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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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26. Showing photos and Requests
You may bring a photo or written request of someone to present to the Entity. When making a request for healing, first obtain permission from the person who will be receiving a healing. In the same way he forms a blueprint of a person standing before him, the Entity connects energetically with the person via the photo image. A photo is better than a written request; a recent photo is better than an old one. If no photo is available, you may present an article of clothing, recently worn, preferably unlaundered. If neither of these options is available, supply the name, address and age or birth date of the person.

If you have more than two photos, as a courtesy to others waiting in line, it is preferable to give them instead to your translator to take to the Entity for you. The Entity may prescribe herbs and/or in some cases mark the photo with an 'X'. If the person receives an "X" it means his or her healing will be better facilitated with a visit to the Casa. The person whose picture you bring should be advised of these alternatives and willing to take any prescribed herbs and follow the diet during that time, or make an effort to come for any spirit operation advised.

If you are presenting multiple photos, find some way to keep 'which-is-for-whom' straight, as the entity's slip can no longer be folded over each returned photo.

If you wish to help someone who has not requested help, you may deposit a written message with name, address, and birth date of that person in the box at the secretaria’s window or in the triangle in the assembly hall.

A note about animals: the entities do not treat animals, neither in the Casa nor via photographs.

27. Holy Water
Bottled blessed water is for sale at the Casa shop for a nominal price: R$1 for small; R$2 for large. Like the herbs, the water has been "treated" by João in-entity, giving it its therapeutic qualities. The water can be stretched by diluting it at a ratio of 1 part holy water to 5 parts of other clean water. A serial dilution using the same 1:5 ratio will maintain the same potency, in a manner similar to the principle of homeopathy.

If you wish to purchase this water to take home, the shop sells inexpensive sturdy bags to transport the bottles, or bring your own. Secure each bottle in a plastic bag, snugly wrapped and taped shut. Cushion well in clothing, towels or a blanket if they are in soft luggage.

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