Joao Teixeira de Faria
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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

Sharon Leckie
New Zealand

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This started off as my own personal journal of my trip to Brazil.

Since my return, I have been asked by so many wanting information on how to go about getting to the healing sanctuary in Brazil, as there is so little information available in English. I have written my journal including information you may need along the way, should you wish to make your own journey. I hope this journal will be of help.

Joao Teixeira de Faria (Joao De Deus) treats hundreds of people per day, and has treated millions of people in over 30 years. He has cured people of everything from cancer to Aids, has made the blind see and quadriplegics walk. Up until now we have known little of what goes on over the other side of the world, but as more visitors return, this knowledge has spread to our small part of the world.

Joao De Deus (John of God) is arguably the most powerful medium alive at this time. A medium is a person who is 'a spiritual intermediary between the living and the dead'. Joao communicates with Spirit by incorporating the Spirit Entity. He is literally taken over by the Spirit and in doing so, loses consciousness, and goes into a type of trance. His body is used as a means of conducting physical surgery; healing the sick by the spirit entities who work through him.

We have all lived many lives before. If you take away the physical body you are left with your soul, your spirit. Spirit is with us all the time. Our bodies are protected by energy fields, there are seven layers, and seven major chakras. Abusing the body with poor diet, alcohol, drugs, and unclean living weaken these fields, and disease begins in these outer layers.

At the age of sixteen Joao accepted the responsibility of devoting his life to Spirit for the purpose of healing the sick. Joao has had a difficult life. Over the years he has been beaten, arrested, persecuted, attempts have been made on his life, with much personal loss and sadness. He must also observe through the eyes of the entities, the anguish of every single soul which comes before him. Joao has no memory of his actions whilst in entity, and relies on videotapes to review his healing work. He is a simple man. He does not speak English, cannot read or write, has no medical education, and yet he has been chosen to help heal so many in the world.

Thousands of people flock to the small village of Abadiania in central Brazil to the healing centre called Casa de Dom Inácio (The House of Dom Inacio) named after the principal entity, which has been operating for around 12 years. Many have travelled by plane, many who live in Brazil have had to endure a 35 hour bus journey.

The sick queue for hours, often up to hundreds per day. Joao will work until the last person is seen, there is no charge and donations are not accepted. Everyone queues including the rich and the famous - this is one place that everyone is treated equally, there are no short cuts.

There are large numbers of volunteers who give their time for free to enable the Centre to operate. Most of these people have been healed by Joao and are grateful to offer their time and help heal others. Many of the volunteers are doctors or specialists in Brazil, who take time away from their own practices to travel to Abadiania.

The Centre is open Wednesday to Friday from 8am where the sick wait and queue daily. Some are seeing Joao for the first time, some are here for a treatment review. Joao is in another room where he meditates and prepares for the day of healing.

The Centre is built on a massive outcrop of natural quartz which provides a powerful energy. Underground is a natural spring and around the area many herbs are grown for the herbal cures prescribed by the entities.

The house itself is designed around a central hall where everyone congregates each day. In the hall, his operations are videotaped as Joao remembers nothing once he is incorporated in Entity, and these tapes can be purchased for R$10.

Through the main hall are two "current rooms" filled with bench seats where the sick and many of the house mediums sit and meditate. This meditation provides the current to help the entities in their work, and helps raise your spiritual awareness before healing. The third room is the operation room where you receive the invisible operations.

It is through these rooms that you queue to come before Joao in Entity, who, within seconds after holding your hand, has taken a blueprint of your body and illness. He will then prescribe herbs, an operation, or instructions on life changes.

There are rules to be followed at the Casa; break these rules and your healing will be impaired. After an operation and while taking the prescribed herbs from the centre, you must not have pork, chilli, fertilized eggs, bananas or alcohol. The reason for this is that pork is a spiritually unclean meat, chilli inflames the system, eggs carry hormones which interfere with the healing, bananas are treated with a chemical which also interferes with the healing, and alcohol disrupts the healing process. Often herbs are prescribed that will take many months to finish, it is important that this diet is adhered to.

The rule most often broken is "no sex for forty days" after your first operation. This is because the energies of the body are in healing and are not to be disturbed by the strong physical and spiritual energies of sex.

Disobeying these rules can result in a cessation of the healing and sometimes a worsening of the ailment, as you can often get worse before you get better after surgery.

There are two types of surgery, invisible and visible. The outcome of both types of surgery is usually the same.
Invisible operations usually leave no external signs of entry. The operations occur internally and x-rays have often shown the internal incision and sutures, but there are no external marks.

Visible operations are performed twice daily in the main hall for public demonstration. Operations are performed to enable the people to see the entities at work, and provide physical proof that there is another dimension. The entities prepare the body for surgery, and using basic surgical utensils, there is little or no pain and yet there is no anaesthetic. In over 35 years of surgery, there has never been a case of blood poisoning. There is little blood, even from large incisions. If a patient requests visible surgery, they must meet the requirements and remain in Brazil for 3 months following the operation. What you experience during surgery varies for each person. Some feel very little, some feel pain. What you experience does not relate to the level of the healing you have received.

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