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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
News Archive
December '06
Bob from Florida is healed of cancer
In early 2006 Bob was diagnosed with a tumor in his throat. He travelled to the Casa in May. Less than 120 days later he stood in his family doctors office in Florida. He was reviewing the lab results on the blood work that he had ordered. He said that he could find no signs of cancer!
Marcee's account of her time in Abadiania
Dear Friends,
It's time to write of my trip to see John of God in Brazil before memories fade. What will never fade is the spirit of the place. The spirit of the place is of course affected by the lens through which it is seen - your eyes and heart. And yet, the spirit that is there is so strong I would wager to bet that very few souls are left untouched and deeply moved. People come there from all over the world in the spirit of healing.
Video of Dom Inacio, incorporated, singing at the Casa
In 2006 April Blake from Dublin made a video of on stage surgeries that includes Joao incorporating Dom Inacio and then sings before the first surgery.

A quicktime version of this movie is now available to view on the Friends of the Casa website at DomInacioSings06.htm

This video was edited and extracted, with permission, by Sean Durkin ( from the original DVD quality video produced by April Blake of County Cork, Ireland. Lyrics translated by Gessemara Talentino Ireland, Abadiania. Our thanks to all concerned

Alcoholics Anonymous Abadiania - change of meeting schedule

Open Discussion Meetings IN ENGLISH
Every Wednesday Evening 7:30 until 8:30 PM (19:30 to 20:30)
Location at the Casa Don Inacio in front of the serving window at the Sacred Soup Porch
Open meeting means: In the spirit of cooperation with our brothers and sisters, other 12 step program members welcome.

For further information, support & updates, please contact Sean at
or phone Sean in Abadiania 55-62-3343-1375 home or 55-62-8127-3642 mobile
Skype name: seanpousadapazuniversal
USA access number facilitates calls to Sean in Brasil = 1-443-569-3579

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Julie Logan, New Zealand
New Zealand
tel: (06) 8631930

During a life changing trip to Abadiania in July 2005 I was granted permission by entities to obtain a crystal bed for use in my clinic at home. In October of 2006 my Mother Glenda returned to Abadiania and collected my crystal bed after receiving permission to also oversea treatments. I incorporate many modalities in my Clinic. I am a qualified Natural/Complementary Therapist, Relaxation Massage Therapist and utilise my Healing abilities to treat mind, body and soul. I am blessed to be able to add crystal bed sessions to my practice. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be able to share this fantastic gift of crystal bed sessions with others. Thank you to Joao and the Entities.

Feel free to call or email me for further information or bookings
Love and Light
November '06
Information about the lines at the Casa by Grainne McEntee
Grainne from Ireland has been living in Abadiânia for the past 3 years. She is co owner, with "Portuguese João" of Cafe Central on the main street and is a volunteer at the Casa. She wrote this very informative article to help explain procedures regarding the five different lines at the Casa
Bob Dinga, Casa Guide - Bob's Miracle Eyesight Recovery Story October '06
In November of 1999, following 13 years of medical treatments and eye surgeries, Bob's retina specialist told him to learn Braille while he still had a little remaining eyesight. Based on his medical history, it would not be long before he was blind....."It is now 2006 and I am driving my car, working many hours daily on my computer, and reading significant amounts of information, (sometimes with the use of magnifiers) to perform my responsibilities as a tour leader. It is my delight to assist others as they go through their process to gain the healing they need".
Release of Film Tribute to John of God

The new film on John of God is now in circulation and can be purchased on-line or by phone. The title of this 30 minute documentary is "It is not I, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God". Released on October 5, 2006 in English with Brazilian Portuguese, German or French subtitles.

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to


Deepika Avanti, USA
Boulder, CO, USA
Tel: 303 440-4431

I have become a Medium/guide to the Casa Spring 2006 and bought a Crystal Bed Nov. 2005. I bought the crystal bed to help others experience the amazing "miracles" that I experienced 6 trips meditating 16 weeks with the Entities.

I asked the Entity to help me know God in every way, to kinesthetically sense God, to feel divinely loved, to hear, see, be moved by, do automatic writing, intuit God without a doubt exactly. His deep voice that day answered, "Exalto?", "Sim, exalto," I replied. And like all the other questions, this one was answered exactly.

I was given a class on myself, told to teach it and to write a book on it. The impact of this connection with God, with Christ, with the Entities was my falling in love, devoting my life and following Thy Will with total gratitude. My whole motivation for all I do changed from worldly reasons to love God. I did my best to follow guidance the last fifty years but I never expected this could happen to me.

