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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
News Archive
A Kiwi View of Medium Joao's Healing Events in Germany by Peter Waugh
As part of the preparation for Medium João's trip to New Zealand May 12, 13, 14 2006, Peter went to Germany November/December to help and to observe how such events outside the Casa de Dom Inacio are organised.
Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Julia Andree

"If a good fairy had announced to me a few years ago that I would lead groups to a medium and healer's at Abadiânia, Brazil, I would have shaken off the hint as a good joke.

However things have changed a lot and nothing in my life will ever surprise me again: now I am a guide to Abadiânia, and proud to be one!"

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
Julie Hammer, Texas
Julie Hammer
1517 Austin Street
San Angelo, Texas 76903 USA
Tel: 325 374-6329

Diana Dentinger, Italy
Diana Dentinger
Via Mentana 24 - 10133 Turin, Italy
Mobile +39 329 69 19 878

Two weeks before my first visit to Abadiania in December 2004, the description of the crystal bed treatment captured my eye on the "Friends of the Casa" site. My trip to the Casa came about out of a divine combination of meetings and synchronicity that had started in June. I was mainly going out of curiosity and for spiritual confirmation, not needing though imminent physical healing. On the second day there I asked the Entities, "Is having a crystal bed in my home in Italy part of my life path?" And the reply was, "Yes, it is good for you and your family and you can offer it to your friends."


Fenton Loyola, Canada
Fenton Loyola
Wind Spirit Center
300 upper Ganges Rd.
Saltspring Island
British Columbia
Canada V8K 1R7
Tel: (250) 537 1674

We have set up the bed in a small studio and have begun to give Crystal bath treatments now. There are about 20 people that have been to Abadiania from this small island of 7,000 people.


October 9th was the first day that the Soup Kitchen was opened to the public in Abadiânia. It is estimated that 2000-3000 children and adults came to this fiesta. Then on Tuesday October 18th soup was served for the first time to the poor people of Abadiânia.

Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Graciela Gatti & Robert Pelligrino-Estrich
"...there is a lot more at the Casa, than what meets our eyes. Teaching the logistics and Casa procedures is just a portion of my work. In these past five years I have gathered deeper insights on how to make the most of your trip. I also love helping to clearly and concisely present your requests. And how to engage the miracle of synchronicity, so strong at the Casa … "
"It is almost ten years now since I wrote The Miracle Man - The Life Story of Joao de Deus, and I am pleased to announce that it will be published in 16 languages by the end of next year. A remarkable feat for any book but for one of such specialized spiritual content it makes me very proud that word of this remarkable medium of God is getting to the far corners of the world."
"VAI TRABALHAR!" (Go to work!) by Emma Bragdon
"When people from countries outside Brazil first come to see John of God (João de Deus), they often assume he can do some magic, and heal them on the spot. Their expectation is: "He's the Miracle Man. All I have to do is show up. If it takes a little waiting in line, that's ok. It's worth the wait, if he'll zap me." In early 2001, I was one who lined up, waiting to see what he could do for me, waiting for the miracle. "

The Friends of the Casa was very sad to hear of the sudden and tragic passing of Sirlei Lerner in a car accident in early October. Many of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with Sirlei and her extraordinary painting talent.

You can view some of her work on her website at where she tells us about her talent as a painter "Painting is something very new in my life. I started to paint after the cure of a very bad disease. Together with the healing, at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiânia, Goiás, I received the talent of painting. It's now 2 years that I made from the art my job and I already have several paintings sold all over the world."

As a result of this healing, Sirlei had very strong links with the Casa. Kim from Colorado sent us a photo of Sirlei displaying her art at Amazonas Hotel 5 days before her passing - go to Photos of the month

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

Alan & Linaya Bolotin, Colorado, USA
Linaya Hahn & Alan Bolotin
Lyons, Colorado
800-520-3822; 303-823-0273

Having experienced the healing magic, wisdom and beauty of the consciousness that is Brazil and especially the many integrated healing consciousnesses that work through John of God, Linaya, my wife, and I have purchased and brought back to Lyons Colorado a Crystal Bed apparatus. We offer healing sessions using the Crystal Bed technology developed by the disincarnate spirits that work with Joao through our organization, Hahn Holistic Health Centers. We can be contacted at 800-520-3822 for scheduling. Linaya is a gifted medical intuitive and energy healer and can augment these sessions with other healing tools and technologies.


