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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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20. Post-surgery Rules
Patients receiving operations — visible or invisible — should move slowly, rest and recuperate for about 8 days. Follow these simple rules to facilitate your recuperation:

1. Rest, relax, be kind to yourself. Move gently, particularly if you feel tender, until you feel recovered.

2. No sex for 40 days after initial operation, or 8 days after subsequent operations; this includes any raising of the sexual energies, not just orgasm.

3. For 24 hours after surgery, rest and avoid stimulation and crowds; do not pass by the Entity; avoid the assembly and current rooms. Do not watch live or videotaped surgery. Your auric field is open after surgery, leaving you vulnerable to other energies that may be harmful. You may go into the gardens and other areas of the Casa.

4. No physical exertion, such as lifting heavy items. Avoid traveling on the day of surgery.

5. For up to 8 days after visible surgery, rest a lot in bed; eat lightly - water, juices, little sugar. Move around only after incision closes. Dress warmly; avoid chill, don't go out in wind / rain, don't go barefoot on cold tiles. For optimum recovery, avoid sugar, junk food, black coffee, colas, and smoking, especially in the first week following surgery. You are trying to maximize your body’s ability to repair cell tissue.

After a visible operation, get a photo-ticket at the shop and then go to the secretary's office to have your photo taken.

21. Eight-day Review
Patients should return to the Entity for a review 8 days after an operation. This takes place briefly in the operation room; have a casa guide take you and translate. If you are unable to go before the Entity for a review, you may wish to participate in a ritual on the seventh night after your operation:

Dress your bed and yourself in white or pale color. Place a glass of plain water by your bed. Give thanks to the entities and ask them to come and remove your sutures. In the morning drink the water which they have blessed and give thanks.

If you still have any stitches at this point, you may go to the nurse in the recovery room to have them removed.

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