So I bought the crystal bed both because of guidance and because nothing as wonderful as this connection being in love with God has happened to me before. I find that the bed helps people connect to Spirit in a tangible way and as one client described "tenderizes" us opening our hearts. The class I am teaching is called, Embracing God, Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually through Love.
Anyone can attend by calling USA mountain time 5:30pm 1 641 207-7245 code 303303# on Thurs. see my website (suggested donation $30 each class Sept 14 through Jan.) I offer a free channelled guided meditation with Marcus Vianna's music played at the Casa at 7-8 pm mountain time on Thurs. I dedicate this meditation to world love, to us loving ourselves, each other as brothers and sisters, and to loving all life on earth. I have never felt so much love as with the Entities meditating. I feel this divine love constantly moving me to tears with this meditation opening my heart. I hope this helps all of us in this way. Soon I hope to have this be available weekly on ipods.

Blessings to all and my millio
n thanks to Joao for his serving the Entities and helping me serve also. With love, Deepika

Sue Larkin, Australia
Concord, Sydney NSW
Tel: 0297434017 / 0414291489

Ruthie Rosenfeld, USA
Upper Black Eddy, PA

I went to the Casa July 2005. From the very first moments being in Brazil I was very much aware of something new, and different than any place I had experienced before. I was surrounded with love and caring, and a deep connection to the Divine. It is beyond words. During my second session on the crystal bed I received a message to look into acquiring a crystal bed. In December 2005, with the help from my friends, I got my crystal bed. My life has evolved from wonderful to a more rich and focused place. The crystal bed has helped my spiritual, mental, and physical well being. The experience is soothing, relaxing, subtle, yet very powerful. I am available to support anyone who would be interested in having a crystal bed treatment. Please get in touch and thank you.


Claudia Schecter, Canada
"Quantum Balance"
5426 Duquette
Montreal P.Q. Canada
Tel: 514-483-3690

April 2004 I was guided to John of God and the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiania. The two weeks I spent there were wonderful and most transformative as I received profound healing at the Casa, at the sacred waterfall and on the Crystal Beds. I returned to Abadiania April 2005 and felt very honored when the Entities gave me the permission to take a Crystal Bed back to Montreal.

The day before my departure I went in front of the Entities of the Casa and they blessed the Crystal Bed and told me they would work through it on my family, friends and clients. Upon return to Montreal I was amazed how the energy in my healing center changed after I set up the Crystal Bed in one of the rooms. To me that is a tangible confirmation how strongly the Entities are working through the crystals. I am practicing energy psychology and use energetic techniques to help clients find relief from allergies and chronic ailments and am very grateful that I can support that work now with crystal bed healing. The sessions have been truly powerful. Physically present in the center but also long distance. Everybody's experience is different, however most people experience extreme relaxation, "as if something has been lifted off". Some people feel hands working on them and others as if they are elevating from the table.

I am very grateful to John of God, the Entities and all the volunteers at the Casa de Dom Ignacio for all the wonderful work they are doing.

Please visit my website for more information
Blessings Claudia


Connie B. Shaw, USA
Harmony Farm Retreat Center
POB 548
Johnstown, CO 80534
Tel: 970-587-5260

Offerings: Crystal Light Bed Sessions : Energy Balance Foot Bath : Counseling : Many healing tools and technologies : Classes and seminars

Setting: Lovely country setting with mountain views : Gazebo : Meditation garden with statuary

Location: Conveniently situated in farm country near I-25 : 45 minutes north of downtown Denver ? 25 minutes south of Ft. Collins : 15-25 minutes from Longmont, Loveland and Greeley.

Connie B. Shaw is an authorized Casa group leader, healing facilitator, counselor, public speaker, workshop facilitator, media guest and communications specialist. She is a therapeutic Touch instructor and practitioner, has been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1978, has traveled in 56 countries, taught extensively abroad and has taken 40 groups to India to His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba for healing. She teaches clients to contact and work with their MAP Team - MAP: The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program made known by Maechelle Small Wright.

Appointment Scheduling: Clients are seen by appointment : Call, write or email:

Elizabeth Shelton, Australia
Injune 4454 Queensland
Tel: (07) 46 263597

Lena Smolyar, New York
Crystal Blessing
1845 Ocean Avenue
Office, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Tel: 347-673-5090 / 917-921-8554

Where does one begin her story? Ever since my first trip to Brazil 3 years ago, I have never again seen life exactly the same way. I have been back to Brazil six times since then and will continue to go as long as I shall live. This last time I was there in August 2006 and I was blessed by the entities to become a medium of the casa and to bring groups to Brazil. I was also told to bring back a Crystal Bed for the ever-growing Russian community that flocks to see John of God. From the depth of my soul I am forever grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to experience the miracles and spiritual awakenings that are happening all the time and are all around us.

