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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

The following outlines what you can expect to pay for the various services in and about Abadiânia. Obviously due to inflation these prices fluctuate continuously but we endeavour to keep the price list as updated as possible.

[Prices listed in Brazilian Reais]

Taxi Prices
  • Abadiânia to Brasilia airport R$150
  • Abadiânia to Brasilia all day R$180
  • Abadiânia to Goiánia to airport or bus terminal R$100
  • Abadiânia to Goiánia all day R$140
  • Abadiânia to Anapolis R$70 for first 2 hours and $10 reais per hour after the first 2 hours
  • Casa to waterfall and return R$10
  • Pousada to waterfall and return $R20
  • Casa to a pousada R$5
  • Abadiânia to Pirenópolis R$180
  • After 10 pm add 20% more

(info correct at February 2006, but all prices subject to change, so please confirm directly with the pousada if you want to book)


  • Hotel e Restaurante Amazonas - $R52, $R62 and $R72 depending on which room, including 3 meals a day; San Raphael (the new part of Amazonas)
    $R80 a night single and $R124 double with meals.

  • Hotel Brasil - Price $R42 per day for a room with three meals. $R30 a
    day without meals.
  • Hotel Rei Davi - Price to be confirmed
  • Hotel Paraiso - $R39 per night including 3 meals
  • Jardim Dos Anjos - Price $R70 a night including meals
  • Jardin Das Fontes - Price $R85 a night including meals $R75 per person if
    a couple is sharing a room.

  • Irmâo Sol, Irmâ Lua "Martin's" - R$90 per night including 3 meals
  • Pousada Catarinense - Room including breakfast & meals - Single R$60, Double $60 per person; Room with breakfast only - Single R$45, Double R$35 pp; Meals R$8;
  • Pousada da Izaira - $R20 Per person per night includes breakfast
    Lunch, dinner $R5.00 each

  • Pousada Dom Ingrid - R$70 per night single room with 3 meals, or R$130
    per night double room with 3 meals also
    (Oct '07)
  • Hotel Jardim Das Fontes - $R75 a night including meals
  • Pousada Dos Girassóis - $R60 a night including all meals
  • Pousada Lindo Horizonte - $R45 a night including meals
  • Pousada Luz Divina (Catherine's) - Prices for 1 $R75 / night

  • Pousada Martin's - $R30 a night including breakfast, more for meals

  • Pousada Nosso Lar - $R30 a night with breakfast, no meals provided

  • Odete's Pousada - $R 25 to $R30 including breakfast
  • Prates Pousada & Internet - $R60 per night with meals.

  • Pousada Sao Jose - $R55 a night
  • Pousada Santa Rita -Price $R25 including breakfast or $R45 including meals
  • Pousada do Sul - $R25 / night with breakfast; other meals available
  • Pousada Xavier - awaiting price confirmation

Current prices (June 2004) in general range from R$25 to R$80. Hotel Brasil offers a monthly rate of $R600 per month. Some of the pousadas do not offer a monthly
rate. However lower rates for longer stays may be negotiable as well as lower rates for fewer meals.

  • [contact details for all pousadas listed in the Casa guide]
Casa Items
  • Herbs prescribed by the entity cost R$10 per container. The usual prescription is 1-5 bottles.
  • Bottled blessed water is for sale at the Casa shop: R$1 for small; R$2 for large; R$5 for extra large.
  • Crystal bed session is R$20
  • Videos of all public sessions are available for purchase (R$13) at the bookshop
  • For post-surgery photos you need to buy a ticket at the bookstore, cost R$9
Bus Trips
  • Abadiânia to Anápolis costs R$2.55 each way and you should buy a ticket before you get on the bus.
  • Abadiânia to Brasilia - The trip takes up to 2hrs 30 mins, costs R$8.50 (try to have change for the driver), and will normally leave you at the Rodoferroviaria about 2 miles outside Brasília city centre, from where you can catch a local bus into the central Rodoviaria (also called Rod P Piloto) for approx R$2.
  • For the Goiánia bus, wait at the bus stop on the Anápolis side of town, where buses to Goiánia often stop. Note that the Goiánia buses that pass through Abadiânia do not go through Anápolis. The ticket costs R$6 - R$7.
  • A typical lunch or dinner in hotels / pousadas in Abadiânia is about R$5-7 reais and offers cooked vegetables, salads, beans, rice, and meat.
  • There are now five cafes in Abadiânia

    Cafe Central, Av Frontal - Grainne and João

    Fruttis Tel 3343 1927 - Ultan

    Moitara Armazem Cafe Tel 3343 1483 - Charan and Mariane

    Prates and Montagne Tel 3343 1985 - Neusa and Daniel

    Pizzaria do Joao Tel 3343 1794

  • In Anápolis the best place in town to get lunch is Chão Goiano, which is a per por quilo eating-house. R$8.20 per kilo on weekdays and R$9.90 on week-ends

    The best restaurant in Anápolis for evening eating is Los Palmas, which charges a fixed rate of about R$11-12 per person, excluding drinks

  • US travellers, be prepared to pay airport taxes on your return flight: typically less than R$10 for national flights, as much as R$72 for international flights
  • Cost to extend your visa (ref US visitors) is R$25.
  • Internet access charges vary largely but on average expect to pay appromixately R$5 per hour browsing.
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