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Photos of the Month November '06

Bob from Ireland

Hi, my name is Bob and we are from Sligo in Ireland. We visited Abadiania for the first time in October 2005, to get help for our 4 year old son Bobby, who suffers from severe epilepsie.

Bobby is doing well now, and has improved 100%. Bobby went from having 15-25 epileptic fits in an period of attacks,( while heavily sedated with medication), to a single fit every 10 days today, without being on any medication at all.

During two further visits Joao cured Mairead, my wife from different ailments and has helped many of our friends and family through photo's I would have brought with me.
In April last Joao appointed me a Son of the Casa, with which I feel great honour. Even though I don't intend to be a guide who organizes trips especially, like a lot of guides do, I will help anyone who approaches me and I will continue to approach anybody myself who I feel might benefit from help of the Entities.

My help is at all times free, and I am always available to anyone who needs information about the Casa, please ring me at 00 353 71 91 42482 or E-mail me at;

The pictures I have included are a picture of us, the Roemer family with Joao, a picture of myself with Joao, our friend Dermot Crosby from Cork in Ireland with Joao, our friend Sean Kivlehan from Sligo in Ireland with Joao, who I met when they both visited the Casa in February 2006, a shot of a circular rainbow I took in April 2006 overhead the Casa on a crystal clear day, and two pictures of Spirit Orbs, which I also took in April 2006.

Kind regards,
Bob Roemer


Bob with Joao
Roemer Family from Sligo Ireland with Joao
Dermot Crosby from Cork Ireland with Joao
Sean Kivlehan from Sligo Ireland with Joao
Circular Rainbow overhead the Casa
Bob with Spirit Orbs at the Casa
Spirit Orbs at Grainne's Cafe Central
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