The Services I offer in my office are as follows:
- Crystal Bed Sessions
- Meditation Lessons
- Brazilian Visa
- Picture to Joao for herbs

Love Always, Lena


Michelle Tanmizi, Hong Kong
Zama International Limited
The Home of Health and Healing
G/F., Garley Building,
48-52 Peel Street, Central,
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2850 6400
Fax: +852 2850 6402
Web: /

September '06
Letter from Diego, Casa Volunteer and Translator
Abadiania - September 6, 2006

Dear friends and mediums of the Casa de Dom Inacio,

For the last few days I have been bombarded with emails from all over the world asking about the allegations published on the internet and even some magazines. I did not respond much to anyone because I was waiting to have a clear message to deliver about
this whole situation.

...................Today I was reminded of why it is that I am here at the Casa. It is not because of the manifestations or the operations or the visible demonstrations of supernatural power. I am here because this Casa, the Entities and the Medium are committed first and foremost to the Love of God. We are all human and life happens. I do not expect any one or any place to run perfectly, smoothly, with no hiccups and no differences of opinion. But I choose to align myself with the Love of God and those who are committed to that Love. Today I saw a demonstration of that commitment in a very large scale. I was able to glimpse at a small sliver of where the healing that the entities demonstrate every day comes from.....

"WHO IS JOHN OF GOD" Article by Emma Bragdon

João Teixera de Farias is an ordinary Brazilian man, with an extraordinary ability as a psychic medium and healer. He says his mission is "to respect God". In that mission he allows benevolent spirits to work through him to assist people in their healing-for hours at a time.

João makes no claims that he is enlightened. He makes no claims to be a healer. He says, "I do not heal, God is the one who heals". People have given him the name, John of God. He speaks of himself as a simple, Brazilian man, who comes from a poor family.

.....What is clear: when he is doing his mission of embodying spirits who help others in their healing, he is truly and simply a man of God -an extraordinary being, revealing extraordinary phenomena, sharing a divine compassion with all beings. Also, because he is unique and charismatic, John has inspired many people from all over the world to come to Brazil. He has thus introduced them to the richness of the healing traditions there.

Personal Experiences at the Casa
Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section 'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'. Here's a glimpse at some recent replies from people summarising their experience at the Casa

"Just go and experience it. We are returning this October with a larger group. It transformed my life, and the other people we went with last year".
Ingrid USA

"I was really touched by this love and healing energy".
Yasmin, Germany

"It was a great experience, I felt really good there all the time, I was just so happy! The Casa and Abadiania are just charged with positive energy and I felt it. I've never been to a place where I've felt so good all the time and I've travelled quite a bit. I'd recommend it to anyone seeking healing at all levels. It's a wonderful refuge from this crazy world we live in".
Monica, San Francisco

"A wonderful experience, I travelled to Abadania with high hopes and even higher expectations, and I left after 3 weeks feeling exhilarated and humbled by the love and healing I had seen. I will, without question, return many times".
Andy, UK

"The entities are not there to fulfill one's expectations. once you give up your own plans and surrender to the process, healing can happen. healing happens in an other way than you expect it. sometimes, the entities do not change the obvious situation - but the way you see and handle it".
Juliane, Germany

"I made beautiful experiences with the entitys, and my trust in God and in the healing through him became very strong. I don't believe anymore in illness".
Laya, Germany

"Since I started to go there my life changed. My family, my work and everything I do is better. Even that I'm still sick, I feel good and I know that my cure is there, in God's hands trough John of God work. Now, I am considered a "son of the house" by one of the entities and I got my baptism in my last visit in AUG/2006. I feel better every time I go to Abadiania and All my friends come to tell me that visible change when I come back".
Flavio, USA

"It has changed my life forever, opened my heart to love everything around me, and helped me find an inner peace I never thought I could experience".
Nadya, USA

"I know I am prepared for these trips (now 2) before I leave Australia and I have felt the growth within myself since my first trip. More at peace with myself. It truly is one of the wonders of the world".
Lesley, Australia

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Anita Ekberg, Sweden (update to listing)
Spirit of Light
Holbergsgatan 115
168 45 Bromma, Sweden
+46 (0)8 37 80 51

In August 2004 I read an article about John of God and Casa de Dom Inacio. I just knew I had to go and two months later I was there. This journey turned out to be the most overwhelming and wonderful two weeks in my life. With me back to Sweden I had a crystal bed and I have been offering crystal bed treatments to my clients since then with amazing results.

