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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

April 2004 - Photos of the Month

From the camera lens of
Mary from Chicago
Claudio from Abadiânia

"Hello!! These are photos from my trip down to the Casa January 25 2004.
It was an honor to be at the casa ... I hope that I captured the feelings of the spirit and love that is surrounding the Casa and its people. No one could have prepared me for the feeling of a community of people who were all one together sharing universal love. Truly is it like being wrapped in the arms of God". Mary from Chicago

Arturo and Others on Stage
Arturo and others on stage during Casa session

Recovery Room
Recovery Room

Sebastian, Casa Secretary
Main Hall Casa Session
Casa Main Hall
Martin Mosquera and group
Chatting with Martin Mosquera
Group at the Casa
At the Casa
Fr Roth
Fr Roth

Arturo on a Sunday Afternoon!
With John
With John
Claudio's Photos

Arturo and Martin Apr04
Translators Arturo and Martin at the Casa
near the Casa Apr04
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Significance of the Triangle at the Casa