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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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28. Crystal Bed
The crystal bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own. Use your intuition regarding number and frequency. It is recommended that you have an odd number of sessions (e.g., 1, 3 – rather than 2, 4). You must receive permission from the Entity for more than 3 sessions. Please note that it is not unusual for someone to be prescribed as many as 13 sessions. The fee for a session is R$20, at the time of this writing. Go to the bookshop to make an appointment.
29. The Triangles

There are three wooden prayer triangles mounted on the Casa walls, one in the assembly hall over the stage, and two more on exterior walls. You may tuck written prayers or petitions for healing into the bottom of the assembly hall triangle, or you may leave them in the box at the Secretaria’s window (they are collected twice daily and given to the Entity for his blessings).

Except during the program, you may place your forehead in the triangle on the stage for silent prayer / petitions / blessings.

30. Photo & Address File

Note: Post surgery photos were discontinued by the entities in 2005.

31. Waterfall
A short, but somewhat challenging walk from the Casa (ask for directions) is a waterfall you may visit. Each person or group must have permission from the Casa or the Entity to visit there. It is a sacred healing place that is both relaxing and energizing. Men and women are required to visit the fall separately. After soaking yourself, let the healing waters dry naturally. Avoid further showering for a while to preserve the healing effects.

Ask the Entity when passing before him for a permit for yourself and others in your group.

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