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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
News Archive
December '03

The following change to the normal Casa schedule was recently announced.
Medium João will not be at the Casa during Christmas 2003 and the New Year. João is taking his first Holiday in 44 years. The last Casa Day will be the 19th of December. The Casa will reopen on the 5th of January 2004.


Dr Ana Maria's Story

"Dear friends,
I would like to share with you the story of my experience in meeting John of God in Abadiânia, Brazil. Those 2 weeks have changed me and my understanding of life profoundly. One of the physicians I met there asked the entity what we doctors can do to support the Casa and the work of John of God. The answer given was to speak about our experience.

Please forgive me in advance, for no words that I have can give justice to what I have felt and seen.

João's Concerns - by Robert Pellegrino Estrich

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich was asked by Martin to convey some concerns that are causing João and the staff considerable grief with a view to having some warning notices and advice added to the website.

September '03

Advice to Travellers - Josie Ravenwing

Josie Ravenwing writes from Abadiânia with some information that hopefully will be of help to João, the Casa and to future travelers here.

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Research Article on João de Deus / Psychic Surgery

The research article; Psychic Surgery; An Investigation; The Summary of the Scientific Research by A.M de Almeida, T.M. de Almeida, A.M. Gollner undertaken for Psychiatry Institute of the Hospital das Clinicas,Sao Paulo School of Medicine:Dept of Pethology of the School of Medicine of Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerias that appeared in the Magazine of Brazil Medical Association in July/September 2000 translated into English.

"Called to the Casa" by Claire Eckman

Claire takes us through the unusual synchronicities and events which led to her visiting the Casa five years ago.

August '03

A Report from the Casa by Christopher Sheppard

Christopher first visited the Casa in November 1999 and made 10 visits between then and March 2002. He thanks the Casa in large part for his healing from cancer (see "Healing Stories"). In July, Christopher visited Abadiânia after a break of some 16 months and was really struck by the changes that are taking place, both in and around the Casa.

Miracle Water Website

In the website the article and photos of frozen water crystals, may have significant relevance to the Casa water, said to be blessed by the Casa Entities, giving it special characteristics. The article states that the author/researcher took water of differing qualities and purity from various areas around Japan and that each water sample, when frozen and viewed under a microscope, presented varying crystal forms. Different types of music played in proximity to bottles of ordinary tap water would cause crystals of quite differing design, as would words written on paper and stuck onto different bottles of the same water, creating totally disparate crystal formations.

The fact that words attached to containers of water can actually alter the crystal structure of the water inside may indicate that the mind has a role in these alterations, since words are first conceived by the mind before anything can be written down. If this is the case and if even our ordinary, unenlightened minds can do this, why shouldn't it be conceivable that the Casa Entities, with all their extra- ordinary powers could bless the spring water sold at the Casa, giving it amazing healing qualities? I believe they can and do do this and that the photos in the following website may convince you of the validity of this possibility.

Rupert Drew
3rd August '03

Problems with the Messageboard

We strongly encourage and appeal to all the friends to use the messageboard on a regular basis. The messageboard is the "interactive" part of the site designed as a way for casa "regulars" to help newcomers. This will only work if people's queries are answered relatively promptly. Check in, even once a week and let's use this facility to it's full benefit.

We are aware that many of you continue to experience problems posting messages on the Friends of the Casa messageboard. We are striving to reach a balance between security and accessibility. It is likely that access problems are caused in many cases by security settings on individual computers.Try the following which helped to sort access for many people:

Open internet explorer
Go to: Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Edit
Click allow
Shut down Internet explorer. Restart Internet explorer
Now log on to Friends of the Casa Messageboard and post a message in the test area.

Please inform us of any difficulties you experience when using the messageboard.

June '03

Medium João's March visit to Washington DC by Heather Cumming

Casa Guide Heather Cumming relates her experience of translating for Medium João during his visit to Washington in March 2002. Her emotion is infectious.....

The Soup Kitchen Project .. update

Work continues on the soup kitchen project - a new service to the public in Abadiânia. The Entity known as Doctor Augusto directed Martin Mosquera, one of the English-speaking translators, to manage this project. The Casa will provide soup to the homeless and less fortunate people who come to Abadiânia. The kitchen is being built specifically for this purpose and is located in the central part of the town, across the main highway, where it is accessible to all in need. The soup will be served each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as it is at the Casa.

