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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

                                                                                                                    News Feb'08

      Spririt Photographer : Karen Leffler


Bob Dinga asked me to write about myself for the Friends of the Casa Newsletter and I am so honored to share with you my story in relationship to John of God and the Entities of Light.

John of God and the Beloved Entidades (Spirit Guides of John of God) have given me my life as a professional photographer, a'spirit' photographer and most recently as an official guide to the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola. I am finally fulfilling a dream of service that I had always wanted since I was first told by the Entidades to bring groups to the Casa in 2001.

From the very beginning, the Entidades have given me 'spirit' or energy photographs but I did not honor these energy photos for the great gifts they were until 2003. Then, the Entidades sent me huge energy Lights around the crystal on the altar. The Entidades, upon seeing them said, "Look at the power of the crystal." Three of these photos are still in the Great Hall on the right as you first walk in.

  That event brought me in contact with Heather Cumming as a translator for Sebastian, the Casa Secretary, who excitedly saw these crystal light photos in the LCD of my camera and wanted me to protect them, which I did.

That same year the Entidade, Josette asked where the professional photographer was and I looked around. Heather said, "The Entity is talking to you." I then took Josette's picture and was greatly honored to do so.

Two years later I was given the immense blessing of taking seven photographs of the cachoierra per instructions from Dr. Augusto. He told me to take only seven, no more, no less and he would give me a gift. One of the seven photographs looks like splashes of energy, the other six look like the waterfall. One of those photos is in the book that Heather and I were commanded to write along with two of the crystal light photos. Dr. Augusto told us that not only should we write the book, but, we must write it and so we did. I have never taken another photograph at the waterfall and Heather and I began to write the book together in 2005.

I wrote the first words of the book in Abadiania. It was the dedication. Everything flowed from that. The Entidades and Medium Joao invited Heather and I to spend a day with Medium Joao in Itapaci where he grew up. Medium Joao was so attentive to us and we glimpsed a little of his life of generosity and kindness which we could share in our book. I took photos and videos and was given three spirit photos that day.

Itapaci 2005
  Our stories flowed so easily because of Heather and her unique ability to traverse two cultures and two languages so splendidly.

Our book, "John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions" has been blessed by the Entidades and I know John of God trusted us to write from our hearts about his incredible work for humanity. Heather and I are so very blessed to have been given this charge to write about his mission to alleviate pain and suffering for so many on this earth. This collaboration between the Entidades and Medium Joao is an astounding union of True Love. And I can not express my gratitude to be able to be a small part in sharing this precious gift with the world through word and photos.

In October 2007 at the Omega Institute in New York, the Entidades and the Medium told me to take pictures whenever and wherever I wanted. I was overjoyed to be behind the camera again. Later, when I saw the photo sequence of an incorporation, I sat at my desk and wept. There is one spirit photo of the consciousness exchange at the moment of incorporation. Medium Joao's body goes through a great deal to do this work and all I wanted to do was to honor him for this immense and precious gift he gives us through allowing his body and mind to be used by these evolved beings for the benefit of mankind.

Entity Incorporation at the Omega Institute October 2007
  I created a small photo show entitled, "Gratitude" to honor Medium Joao which includes photos from Omega with music. The link is

My deepest wish is to honor this collaboration of Love for the rest of my life, writing, taking spirit photos as the Entidades direct and, finally, to bring people to our Casa de Dom Inacio as a filha (daughter) and guide.

I feel the Entidades have given me a way of life beyond my dreams of service by showing me a creativity with photography I did not know existed within me and hopefully, it will serve humanity, too. Since the Entidades have been working with me I have also discovered spiritual art within my soul that must be brought forward. I now also have photography shows and soon will have a gallery on my website for both photos of the Casa and my photographic art work which tends towards pictures of Buddhas, temples and sacred sites and sacred moments throughout the world. The website is: or

There is nothing more I would wish to do with my life than to share spirit in all of my work. With Grace to inspire, having been given faith in our Divine Birthright, may we each shine in our own glory on the path to total forgiveness and liberation.
Karen Leffler

The Casa November 2007
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