When I first came to Casa de Dom Inacio I had back injuries and rheumatic pain which are now almost gone and healed. Such deep tissue healing is a very transformative process and my ability to work as a spiritual teacher, medium and healer has improved a lot after my visits to the Casa. During my 3rd visit I got permission to work as a guide and take groups to the Casa from Sweden and Scandinavia. At my website you can find a complete guide to the Casa in Swedish.

Thank you João de Deus, Entities and all the people working at the Casa


Melissa Ingram, Kansas, USA
Ingram Studio of Art & Healing
Overland Park, Kansas, USA

I am extremely grateful to the Casa for making these crystal beds available to us, and to the Entities of the Casa as well as all the other healing beings who work with me and with my clients and family during crystal bath treatments.

I have been practicing energy healing for 18 years using both contemporary and time honored approaches. I work with people in energy healing sessions and classes to dissolve and transform unhealthy patterns of energy and restore health, simultaneously bringing forth their gifts and talents. My practice includes people who are dealing with a range of severe to mild physical conditions, difficult life situations, and emotional trauma as well as those people who are focusing on stress reduction and balance of life. I have observed that the crystal bath sessions seem to "till the spiritual and energetic soil" of my clients, opening them to greater shifts in chronic energy patterns, thinking, and consciousness.

I now use the crystal bed in alternating sessions with hands on energy healing treatments. Using my finely tuned and dimensional subtle sense perception, I assess the energy fields of my clients before and after crystal bath treatments. The after scans have always revealed a dramatic shift in both the surface and daily collection of energetic clutter as well as shifts in distinct and deeply held restricted patterns of energy. One client who was suffering with a bout of extreme back pain resulting, she thought, from the emotions accompanying a truly difficult life situation, initially sought out massage therapy treatments for relief. Her pain was only slightly impacted by the massages. She came in for one crystal bath and left pain free and delighted. I find that my clients, even those with long standing chronic conditions, more readily move into breakthroughs in thinking, healthy actions, and physical well being as a result of these treatments.

Most people have found the crystal baths very relaxing and soothing, and often do not want to get off the table. Many people experience warm touches on their body, others feel warm "hands" working gently inside their body, everyone seems to experience a range of pressures, tingles, tickles, inner movement, removal of inner "stuff", and the presence of loving beings around them.

In addition to ongoing improvements in awareness and health, my clients seem to also benefit in other areas of their life as if they are connected through the crystal baths to new opportunities and ideas that help to untangle and resolve difficult life situations as well as open new doors for positive life changes.

In my years as an energy healer I have often performed long distance healings on clients. This gave me the idea to see if long distance crystal baths might be effective. They are! I now offer crystal baths both in person in my office and long distance. These long distance crystal bath treatments are very useful for those people who are out of town or too ill to come in. For long distance treatments, most people feel it the same as in person. Those that see the beings of light working around them while in my office, also see them at home during a distance crystal bath. Two clients receiving distance crystal baths reported they could see the colored lights above them blinking and knew exactly when I turned on and off the crystal bath.

A highly experienced energy healing colleague of mine, with whom I attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing years ago, finds the crystal bath one of the most powerful healing tools available. She has witnessed energy patterns containing old emotions and memories, childhood experiences, past life traumas, and limiting beliefs lift out of her during a crystal bath layer by layer, leaving her with new insights and cohesiveness. She also reports that her "hara line" has been radically strengthened and straightened and that her problematic endocrine system has been significantly improved.

I continue to marvel at the magnitude of what goes on during these sessions and the profound resource for healing that the crystal beds offer. My thanks again to the Casa de Dom Inacio.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about crystal bath treatments, energy healing sessions, or life coaching. I can be reached at 913-345-9442; email, or via my website


MaryAlice McGoff, USA
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Tel: 608-445-9276

My journey to the Casa De Dom In'acio was in June of 2006 for two weeks. I went to Brazil with an open heart to receive what ever healing body, mind and spirit, that God and the entities saw fit for me. I had MINOR health issues and I wanted direction in my life. Surgery, meditation, herbs and crystal baths were prescribed for me. By the beginning of the second week I was "feeling" the Peace and Love all my friends at home had talked about. Three days before we were scheduled to leave I was told by entities that I should bring a crystal bed home with me. I do not normally make decisions like this quickly but I knew I had to go for it. Permission was granted by João in entity and the process began. I went in front of entity for my final blessing and was told "go to work". I hadn't planned on making any sizable purchases while in Brazil so it was off to the city to the bank of Brazil, twice. The long process of retrieving money was finally successful 19 hours before our scheduled departure from Abadiania. This would not have happened with out Anderson, the best taxi driver / interpreter ever.

