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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

Photos of the Month
January 2006

  • Party at Abadiania Soup Kitchen, December 2005
  • Photos from Lesley's trip to the Casa
Christmas Celebration at Soup Kitchen
(All photographs courtesy of Robert Davidson, London, UK)

Feliz Natal for Abadiania - A grand celebration was held for the people of Abadiania on a brilliant sunny Saturday just before Christmas at the recently opened Casa da Sopa in downtown Abadiania. The fest included fun times for all, clowns, jugglers, cotton candy, refreshments, snacks and lunch, and gifts for all who came. There were many smiles to brighten the day even more, and of course a special lightness of heart by the celebrants.

The celebration was attended by several thousand happy souls. The feeling of joy, love and happiness was shared by all who attended.

Many volunteers as well as professional staff organized and operated the event. Many people donated time, money, gifts and labor to make the event happen. Medium João and our brother Martin Mosqueira were especially generous of their time and financial support, as were many visitors, and the regular staff and volunteers at both the soup kitchen and at the Casa Dom Inacio.

A special thanks to event photographer Robert Davidson of London UK for his time, skill and great photos of the event.

Sean Durkin

An open armed welcome greeted all who came to the festival. A Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. These are the wishes of John of God and Martin to the entire population of Abadiania.
Did he say "I swear - I am not clowning around!" OR "I am just clowning around." When asked, the entity said: "Go to work. I'll give you intuition"
Ok. OK. Just this once you can mix energies.
Of course there is a queue. This is the Casa da Sopa after all!
Is there a 34th entity? This new one certainly has a sense of humor and joy about him. But where is his red nose? And what did he say to Martin? Will we ever know?
There was more than enough food for all, joyfully served by the Soup Casa staff and volunteers…..
…..And consumed by thousands in the dining room at the newly opened Soup Casa, a facility serving the poor of Abadiania all year long.
And yet another line, this for all the gifts given to the thousands who attended. Muito obrigado, Deus.
Dom Inacio and his assistant Santa Claus overlook the festivities. We were blessed with a day of blue skies and sun in the midst of Abadiania's rainy season.
Famous Abadiania blonds take up residence on Santa's lap during the celebration.
The two Joao's and onlookers share a joyful moment among many throughout the day.
Martin, Fernanda and friends share smiles and love with all. Later, invisible surgeries removed the red growths from Martin and Sean.
Two of our very special guests share their love and joy.
A small sample of the many gifts given to the guests - this thousands of large rubber balls that filled a small room in the back of the Soup Casa.
Joao and Fernanda enjoy a moment in the lunch room.
And the best for last - some of the many children of Abadiania who enjoyed to celebration.
Lesley shares some pictures taken during a recent trip to the Casa
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