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24. Herbs

The entity is likely to prescribe herbs for you (or someone whose photo you are bringing). The usual prescription is 1-6 bottles, but - rarely - one is directed to take the herbs for as long as 2 years. Take the prescription slip to the dispensary window. The price is R$10 per bottle. (Bring enough money to cover whatever may be prescribed. Extended prescriptions, however, may be refilled at a later visit, or by someone for you, if you cannot return.) The herb, passionflower, a mild sedative, is not incompatible with any other medicine or supplement you may be taking. Bottles contain 35 capsules each. Take one early in the morning, another in the middle of your day and another at bed-time. Try not to miss a dose.

The capsules are empowered for your healing specifically, and are not to be given to others. While you are on this herbal regimen, adhere to the following dietary restrictions:
1. No alcoholic beverages. (Drops of medical tinctures are okay.)
2. No pig meat. (Beware of dishes which might contain lard or other pig: pea soup, baked beans, etc.)
3. No hot spice: no chillies, no black / white / red pepper, nor dishes containing them.
Adhere to the diet as closely as possible, don't fret about occasional / minor lapses.

When you are nearly complete with your herbs, send another photo or return to the Casa until John of God tells you "You are complete".

Should you decide for some reason not to take, or to discontinue taking, the herbs, please bless them and return them to the earth by dissolving them with water. The containers may be recycled.

25. Surrogate Surgery
When a patient is unable to travel, another person may stand in for her or him; ask the Entity. This will allow you to help someone whose condition makes it difficult or unwise to travel. The surrogate receives the operation on behalf of the patient, and may receive herbs to be taken by the patient.
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