I have been in the medical field for 30 years. My goal is to help people become more aware of alternative methods of healing. I have been blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the link between spirituality and health. Helping people bring themselves to a balanced body mind and spirit with crystal bath treatments. I am finding working with crystals and color therapy and the importance of chakra harmony VERY interesting.

Thank you God, João, the entities, David and Diane Pauly, Gary Walker and Anderson. I know the entities are still guiding me.

August '06
Official Communication from Medium João de Deus (John of God) to participants of the Event: 4th European Spiritual Healing Days with the Gifted Miracle Healer João de Deus from Brazil

I am sad to inform you that I will not participate in the events scheduled for:
September 3 - 5 2006 Berlin
September 8 - 10 2006 Alsfeld
September 15 - 17 2006 Ulm

On August 24th 2006, Mr Victor Rollhausen, President of Earth Oasis and his team of people responsible for the organisation of the above mentioned events, arrived in Abadiania and informed me that I had been dismissed from my participation in said events. Regretfully I had no say in this decision and therefore I cannot assume any responsibility for any inconvenience my absense may cause you.

I thank all the European people who were planning to travel and take time from your lives to participate in these events with me because of your faith in the Entities and in God.

John of God
President of the Casa de Dom Inacio

"Rumours & Misunderstandings" - From Diego at the Casa

In mid July, Diego from the Casa contacted us to clarify the following.

"There was a slight misunderstanding about an announcement made on stage by the entity last week. I ask that you forward this message to your subscribers so we can clarify the point and avoid further confusion.

The simultaneous translation failed to convey the full meaning of the entity's statement and this created some misperceptions which have snowballed into a lot of rumors and uncertainty.

Official Guides to the Casa featuring Adrienne Grierson & Adriana Viglione
"Throughout my recent years as a Casa guide I have been fortunate to witness many healings, and I find my job guiding trips to be infinitely rewarding. My love of documentary film has been allowed to flourish as I film many aspects of this experience, whether it is a 15 minute film of the groups experience, the testimonials on my website, footage for ABC, or the recent film I have done showing Dr. Jose Valdevino at work and completing it with subtitles. This has proved to be extremely helpful as people get such a feel for what is really happening as he works, rather than just hearing a 'foreign' language".
"I have so much I could share with you but for now stay strong have faith even in what seems the most dark of times we are loved and taken care of. I continue taking people to Brazil I also, like Medium João fell in love with New Zealand and its people and thank them for the opportunity to have worked in their country".
New Film about the Casa
"There is a new 30 minute documentary film in the works about the Casa, titled, "It is not I, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God." Perhaps the best endorsement for this film came from Martin Mosquera, a dedicated volunteer at the Casa who serves as a translator for John of God. Martin interviewed João when he was filmed late one rainy Friday afternoon in April, 2004-after João had been incorporating Dom Inácio de Loyola. When the interview was complete, Martin said, "You got footage of who he really is!"
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Danielle Brooks, Montreal Canada & New York City USA
4682 Ave. Mariette
Montreal Quebec
H4B 2G2
Tel Canada: +1 514 484 1272
Tel USA : +1 646 271 6524
Website: (will be up and running Sept. 2006)

In March of 2006 the Entities gifted me the loving honor of becoming a Medium and Daughter of the Casa and asked that I return to N. America with a Crystal Bed to include in my healing practice. It is a tremendous blessing to hold a sacred space for these Crystals and the Entities that work through them. I am based in Montreal Canada and travel to New York City once a month to offer sessions in Chelsea, Manhattan. In Montreal you are welcome to join a weekly meditation and connection with the Casa. Information evenings are also offered on occasion for those travelling to the Casa. Please email or call for further information. I look forward to connecting with you!