Bob & Jacqui Davis, USA
Bob and Jacqui Davis
PO Box 5004
Grants Pass, OR (near Ashland)
Tel: 541 479-0057

"Our crystal bed is available evenings and weekends for now. I am a psychotherapist specializing in Transpersonal Psychology and give workshops on the Goddess and Symbolism. Additionally, Bob and I work with the Angelic Realm as Gatekeepers. Bob is a massage therapist, using Reiki and intuitive body work. We are always joyful to share our lightbed and stories of the Casa."

Carol Hatcher, Michigan, USA
Carol Hatcher Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
2875 Northwind #117
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
Tel: 517-332-3870

"I have been blessed to incorporate the Crystal Bed into my psychological practice. There have been dramatic stories of a strange sense of peace from those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and deep sadness. Children with many different behavior problems have changed without conflict. Crystal bed treatments have been a gift I can finally offer to those who have suffered without relief. I am so grateful and so blessed to have been given permission to use it in my practice."
Carol Hatcher
Song "Abadiânia" by Kim from Colorado
"I was so touched by the people and the land that I was inspired to write a song about it upon my return home, which I will record and hopefully benefit in some way, the children of Abadiânia. To those who embraced my music while I was there, a BIG heartfelt OLIGATO!!!! FROM ME TO YOU!!!" Kim
Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Heather Cumming
"It is with deep gratitude and a desire to be of service that I bring people to Abadiãnia. I know and love the culture and history of this land and people and part of my mission is to help you connect with this sacred energy at the deepest possible level without any distractions from the mundane world".
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

Jo-Anne & Goran Barron, Australia
Jo-Anne and Goran Barron
Bondi Junction
Tel. 02 / 93691248

Evelyn Burt, United Kingdom
Evelyn Burt
The Caversham Clinic
25 Prospect Street
Berkshire RG3 8JB UK
Tel: +44 0118 948 2999

Danielle Mura, Dublin, Ireland
Danielle Mura
11 Church Street East
Dublin 3
phone: +353 1 8560034
cell: +353 86 8289429

Ann Murphy, United Kingdom
Ann Murphy
The Gaia Tree Holistic Centre
5/6 Kings Walk
Winchester Hampshire SO23 8AF UK
Tel: +44 01962 844636

Caroline O'Donovan, County Mayo, Ireland
Caroline O'Donovan
Circle of Light Healing Center
Aughagower Village
Co. Mayo
Tel: +353 98 50787

Cynthia Poole, Florida, USA
Cynthia Poole
701 NE 3rd Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444.
Tel: 561-330-0882 or 561-542-1935

I first visited The Casa in June of 2005. I was led to the Casa and Joao through an strong intuitive knowing after hearing about him from two different people. I had great healing there and was given permission to bring a crystal bed home. As a result, my whole life is changing! I am making the bed available for others and use it myself. It is an incredible healing tool!! For those in Southeast Florida this bed will soon have a home as I am renovating a historic house in Delray Beach for yoga, art and crystal bed. I welcome any inquiries. In deepest gratitude to John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio!!

August '05
Update from Abadiânia
On his return from Abadiânia in June, Rev Ernie Chu sent us in some useful information and advice for others travelling there in the future weeks and months
HEAVEN'S HELPERS- Help for the Disabled while in Abadiania
Approved by the Casa to offer care to disabled visitors, Heaven's Helpers provides experienced caregivers who assist men, women and children with serious physical challenges and complicated needs while in Abadiânia.
Understanding the work of the current rooms at the casa can be to say the least very difficult. Here is Grainne's somewhat simplified version.
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Gundi and Klaus Heinemann, California

My wife Gundi and I recently purchased a crystal bed with the permission, and it is being used in Gundi's healing arts practice in Sunnyvale with the expressed blessings of the entities.

Gundi and Klaus Heinemann
Sunnyvale, California
(San Francisco Peninsula)
Email: or
Phone: 408-472-9037


Alice Salazar Almeida, London

My name is Alice Salazar Almeida. I'm originally from Brazil and I've been living in London for the past 11 years. I have just returned from the Casa where I was granted a Crystal Bed by the entities.

I was trained as a Medical Doctor in Brazil in the early 80's but have moved on to a holistic practice. I've been working with Vibrational Medicine for some time now. I was given permission to add the crystal bed to my practice in a clinic in London.

