuguese throughout the session. At some point João in-entity may pass through the first current room and designate a section to join him in the second room. If you are seated in that section, you may elect to move or remain where you are.

Toward the end of the session, people who will be leaving shortly and haven’t yet passed by the Entity are invited to come say good-bye and receive his blessing. Let your guide know if it is your last session. After current everybody should drink the blessed water provided. The water is sitting in the current room throughout the session absorbing the energy of the session and to complete the session, it is important not to leave the room without drinking the energised water.

By Marilyn Penrod, JD Rabbit & Mary Lou Smith Copyright ©2000