Much love and light,
Danielle Brooks

Carol Gadd, New York
Rochester, NY 14534
Tel: 585 503 9212
Julie Hammer, Texas
1517 Austin St.
San Angelo, TX. 76903
Tel: 325-653-3252

Thom Levy, USA
Crystal Light Therapy
Amherst, MA, USA
Tel: 413-687-1430

I just wanted to let you know we are enjoying offering crystal bed treatments here in Amherst, MA. Many beautiful people come to partake of the energy and find a deep connection to the Casa healers on the other side who work through our portal. I just wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation of this work with others. Peace

Frani Rubens, USA
Awakening Spirit, Ltd.
Frani Rubens, M.S., B.Div., C.H.T.P., Brennan Healing Science
1870 Beverly Place
Highland Park, IL 60035
Tel: (847) 831-5528

July '06

Important Announcement from the Casa regarding translations
On June 8th 2006 Medium João signed a declaration stating the following


View Official Signed declaration (4 languages)
Medium João's Trip to New Zealand - by Casa Guide & Medium Josie RavenWing
"My first glimpse of N.Z. was as our plane flew up over the south island on a sunny morning, the snow-capped mountains and green lowlands filling me with awe and pleasant reminders of my childhood in Washington state. Then we landed in Wellington on the north island, where João was going to do his work....."
John of God's First New Zealand Trip May 2006 - Article by Peter Waugh, Official Guide to the Casa

Well folks it happened and there is only one word that can adequately describe the event and that is WOOOW!

The event was the culmination of almost 3 years planning It was an unqualified success thanks in large part to the ongoing guidance and help of the Entities and a wonderful team of volunteers.

The Sacred Waterfall - Article by Grainne McEntee
The waterfall (cachoeira in Portuguese) is a sacred place of healing and is an intrinsic part of the Casa de Dom Ignacio. You need permission to go there from the Entity....It is a place of great beauty, physically and spiritually. What is not perceived by the naked eye is as important if not more so than the physical reality.
Visit "Fin de Semana"

Claudio and Miriam who have a pousada in Abadiania have bought a farm about 6 or 7km out of Abadiania. It's a special place. Here, in this beautiful place you can relax at the weekend with the blessing of the Entities and enjoy all the beauties of nature in the fresh air of the countryside. At the Fazenda named "Fin de Semana" (fazenda is farm) there are opportunities to swim, fish, to sit quietly and meditate or just to wander by the river. (lunch and transport are provided). Spend the day here with a small group of Casa people, come back refreshed and relaxed. For reservations contact Claudio or Miriam (Tel 0011 55 62 3343 2046, or cel 9622 2934), or at their Pousada next to Martin and Fernanda's pousada.

See photos of "Fin de Semana" in our Photo Gallery

VARIG Airlines - Important Information from Sean Durkin

URGENT: It is wise to check and possibly arrange for changes in your international flights with Varig. In USA, they have cancelled all flight service to New York JFK and to LAX. Another report alluded that other airlines may not honor their tickets under the inter-airline agreement under certain conditions.

On June 23rd Brazil's Varig Airlines Suspended Service Out Of New York. Varig is billions in debt and has been under pressure from creditors. It had operations at JFK, but has now grounded most of its international flights, including all of its service to and from Kennedy. The airline did win a temporary reprieve from a judge Wednesday stopping creditors from repossessing part of its fleet.

The Port Authority says Varig service is unlikely to return to New York. Those who have tickets are being asked to call the airline at 1-800-468-2744.

NOTE: Los Angeles ALSO likely same situation.

Casa Meeting Ireland
Anyone who has been to Abadiânia and would be interested in a get-together for some chatting, juicing and some prayer are invited to contact Grainne at Grainne would like to gauge the level of interest and investigate possible venues. Of course all Friends of the Casa are invited to come along.
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Mellissa Baker, Australia
One Hundred Angels
Energetic Healing Sessions
Balmain, NSW
Tel: 0410.099.306

I am honored and so thankful to have been granted permission by the entities to obtain one of the wonderful Crystal Beds from The Casa.
One Hundred Angels is my private healing practice in Balmain, New South Wales, of which I perform energetic healing sessions. Each session takes place utilising the energy of the angelic realm and working directly with Archangel Michael to assist in allowing people to see the light and power that shines within their own soul and release them from blockages, illness or negative energies.
After bringing a coma patient back into consciousness after three days with angelic energy from Archangel Michael, I was advised to create One Hundred Angels. Since its conception I have been truly blessed to be able to hold the hearts and hands of those in need to successfully heal them and guide them with love through a myriad of earthly conditions including some of which have been - depression, knee reconstructions, bowel failure, deterioration of eye site, lack of self worth, lethargy, blockages, skin cancers, heart ache, grief, muscular problems and much more.
I offer my sincere gratitude to The Entities of the Casa, John of God and Archangel Michael to allow me to help many,many more people with this new Crystal Bed.
Much love, laughter and light to you all!
Mellissa Baker

