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December '04
JD RABBIT (R.I.P.) - Author of the original Guide to the Casa

The Death of a Rabbit

I received an e-mail, in Brazil, on 22 November stating that JD Rabbit (Judith Jones aka Dickstein) had been killed instantly in a car accident on Saturday 20 November. I was shocked and surprised at hearing this news, and had to reflect that none of us ever knows what is around the corner for ourselves or anyone else. Even so the finality of a friend passing over is very sobering.

I first met JD during my 2nd trip to the Casa, in 1999. She brought two people, from Vermont, where she lived until her death. These people, a mother and her daughter came to see Joao for healing and JD paid for everything herself. This is the sort of thing JD did; she was always helping people in every way she could.

Best known to people at the Casa, is her work to create the original "Casa Guide" which was available first in hard copy and on the web. Now it is part of the friends-of-the-Casa website and offers the most comprehensive information for people travelling on their own to the Casa. JD created the guide with the help of Marilyn Penrod and one or two other people in the USA who helped make it happen. JD and Marilyn both had independently had the original idea for a Casa Guide, but got together and did most of the research. As I have been going to the Casa so often in the past 5 years with my groups, she often asked me if had had any new information that she could use to update the Casa Guide, which I happily gave her if I had come across anything new to report.

JD came to the Casa at least once a year to get her herbs and for any treatment the Entities felt she needed. I saw her often in Abadiania and got to know that she had a number of serious health conditions and was always in pain, so the fact that she lived with so much determination and was such a benefactor to so many people, impressed me very much. She could be quite abrupt and more to the point than some people felt comfortable with, but some of that may have been to do with her New York City background and having to live in pain constantly. Her heart was in the right place.

JD was quite an unconditional person, but with a very practical head on her shoulders. She hung out with Timothy Leary at Millbrook, in upstate New York in the 60's, and as far as I know worked in publishing. She also had a christmas tree farm during her last few years, which seemed to amuse her. She travelled a lot and always was seeking out new and interesting people, places and situations around the world. Her home was on a farm outside the town of Montpelier, Vermont where she told me she actually built a house "in the form of a rabbit warren". She insisted that the Rabbit in her name was a lot more than just an adopted name. She really felt a strong affinity with the rabbit world and would make a sort of rabbit face to prove it. I never knew how serious she was, but it seemed harmless enough.

The last time I saw JD Rabbit was during my May 2004 visit to the Casa. As ever, she told me about all kinds of new and interesting things she'd discovered on her travels and on her internet searches. She had great faith in the Casa, Joao and the Entities and always returned to the Casa for a new prescription, when her herbs ran out. It was only a short visit, and I believe her last. I didn't realize it was the last time I would ever see her. Although I think JD was quite a loner, in ways, she was also very much a people oriented person and I'm sure will be missed by many.

Rupert Drew
Casa Guide and group Leader
12 Dec. 2004

Marilyn Penrod sent the following tribute in response to my informing her of JD's death:

"JD and I first met in May 1999 in Abadiania. I was there, along with Marylou Smith from NC. We had an idea to write a guide and asked Joao for permission and guidance to do one, which he granted. I later met JD who also had an idea to do one, so we agreed to collaborate. I didn't know anything about JD's skills at the time, was somewhat intimidated by her, but was impressed by her determination. And, there was that rabbit-like cuteness about her that made up for her occasional curtly manner.
So I wrote and JD edited. We did this over the course of a year between NC and VT, via faxes, email and telephone. We never met again in person. It was a major task and collaboration which I thoroughly enjoyed and because she was a consummate fact-checker, editor and task master, we managed to produce the original printed Guide to the Casa in April 2000. (It later became the online guide produced by Sheppard and Kerin, which JD continued to update.)
We kept in touch until a year ago. I truly believe that when Marylou and I asked for guidance, the Entity sent JD. The guide could not have been done without her diligence, skills and especially her commitment to help others find their way to and through the Casa. I appreciate her immensely for her contributions and this legacy."

From Bob Dinga & Diana Rose, Guides to the Casa:

Dear Friends,
Our beloved sister JD Rabbit (Judith Jones) made her transition in November. Her legacy was her Love for Spirit and her major contribution in the creation of the Casa Guide (along with Marilyn Penrod). We send her our Love, Light and Blessings and wish her eternal peace and happiness.

Love, Bob & Diana

Casa Crystal Beds around the world ... continued

This month we have a revised and extended list of individuals who have purchased Crystal beds from the Casa and have got approval from the Entity to offer treatment sessions at home.

The following are among a collection of people from around the world who have purchased Crystal beds from the Casa and have got approval from the Entity to offer treatment sessions at home.

Jo-Anne and Goran Barron, Sydney, Australia
Chantal Benedict, California
Sequoia and Jack Cheney, California
Claire Eckman, San Francisco
Dr Ron Holman, California
Theresa and Con Keppel, Vermont, USA
Jan Labate, Soquel, California
Adriana Martinez, Central Coast of N.S.W. Australia
Noreen & Philip McEvoy, Cork, Ireland

Carol Pruim, Chicago
Peter Waugh & Jane Abdee, Wellington, New Zealand

Official Guides to the Casa
This is the first of our special features on Official Guides to the Casa - this month we feature Josie Ravenwing & Peter Waugh.


