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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Advice to Travellers                                                                News September 2003
                                    by Josie Ravenwing

Dear Friends

The increasing number of foreigners visiting Abadiânia has created some new challenges for João and the Casa. Here are some things that may help alleviate some current and potential future problems.

If you plan to stay in Brazil past your originally planned dates and need to ask the Brazilian officials for an extension of your stay, and need to ask the airline people for an extension on your return ticket, please simply tell them you have decided to stay longer because you want to experience more of this wonderful country, or some such thing. PLEASE DO NOT USE JOÃO AND THE CASA AS REASONS FOR EXTENDING YOUR STAY. It is your choice to do so. Leave João and the Casa out of your explanations, as it is causing difficulties for him from the Brazilian officials when people use him as the reason for extending their stays or changing their tickets.

Also, if you have to fill out a visa application form in order to come to Brazil (U.S. and Canadian citizens do, and maybe others as well), here are some additional suggestions. Put "tourism" for your reason for coming. Under destination, simply put Brasilia and Goias, rather than Abadiânia. Brasilia is where you land at the airport, and Goias is the state in which you find the town of Abadiânia. Where it asks for contact person/organization, and for the address and phone number, simply put "not known" or "not applicable" or "will be traveling" or some such thing, so as to avoid mentioning Abadiânia entirely.

The reason for doing so is that increasing numbers of foreigners are traveling to Abadiânia, which is a tiny town not on the usual tourist trail. This situation is starting to attract the attention of Brazilian consulate officials, some of whom may not be in support of spiritual healing work. So following the above guidelines simply by-passes the whole issue and makes life simpler for everyone.

Much love and blessings of healing to you all -
Josie RavenWing

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