Alberto Giacomini, Italy
Istituto Internazionale di Muatsu
Viale Costa Smeralda, 33
07026 Arzachena (OT)
Sardegna Italy
Mob.: 338 7637854

Donna Rose J-Hall, New Zealand
Hormone Harmony ltd
2/136 Bassett Rd
Remuera, Auckland
New Zealand
Tel: 0064 (09) 520 3107 and 021 439 464

I am very excited and honored to announce the arrival of our crystal bed. It is like welcoming a child in to our family of which I have prepared for over the last year. Last June I was in Brazil with John of God and was given permission to bring a crystal bed back with me. At the time I was working as an independent midwife facilitating many souls transition at birth. I had previously been working as a registered nurse in holistic practice and facilitating soul transitions in passing. At the time the enterties said that I would be guiding people to John of God and working with the crystal bed and that I would no longer be working in orthodox medicine. 11 months later I am no longer working in the above fields and am very much involved in the wonderful journey of facilitating the souls journey in between ie being. I have also just been the co-ordinator of the infirmary during John of Gods tour to New Zealand of which was an honor and a blessing. Thank you to all.

Janice Rose, Australia
Nth Tamborine 4272 Qld
Tel: 07-55453509

Robert and Alicia Sheeders, Sacramento, California

We have returned from Abadiania with a lightbed and blessings to go to work in our area. We are exited to share with people in our area the blessings the lightbed provides. Thank you

Eva Wagner (HPG), Germany
Praxis für Spirituelle Psychotherapie
Münchner Str. 38
83607 Holzkirchen
Tel: 0049 (0) 8024/ 60 89 373
Bettina Windhoff & Franz Schmidt, Germany
Stauffenbergstrasse 39
72074 Tübingen, Germany
Tel: 0707151654
Kim Lee Performance at Atlanta Event in April

The event in Atlanta brought thousands of people each day to the 3 day event. As it turned out, I was only able to play one song "Abadiania" for the main audience the first day. But from those that did hear me play, I was touched by the response that the song invoked for those individuals.
Those who have been to Abadiania could fully relate to my own experience I sang about in the song. One woman who is from Brazil told me the song gave her a deeper appreciation for her homeland. Additionally, the organizers of the event invited people to attend a concert after the second days' event featuring a wonderful chanting group followed by myself. Though only a small group of people attended this concert, it was a delightful sharing and I finished with my song "Stay" in which I had the audience join me in the choruses of the song. It was great fun, and I received a lot of positive and heart-warming feedback from those in attendance. At the end of the event, I donated a box of 100 CD's to John of God to take back with him to Abadiânia so that he can sell them for whatever he can to further his work there, so those traveling to the Casa will be able to purchase my CD's there as well. I will continue to donate $3 from each sale of my CDs here in the States to his work as I feel strongly that his work is a necessary and beneficial service to life here on this earthly plane. No cameras were allowed during the event, so unfortunately, I don't have pictures to share with you from my sing-a-longs. Gratitude goes out to all who have taken time to give a listen to my music! And I wish abundant blessings to all!

Namaste, Kim

May '06
New Zealand Trip May '06 - Update from Diego at the Casa
João is going to New Zealand on the 7th of May for a week to 10 days. The Casa will continue to operate normally during that time. Lines will be called, current will be held and the entities will be present. The current will be very important as it will support both the people coming through the line here as well as the activities in New Zealand. As most of the people attending New Zealand will be new, the focused energy from the casa will be of great help. In the past, the currents have been very deep and sweet during João's trips.
Note about post surgery photos - Update from Diego at the Casa

Post surgery photos were discontinued by the entities last year.