Alice S. Almeida
The Hale Clinic
7 Park Crescent
London W1B 1PF
Tel: +44 (020) 7631 0156
Email: or

The phone numbers in Abadiania have changed. Each number has 8 digits now. They have added an extra digit, a 3, at the beginning of the number. All phone numbers used to begin with 343 and now they begin with 3343.
The Friends of the Casa Messageboard is temporarily unavailable while we rectify some technical problems. We appreciate your patience and look forward to making the forum available for your use again in the very near future.
June '05
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued
The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to
Laurée Landsman
The Netherlands
Tel: 06 408 096 75
Tel2: 06 512 510 91

Meg Blanchet, M.A., L.M.T.
2905 Adams St
Eugene OR 97405
Tel: (541) 485-3246

In 2003, I first came to the Casa and was granted permission to bring a Crystal Bed back home with me. While having a treatment there, I felt directed to move my client room (which entailed convincing my husband to let me have his office:) and to set up the crystal bed there. I now have a bright and cozy room with wheel chair access. The crystal bed has been a very powerful source of continued healing for me in my life as well as for my clients and friends. At least 50% of the money I receive for the Crystal treatments goes back to Abadiania as an expression of my deep gratitude. Thank you.

Meg Blanchet, M.A., L.M.T.

Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Adriana Martinez
Adriana hosts healing journeys to Brazil at least 3 times a year to meet John of God. Adriana first went to Abadiania on the 25th of March 2001. She had been diagnosed with Vulva Cancer in 1997.
A Tribute to Humanitarian Francisco Xavier
Allan Kardec Educational Society presents 'A Tribute to Humanitarian Francisco Xavier (also known as Chico) - A Legacy of Hope & Love'

Spiritist Philosophy

Saturday July 9th 2005 5.00pm
Community Church of New York,
40 East 35 ST., New York, NY 10016

For More Information Contact:
Allan Kardec Educational Society
P.O. Box 30692, Phoenix, AZ 85046
Tel: 602. 996.3123

April '05
Casa Experiences
Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section 'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'
Here's a glimpse at some recent replies from people summarising their experience at the Casa
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to

Valynda Dupre'
Gentle Truth Healing
14836 N 58th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Tel: 602-765-1109

Valynda has had a Crystal bed in her home office since July 2003. "My clients and I love it. It has been a Godsend to many people that have used it".


Ann Joel
Double Bay
Mobile: 0418 917 420

I would like to take you on my journey from a public relations professional to a spiritual healer who has been given permission to have and use one of Joao's sacred crystal beds.

Lectures and Crystal Bath Sessions, May 5-9 Portland, Oregon USA
Dr. Joyce Patten, an Ashland Chiropractor, is coming to Portland to share some of the heart-opening experiences she had at his center in Brazil, and continues to have, through her work with the Crystal Light Bath. This healing apparatus has 7 crystal rays, which are positioned over your body to illuminate your chakras. The Crystal Bath was conceived of and blessed by John of God.

Dr. Patten lived and practiced in Brazil for 3 years and speaks fluent Portuguese.

The Lighthouse Center for Peace and Healing in Hillsboro is hosting Dr. Patten and the life-altering Crystal Bath. Three free lectures are planned and sessions for the Crystal Bath may be reserved during May 6-9.

Free Talks
Thursday, May 5th 7-9 pm
The Lighthouse Center, 408 SE Walnut St. Hillsboro, OR

Saturday, May 7th and Sunday May 8th 2-4pm
Tualatin Hills Nature Park, 15655 SW Millikan Blvd, Beaverton, OR

Come early to the Lighthouse Center and take a meditative stroll in our yard Labyrinth and enjoy the Peace Pole. The Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a 222 acre wildlife reserve with a plethora of peaceful settings to choose from.

For more information, or to schedule a session
Contact:Louise Bauschard at (503) 997-8041

Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Linaya & Alan Bolotin
"I'll always remember my first trip to see John of God, or Joao de Deus, as the Brazilians call him. I had heard about him six months earlier and my wife and I sent our pictures to him for a Blessing. Much to our surprise, they came back with an X on them, which meant that we were encouraged to come to the Casa de Dom Inacio."
March '05
Follow up to Documentary on the Casa Aired on ABC - TV Network in the USA
Here is a letter that was sent to John of God following the ABC PrimeTime TV show.

Dear João,
I watched the Prime Time TV documentary about you this Thursday past (February 10) with a group of friends. Prior to the show, both myself and my friend Pintki were continuing to experience pain related to lumbar disc herniation and consequent sciatica. After watching the documentary we each realized that we had received a beautiful healing and were and have been basically painfree ever since. So, to you and your team we express our heartfelt gratitude! I wonder how many others have benefited from such healing!

Thank you for all that you do, for your willingness to be such a servant of God.
May God continue to bless you.
Most Sincerely,
Barbara Woolley
CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to


Laura Greenwood
Redondo Beach, California.

