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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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Casa Guide, Rupert Drew has just returned from a trip to Abadiânia. He has kindly taken the time to update us on the latest news from Abadiânia.

New Entity

Lynn Debenham brought us news of a new entity who came through during the first week of November. Lynn tells us that his energy was very strong but to date his identity remains unknown. He spoke some French before leaving.

No further details currently available

Giant Crystals

Since crystals are such an integral part of the Casa experience, we thought this photo would interest a lot of the Casa friends. These crystals were recently discovered in Mexico. The Entity told Rupert Drew and Martin Mosquera that it would not be good if they were removed from the earth.

More information available at the following websites:
Article: "Cave of the "Crystal Giants", New Discovery of the World's Largest Known Caves" (Smithsonian Magazine)
Article: "Phenomena and Curiosities, Crystal
Moonbeams", April 2002 issue

Giant Crystals discovered in Mexico

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Soup Kitchen Initiative

The Casa de Dom Inacio is in the planning stage of a new service to the public in Abadiânia. The Casa will provide soup to the homeless and less fortunate people who come to Abadiânia. A soup kitchen is being built specifically for this purpose and is located in the central part of the town, across the main highway, where it is accessible to all in need. The soup will be served each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as it is at the Casa.

Television Programme
On Saturday 14th Sept 8.00pm there was a programme called "In Search of a Miracle" on Channel 4. (UK & Ireland). Produced by Andrew Slorance, this is a story of his around-the-world search for a healing, which ends at the Casa in Abadiania.
Group Leaders' Initiative
At a meeting in Abadiânia in March of this year, an assembly of group leaders set the wheels in motion for the establishment of a 'Code of Conduct' for Guides to the Casa. The initiative outlines self-agreed responsibilities and qualifications, setting a standard or benchmark of service & values which individuals can expect from their group leader.
Change in Dietary Restrictions when taking Casa Herbs
On Thursday May 23rd 2002, the Entity Joseph declared that all have been liberated from the dietary restrictions of no gassed bananas and no fertilized eggs. The new diet consists of only the 3 other items: no alcohol, no pork and no pepper
Dom Inácio Feast Day Celebrations 2002
Celebrations to mark Dom Inacio's feast day (July 31st) took place on Friday July 26th. Large crowds assembled at the Casa on this special occasion.
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Significance of the Triangle at the Casa