News from John of God's Trip to Atlanta, Georgia April 2006 by Emma Bragdon
John of God was hosted by "Heaven On Earth" in Atlanta for a 3-day event at a large 4-star hotel in Atlanta in early April. There were 2,000 people attending each day....It was an historic gathering - not only because it was John of God's first public presentation in the USA, but because of the tone of the people who attended.
Matthew Ireland - An inspirational story
Enjoy a truely inspirational story from Matthew Ireland who featured on the ABC PrimeTime TV show in February & July of 2005. In February, Matthew had a brain tumor. In July, the tumor had shrunk a little and the doctors were bewildered but interested in knowing why. Today, Matthew no longer has a brain tumor but he has a beautiful new Brazilian wife named Gessymara. Matthew and Gess live in Abadiania.
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to
Virginia Gilpin, USA
Virginia Gilpin
Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center
103 N. 5th St.
Bardstown, KY 40004
Tel: 502-348-9980

Fabiana de Oliveira, Caribbean & Costa Rica

Lot du Moulin - Gosier -
Tel.(33) 05 90 84 95 21

Costa Rica
Hacienda B&B
Calle de Guatuso
Nuevo Arenal (Arenal lake)
Costa Rica
Tel:(00) 506 694 46 48


Haleya Priest & Thom Levy, Massachusetts, USA
Haleya Priest RMT, LMT, MEd & Thom Levy, MEd, LMHC
Amherst, Massachusetts
Tel: 413-687-1430

We are both profoundly grateful that Haleya was chosen by the entities of the Casa to bring a crystal bed back to our home and offices here in Amherst, Massachusetts. This is a true blessing for us which we want to share with as many people as possible who are seeking the healing and connection that the crystal bed offers. We also offer other types of healing and energy work including spiritual counseling, energy psychology, reiki, massage, and distance healing which can be used in conjunction with the healing power of the crystal beds. Please contact us at: 413-687-1430, or email: or check us out on the web at Blessings to all.

DVD of Discovery Channel programme available to buy

An extended version of the Discovery Channel DVD on John of God which was shown on December 23, 2005 is available to order from Advanced Medical Productions & Figure 8 Films at

Bonus Features included on the DVD:
· The 50 minute international version of Miracle Man: John of God
· A 20 minute Doctor's roundtable discussion on location in Abadiania, Brazil
· Several previously unheard accounts of personal healing from visitor's to the Casa

January '06
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Abadiania

Starting 21 January 2006, we have two meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in Abadiania, conducted in English. These meetings will be discussion meetings and open to members of other 12 step programs as well. In keeping with the traditions of AA, these meetings will be self-supporting.

Open Discussion Meetings IN ENGLISH
Nights - Saturdays & Wednesdays
Time 7:30 until 8:30 PM

Location at the Casa on the Soup Porch; Open meeting
In the spirit of cooperation with our brothers and sisters, Other 12 step program members welcome

For further information and updates, please contact Sean at
or phone Abadiania 55-62-3343-1375 OR 55-62-8127-3642 OR skype name: seanpazuniversal

Holiday Celebration 2005 at the Casa Soup Kitchen, Abadiania

Feliz Natal for Abadiania - A grand celebration was held for the people of Abadiania on a brilliant sunny Saturday just before Christmas at the recently opened Casa da Sopa in downtown Abadiania. The fest included fun times for all, clowns, jugglers, cotton candy, refreshments, snacks and lunch, and gifts for all who came. There were many smiles to brighten the day even more, and of course a special lightness of heart by the celebrants.

The celebration was attended by several thousand happy souls. The feeling of joy, love and happiness was shared by all who attended.

Many volunteers as well as professional staff organized and operated the event. Many people donated time, money, gifts and labor to make the event happen. Medium João and our brother Martin Mosqueira were especially generous of their time and financial support, as were many visitors, and the regular staff and volunteers at both the soup kitchen and at the Casa Dom Inacio.

A special thanks to event photographer Robert Davidson of London UK for his time, skill and great photos of the event.
Sean Durkin

See Photos of the Party

Spiritual Perspectives on Illness and Health by Emma Bragdon
Most people who are ill at some point ask themselves, "Why me?" Every mother of a disabled child wonders, "Why did my innocent child get this infirmity?" What natural questions. What profound questions.

Ask a priest for an answer and you might hear a response like this: "God wills it. It is your job to accept the problem and not question God's will."
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
The following is a new addition to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to
Graham R. Wilson, Sydney
Graham R. Wilson
Lane Cove Traditional Medicine Clinic
Suite 2/130 Longueville Road,
Lane Cove,
Sydney, NSW, Australia 2066
Phone (02) 9418 8673
Fax (02) 9418 6162
Kim's "Unconditional Love" cd website up and running!!!!

Kim Lee's website for his first cd "Unconditional Love" is up and running. The song he wrote about his experience in Brazil called "Abadiania" is on there, as well as some of the other songs he played at the Casa, Café Central and Hotel Amazonas, including the one that started it all ~ "Unconditional Love", which he chose for the title. Note: $3 of every cd purchase will be donated to the Casa.

Website at

Kim is due to perform at John of God Atlanta event in April.

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