November '04
"Why the Casa de Dom Inacio is important to me" by Michael Pearson
In April, 2003 my youngest son, Ben, received a healing at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. I have already written about this and it is what usually first comes to mind when I ask myself why the work of John of God is so very important to me. But on Election Day in the United States, four days ago as I watched two videos on subjects far removed from politics, it occurred to me that the significance of John of God and the Casa for me personally is much more than just the fact of Ben's "rebirth", no matter how wonderful that may have been.
October '04
João's Recent Visit to Germany - by Lynn Debenham
During his recent visit to Germany, over fourteen hundred people a day went to see João and receive healing at Schloss Berlepsch.
Casa Experiences
Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section 'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'
Here's a glimpse (!) at how people from around the world summarise their experience at the Casa
August '04
Casa Current Rooms during João's Trip to Germany in September

Dearest Casa Friends,
During my recent visit to the Casa, I asked the entity if he would include the cause of world peace in the intention of the Casa Current Rooms during João's trip to Germany the week of 30 August (Casa Days 1,2 and 3 September). He did so designate and my understanding is that the Current rooms will be open during those days, and that we are encouraged to sit to support both the Healing work and in addition support the cause of World Peace.

I remind those that have doubts that the work continues whether João sits for visits or he does not, and that this week of his absence, though one where we cannot go before the entity, is one where we can continue our healing process, and also for this week especially also support the World Healing needed to foster Peace.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Casa and in the Village during that time.

Blessings, Peace and Love, Sean Durkin
Please visit

Melinda's News Update from the Casa
Melinda Holland 'our reporter on the ground!' has all the news from Medium João's and Dom Inacio's birthday celebrations as well as some amazing healing stories.
WHO ARE YOU? ..... Friends of the Casa Questionnaires
We will soon be doing an analysis of all Questionnaires completed by Friends of the Casa and will include the results in a future Newsletter. But our computer system has let us down and Questionnaires submitted between 30th October 2003 and 13th July 2004 have been lost....
So, when you have some time, please do complete and submit a new Questionnaire for us. Apologies to those of you doing this for the second time.
Thank you
Prayers on the Website
The prayers from the Wednesday and Sunday prayer meetings at the Casa are now posted on the Friends of the Casa website at Special thanks to Breda from Ireland and Horacio from London for all their help.
July '04
Waterfall Shelter Project ... News from Abadiânia
Medium João and the Casa entities granted permission to Lynn and Rupert to build a shelter in the waiting area above the sacred waterfall. Read about this welcome addition.
"Less can be more"
On the changes in Abadiânia, Michael Pearson in his article states "It is important, I believe, for me and all foreigners coming here to realize these things and to understand the fact, however, that "less can be more"
Fulnio of Brazil
Josie Ravenwing appeals for your help for the Fulnio Indians of North-eastern Brazil
June '04
Robbery in Abadiânia
Personal Account by Heather Cumming, Official Guide to the Casa
"Kardec's Spiritism: A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution"
Author Josie Ravenwing reviews Emma Bragdon's new book
Our Son's Healing Story
As told by Michael Pearson
Mia's Experience
Mia tells of her extraordinary experience during her trip to Abadiânia in October 2003
April '04
The Soup Kitchen and the New Current Rooms
Melinda Holland brings us the latest news from Abadiânia
Notice Regarding last month's appeal for clothes etc
Many thanks to all of you who were in contact in follow-up to the appeal in last month's newsletter for donations of clothes and items to be distributed to the people of Abadiânia via the soup kitchen project. We had a number of enquiries about who to contact with donations etc. Martin Mosquera who is very involved with the project said it is best for people to bring the items with them or send them with a friend rather than posting as they would be charged tax for anything that is posted. Anyone with enquiries or goods to be donated can contact Martin or his wife Fernanda. He said the building is beautiful and has a great energy.
Story of Healing
Bob Dinga & Diana Rose, Official Guides to the Casa share some good news with us
Casa Rules
Bob Dinga, Official Guide to the Casa brings us the updated Casa Rules
Prayers on the Website
The Wednesday and Sunday prayer meetings at the Casa have become a very popular part of the Casa experience and we have received numerous enquiries from people requesting copies of the prayers. The English version of the prayers are currently being finalised and will be available to print off very soon on the Friends of the Casa website.
March '04

Work on the new Soup Kitchen building continues. Besides having a dining room (with seating for over 100) which will feed the hungry people of Abadiânia, the new building also has shower facilities for men and women. The soup kitchen itself is still not complete, but Martin Mosquera informed us lately that the section of the building which serves as a source for distributing clothing and other necessities is complete.

According to Martin "We can now receive all what our brothers and sisters want to bring to help the people here - clothes, toys etc etc". So all donations of clothing etc are very welcome.

Thank you.

News from Abadiânia
Melinda Holland brings us the latest news from Abadiânia
40 Day Testimonial - Maggie's Story
Heather Cumming shares a wonderful email from Maggie, who travelled with her group to Abadiânia in January 04. Maggie lost her sight 15 years ago and came to Abadiânia called in her dreams of roads and visions of country with deep red clay roads!
February '04
Current Room Project
Josie Ravenwing brings us news of a very important project underway at the Casa.
Practical Travel Advice - by David Purchas
David Purchas outlines the practicalities in making a trip to Abadiânia with a severly disabled person.
Soup Kitchen Photos
Photos of the soup kitchen taken in January 2004
News Archive
Friends of the Casa Newsletter Archive

Newsletters are circulated once or twice monthly to Friends of the Casa.

News Archive 2003

News Items include

  • João's Concerns
  • Advice to Travellers
  • Research Article on João de Deus / Psychic Surgery
  • Soup Kitchen Project
  • João's Trip to Washington DC
  • Large selection of individual experiences
News Archive
News Archive 2002

News Items include

  • News update December 2002
  • New Entity
  • Giant Crystals
  • Soup Kitchen Initiative
  • Television Programme on the Casa
  • Group Leaders' Initiative
  • Change in Dietary Restrictions when taking Casa Herbs
  • Dom Inácio Feast Day Celebrations 2002
Please feel welcome to contact us with all news updates from the Casa and Abadiânia for inclusion in our news section.
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