Laura has had the crystal bed for over a year now and offers sessions to the public. Please contact her for more information or to make an appointment

Debbie Bailey
The Therapeutic Body Center
1400b West. Grand Ave
Grover Beach, California, USA, 93433
Tel: 805-489-3714
Brigitte Müller who was added to the list last month has written an article about her experiences with the crystal bed
Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Phyllis Bennett
Phyllis Bennett, became a Guide to John of God, a Daughter of the House of Dom Inácio and a Medium to the Entities in 2003.
John's Physical Operation at the Casa - Healing Story by John Rowe
John travelled to the Casa for the first time in 2004 where he had a life changing experience.
February '05
Casa Ventilation System Project
Over the past few months work has been ongoing installing ventilation devices in the current rooms. A roof-mounted ventilator was installed in the Entity's Room in December and at the beginning of this year work commenced on installing a system in the Medium's Room. Similar work is currently underway in the main hall as well as repair work to the hall roof.
Documentary on the Casa Aired on ABC - TV Network in the USA

On Thursday February 10th a documentary about the Casa and Joao was broadcast on US television - 'Primetime' on ABC (Channel 7). There have been mixed reactions to the programme but statistics from this website confirm that it has certainly generated a lot of interest in the Casa. The day following the airing of the programme, over 2,300 people visited the Friends of the Casa website.

Read some of the reactions and feedback which we received from Friends of the Casa those who watched the programme

CASA CRYSTAL BEDS ... continued

The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatment. (For full listing and articles on crystal beds please go to


Marge Cuddeback
San Jose

Heather Cumming
Westport CT, USA
Tel: 203 255 2123;


Brigitte Müller
Auf der Schanz 19
D-65936 Frankfurt
Tel: +0049/69/34826338
Fax: +0049/69/34826339


Ronnie Wilson
10813 W 115th Place
Overland Park, KS 66210 USA
Tel: 913-906-9986
Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Lynn Debenham and Emma Bragdon & Johann Grobler MD

Lynn, from the UK, first travelled to the Casa in 1998 when she had a tumour removed from her back by Visible surgery. Since then she has been taking groups to the Casa.

Within hours of her arrival at the Casa, Emma was invited to become a guide — and Casa mediums told her she had a mission to bring the activities of the Casa to a wider international audience. She met Johann at the Casa in 2002 and recognizing the alignment of their missions, they began to work together.

Choosing Vibrational Change ... Reflections by Gary Walker
Inspiring reflections from Official Casa Guide, Gary Walker on choosing Courage, Truth and Beauty as a Reaction to Illness, Discomfort and Depression
January '05
NEWS FROM ABADIANIA by Melinda Holland & Grainne McEntee
News on Christmas / New Year at the Casa, Cafe Central - a newly opened Cafe in Abadiânia and also advice on connecting to the energy of the Casa from home.
Check out some photos of Cafe Central
Casa Crystal Beds around the world ... continued

In our most recent newsletters we provided a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions at home. For the full listing and individual articles on Crystal beds go to

Dr. Joyce Patten
Chiropractic Physician
Ashland, Oregon USA
(541) 488

Anita Ekberg
Tel. +46 (0)8 378051
Official Guides to the Casa ... This month featuring Bob Dinga & Diana Rose
Continuing our special feature on official guides to the Casa. Bob Dinga & Diana Rose originally travelled to the Casa in 1999 to seek help for Bob's deteriorating eyesight. Now Bob & Diana experienced tour leaders to the Casa delight in assisting others as they go through their process to gain the healing they need.
News Archive
Friends of the Casa Newsletter Archive

Newsletters are circulated once or twice monthly to Friends of the Casa.

News Archive 2004

News Items include articles on

  • Casa Crystal Beds around the World
  • Joao's trips Abroad
  • New Projects at the Casa including Current Room Renovation, Waterfall Shelter and Soup Kitchen
  • Healing Stories and Individual Experiences at the Casa
  • Robbery in Abadiania
  • Practical Travel Advice
News Archive 2003

News Items include

  • João's Concerns
  • Advice to Travellers
  • Research Article on João de Deus / Psychic Surgery
  • Soup Kitchen Project
  • João's Trip to Washington DC
  • Large selection of individual experiences
News Archive 2002

News Items include

  • News update December 2002
  • New Entity
  • Giant Crystals
  • Soup Kitchen Initiative
  • Television Programme on the Casa
  • Group Leaders' Initiative
  • Change in Dietary Restrictions when taking Casa Herbs
  • Dom Inácio Feast Day Celebrations 2002
Please feel welcome to contact us with all news updates from the Casa and Abadiânia for inclusion in our news section.
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