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19. Visible & Invisible Surgery
Should the Entity prescribe surgery for you, you will have a chance to volunteer for visible surgery at a subsequent assembly-hall program. Both visible and invisible procedures are equally effective; which you choose is a matter of personal preference. You may be disqualified from visible surgery if you are under 18, over 53, diabetic, epileptic, have high or low blood pressure, are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, have a heart condition, etc. You also may be required to stay in Brazil longer – a day or several, occasionally more then a week – if you have visible surgery. Volunteers will be queried about this. Those who do not qualify will be given invisible surgery.

A volunteer, or several from amongst those who qualify, will receive a visible operation before the audience which will be videotaped by the house photographer, and perhaps by others as well. Video cameras capture all visible operations, as well as other aspects of each session. These videos are available for purchase (see 30).

Patients for invisible surgery are led, as a group, into the operating room, where they sit awaiting their treatment. During this brief period, with your eyes closed, concentrate on the part or aspect of yourself to be healed, placing the right hand on the area(s) or, if more extensive or systemic, place your right hand on your heart.

Some may feel sensations like tingling or fingers gently manipulating certain areas of the body; others feel no physical sensations. Both experiences are normal. After a short while in silence, you will be told to exit through the door to the outside.

Note: Post surgery photos were discontinued by the entities in 2005.

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