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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)

                                                                                                                    News June'08

      'Abadiania to Auschwitz - and Back'
by Gemma Wells


Two years ago, during a trip to Abadiania in May, I received an email from a friend to ask if I would be interested in taking a four day trip to Krakow in the autumn, having through a newspaper found a very good package.

Contemplating this possible trip over the next few days it struck me - that this was exactly what I was going to do but within this trip to Krakow, I could use the opportunity to take some of the beautiful healing light energy (in the form of crystals) from this wonderfully sacred place of Abadiania to the opposite end of the spectrum - Auschwitz!!

But, who was I to do this, and what was I to do there? Following these thoughts, I spent time in current asking the Entities for their input into what I felt would not be the easiest of tasks. I followed this by buying a small crystal, blessed by the Entities from the Casa shop (to take to Auschwitz) which I would wash and carefully wrap at the sacred waterfall in readiness for my return to the UK.

Back home and within four days of my departure for Poland, my friend Lorraine with whom I was to be travelling rang to postpone the trip due to a family accident. As I did not want to pursue this on my own, we both agreed to postpone until the same time next year.

On reflection, I believe then was not the right time for me to do this work in Auschwitz as I actually was not properly prepared or protected!!

Then during my trip to Abadiania in September 07, I spoke with our dear friend Heather Cumming about my planned trip. From then on she was a huge support in helping me prepare. She advised that perhaps one crystal was not sufficient to do such a huge job on its own and maybe I should go back to the Casa shop and select another crystal to support the first I had bought the previous year. This I did, but also sought permission of each crystal as I picked it up by placing it against my forehead and asked whether it would be prepared to go to Auschwitz? I must have selected about six before I received a loud and clear "Yes" from one rough cut but strong feeling crystal! Heather suggested we should take the crystals past the Entity that afternoon for confirmation that both crystals were happy and that I could now pursue the plan to journey to Poland! This we did and the Entity took the crystals, one in each hand and gave me the all-clear to go to Auschwitz.

So, on the 9th November, 07 and with my two crystals safely wrapped - fresh from being washed in the sacred waterfall, and a small hand trowel in my suitcase, my friend Lorraine and I flew to Poland.

Twenty minutes before landing in Krakow I had the most unusual vision (for me anyway!) during a gentle meditation before landing and initially did not understand what this meant - I saw a group of faceless people with no features - just heads, bodies and limbs getting in line, or grouping as if they were getting ready for something, or go somewhere. I saw a bearded man 'Dr Augusto?' speaking to these people - though about what I was unaware. It was later when we were at the hotel that it occurred to me that perhaps these were some of the souls now ready to move to the light and were preparing and awaiting guidance for the right time. The vision was strong and brought tears to my eyes at the thought of this possibility.

Early on the Sunday morning 11th November, (I thought that this was a most appropriate day being Remembrance Sunday!) we made our visit to Auschwitz concentration camp. We had spent some time beforehand preparing ourselves by asking Ark-Angel Michael for his protection as well as the Compassionate Spirits from the Casa Dom Inacio to be with us during our intended work. In addition I was aware of the many people I knew that were supporting us on this day by their prayers and meditations from various parts of the world.

For anyone who has been to this horrendous place, they will be all too aware how is easy it is to be overcome with sadness and grief at the thought of how one sector of humanity can be so unbelievably destructive towards others, and that during the time we were in this camp we both prayed for peace and forgiveness in respect to the horrors that took place here over 60 years ago.

We started in Auschwitz Camp 1, which was the smaller densely packed camp where the majority of visitors are taken which includes the museum. There were many visitors this day and little or no privacy for us: my plan to bury the crystals here was fading. Where and when was my question to the Entities, but I had no answer! Beginning to feel as though perhaps this was not to be, I spoke to our guide for the day and asked if there was somewhere more appropriate for my friend and I to have some privacy for prayer and meditation. To be viewed digging into the earth and burying some crystals might have aroused curiosity by others and perhaps not all would be either approving or understanding of what we were doing, so the right time and the right place were important.

We didn't have to wait too long. The second half of this trip was a visit to Auschwitz 2 (Birkenhau) which was appreciably bleaker than the first camp. A grim outlook of the cramped living quarters, the infamous watch-tower and the old railway track leading down towards where the Holocaust Memorial now stands.

After an initial briefing from our guide, Lorraine and I took leave from our group and walked unaccompanied down towards the memorial. As we progressed the weather changed dramatically and as if Stephen Spielberg had been directing - the clouds suddenly turned an eerie dark grey colour and snow fell heavily around us. Once we reached the memorial it became very cold. It was at this point the message was clear - "Go left and bury the crystals at the base of a cluster of silver birch trees" These stood yards away from where once stood one of the gas chambers.

We started once again to ask the help of Dom Inacio, Dr Augusto, and all the light Spirits of the Casa to guide and assist us in this moment. We read the prayer of Caritas, followed by prayers for all those who had suffered and died here and for those souls who still might be seeking their peace. At this point, I dug into the ground and put the crystals side by side in the earth about 6 inches deep. On covering them over we asked the Entities to bless and protect the crystals and assist them in guiding souls left behind to reach the light.

Our little service here took us about fifteen minutes, after which it was time to make our way back. We then took a photograph of where the crystals were buried - for me to take back to Abadiania. We both left the camp feeling a huge sense of numbness and I admit now we were glad that our work was done here!

In January this year, I was back in Brazil - and with Heather's help again went past the Entity showing him on the photograph where the crystals were buried and to ask for ongoing love, protection and support for those two beautiful crystals from Abadiania that remain in Auschwitz doing a wonderful job.

It was lovely to get a beaming smile from him and Heather translated to me that he had said - "There was a lot of love in this place that day". Following this he popped the picture into his basket.

It has taken me a while to decide as to whether to write my story, and I had decided initially not to, until others I love and trust from Abadiania and here back home persuaded me that this was something not to keep to myself!

So, I have written this to share with others, who just might feel that they can or would like to do something similar if they were to visit certain parts of our globe that has been torn apart by war - past or present and where souls remain in limbo, or to places in general where there is ongoing suffering due to man's inability to show compassion and love to his fellow brothers and sisters.

Thank you for reading this, and my loving thanks to Heather too for all her help and support.

My love to you
(Casa Guide) March 7th, 2008

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