Photos of the soup kitchen are posted at June photos of the month - click here
Medium João's Birthday

June 24th is Medium João's birthday and this year will be no exception to the annual celebration of his birthday. It is likely that these celebrations will take place on Friday 20th June and as usual many people will make a special trip to the Casa in order to join in on the occasion.

A very special Happy Birthday João from all the Friends of the Casa.

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May '03

Catalina O'Brien Ely brings us news from Joao's trip to Washington in March.

Adriana's Story

Australian Adriana has been cured of cancer. She shares her story.

"My Story: Natural Health" by Sheila

Another encouraging story of recovery and healing from the Casa.

Ram Dass visits the Casa by Catalina O'Brien Ely

In February 2003 Catalina had the blessed opportunity to be Ram Dass's guide to the Casa de Dom Inácio. Read about his visit.

Claire & Peter's Experience in Abadiânia

When Claire & Peter returned from their trip to Abadiânia they were inundated with requests from friends and family for a "report" about their experiences and they duely took the time to write a detailed document. They have kindly agreed to share their experiences with the Friends of the Casa with the hope that it may assist others who are looking for personal accounts and information before making their first journey to the Casa.

April '03
US TRIP - A brief update from Heather who had the privilege of translating for Medium João during his visit to Washington in March.

I have just returned from translating and meeting and assisting Medium João and his wife on their brief and quiet trip to Washington. It was extraordinary and a seeding for peace that was so incredibly powerful ...potent and we are still integrating and filled with ....there are no words. It was even more moving that Medium João came over two days after burying his brother. What a gift this exceptional man is to humanity.

Many blessings to you,

Expectations, Assurances and Coincidences

Mary from County Limerick in Ireland has just returned after her fourth trip to the Casa.

March '03
News from Abadiânia by Barbara Lange

Barbara Lange is an Artist, Writer and Traveler to Sacred Sites. She shares her experience of Abadiânia with the Friends of the Casa.

Mary's recovery from Acute Chemical Sensitivity

For 16 years Mary was plagued with an "acute chemical sensitivity" so bad that she had to wear a double thick charcoal mask whenever she went outside. Finally in January of the year 2001 I had a heart attack brought on by an overturned gasoline tanker in Southern Florida. In July 2001 she travelled to the Casa. In the 2 years since she went to the Casa things have just gotten better and better for Mary and her husband.

João's Trip to Washington DC cancelled, 20th March 2003

We have just received notification from Bob Dinga that John of God's trip to Washington DC has been formally cancelled. John and his wife were able to obtain their visas but their three traveling companions were not successful.

We will keep you informed of any progress for future trips.

"The Miracle of Faith" by Ernie Holmes

Ernie went to Abadiânia in November 2002 for two weeks. While there, he had a lipoma removed visibly. The operation was videotaped, and has been a source of inspiration to alot of people.
Read Ernie's story
(Reprinted With Permission from 'One in Spirit' Magazine in which it appeared in the March 2003 edition.)

First Visit to Abadiânia by Noreen from Ireland

Noreen from County Cork in Ireland visited Abadiânia for the first time in January of this year. She shares her experience with us.

Update on João's Trip to Washington DC, 3rd March 2003

As many of you are now aware, due to the totally overwhelming number of people who expressed an interest in seeing João while in Washington, the program is not now open to the public.

Alan Bolotin has kindly taken the time to explain the reasons for this change in plans and asks for your understanding in the circumstances. It is expected that with the proper facilities and organization, a public session will be organised at a future time.

Your Suggestions

Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. Here we would like to share some of the replies we have received to the question -

'Are there any suggestions you would like to make to either The Casa or The Friends?

February '03
News from Abadiânia by Barbara Lange

Barbara Lange is an Artist, Writer and Traveler to Sacred Sites. She shares her experience of Abadiânia with the Friends of the Casa.

Inflation in Abadiânia

Melinda Holland is a regular and devoted visitor to Abadiânia. Following her recent visit there, Melinda expresses genuine and increasing concerns about rising prices in Abadiânia.

New Healing Story

Read the latest addition to the Healing Stories section - Caroline's amazing story of recovery from HIV.

January '03
Christmas 2002 in Abadiânia

Melinda Holland shares her experience of spending Christmas in Abadiânia

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