Joao Teixeira de Faria
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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Photos - In & About the Casa
Scenic Photos - Abadiania

Photos of the Month

June 2008
Photos from Robert 'Chip' Williams trip to Abadiania July 2006

December 2007
Photos from Childrens Day Abadiania Oct 2007
Photos from Joao's Trip to South Brazil November 2007

October 2007
Photos from Joao's Trip to the US, 1-4 Oct 2007

July 2007
Juliane's Favourite photo from her Trip in Dec06
Vera's 'Spirit' Photos

Photos from Peter Waughs group from New Zealand, May 2007

December 2006
Video of Dom Inacio, incorporated, singing at the Casa

November 2006
Bob from Ireland shares news and photos from his recent trip

Sept 2006
Eugene sent us photos of a surgery at the Casa April 06

August 2006
Adriana's Photo from Joao's New Zealand Trip 06
Photos from Dom Inacio Birthday Celebrations July 06

Peter's Amazing Photos of the Prayer Triangle

July 2006
Claudio & Miriam's Farm 'Fin de Semana'
Photos from Geoffrey's Trip to Abadiânia 2006

New Zealand Trip May 2006
Josie's Photos from Joao's Trip to New Zealand

April 2006
Photos from the Irish Trip
Catherine's Photo of Animal life in Abadiânia

January 2006
Party at Abadiânia Soup Kitchen
Photos from Lesley's trip to the Casa

December 2005
Relaxing at Cafe Central
Photos from Pam's trip to the Casa in 2003
Photos from Melissa's trip in May 2004
Pictures from Barbara's Trip in July 2005

November 2005
Abadiânia Soup Kitchen - Official opening
Kim from Colorado sent us a selection from his trip Sept-Oct'05
Martine's unique pictures of the Abadiânia's sky

October 2005
New Zealand Group visit to Casa July05 - submitted by Nathan
Leigh's trip to the Casa in May-June '05
Photos from Mike's 2 week trip in June '05
Amazing Abadiânia sunrise photo taken by Jim & Frances

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Significance of the Triangle at the Casa