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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

Many amazing healings, both spiritual and physical have been reported in Abadiânia over the years. Spiritual healings, by their nature are difficult to document and validate, but the following stories should help reveal to you the extraordinary impact which Abadiânia has had on the lives of people from around the world - physically and spiritually.

With time we hope to bring you an extensive selection of testimonials from individuals who have visited the Casa. You are welcome to contribute your own story. Please email it to The Friends of the Casa.

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Words of encouragement from Casa Friends
  Abadiânia has laid the foundation for endless networks of friendship throughout the world ... networks which have provided an invaluable source of encouragement & inspiration in times of difficulty and uncertainty. We would like to share with you some of these words of wisdom exchanged by email among just one network of friends from the Casa.
Read Adriana's Story  
  Adriana, from Australia has been to the Casa three times. Her first trip was six years ago after she was diagnosed with cancer. She is now cured of cancer and is excited to share her wonderful story with the Friends of the Casa.
Read Bob's Story Bob

Bob shares his miraculous story of recovery from near-blindness and encourages people to always maintain hope.


Read Christopher's Story

Link to Christopher's website

In Sickness and In Health ... One man's experience of healing from cancer.

In November 1999 Christopher was diagnosed - out of the blue - with rectal cancer. He is now healthy again. Within a year, the tumour had completely disappeared, without needing the surgery that the doctors had urged upon him.

Read Ernie's Story Read Ernie's Story
  Ernie went to Abadiânia in November 2002 for two weeks. While there he had a lipoma removed visibly. The operation was videotaped, and has been a source of inspiration to alot of people.

Read Ernie's story entitled "The Miracle of Faith".
Read Jan's Story  
  When she was 21 years old, Jan was diagnosed as HIV positive. As with many others, her illness became the catalyst for great learning and rich spiritual experiences. Here is her story.
Read Karim's story Read Karim's story
  In 1995 Karim Noack was told that she had six months to live. She underwent three lumpectomies and then against her doctors' objections, refused a mastectomy and chemotherapy, opting instead for alternative medicines and holistic healing. Not only has Karim survived, but she has lived the most healthy, productive and joyous years of her life since.
Read Mary's Story Read Mary's Story
  For 16 years Mary was plagued with an "acute chemical sensitivity" so bad that she had to wear a double thick charcoal mask whenever she went outside. Finally in January of the year 2001 I had a heart attack brought on by an overturned gasoline tanker in Southern Florida. In July 2001 she travelled to the Casa. In the 2 years since she went to the Casa things have just gotten better and better for Mary and her husband.
Michael with his son Ben

By 2003 Michael and his wife had become desperate about the severity of their son Ben's mood disorder. The severity of his mood disorder - depression and explosive episodes - had reached a point where they feared for his safety and ability to ever have a normal life. So in pure desperation Michael took Ben to the Casa in April, 2003.

Read Narada's story Narada
  Narada was diagnosed five years ago with Hepatitis C, a virus which is blood borne. He has not taken any conventional drugs for his illness. However, he assigns his progress in overcoming hepatitis to the work that he has done at the Casa de Dom Inácio.
Read Rick's healing story Rick
  At the stage Rick travelled to Abadiânia, he had suffered for over a year with severe pain caused by a compressed disk in his back. His healing included invisible surgery at the Casa.
Read Sharon's story  
  In 2000, friends Sharon & Drew travelled to Abadiania. Sharon suffered from degeneration of the hips, while Drew was very sick with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. Sharon's journal gives a detailed and fascinating insight into their trip.
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