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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
Casa Experiences continued ..

Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section

'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'

Here are some of the replies which we have received to date

Most wonderful life enhancing and changing experience, profoundly spiritual
Lorri, Australia

Amazingly personal
Roth, UK

One of the most important experiences of my life...
Julia, Germany

I am deeply grateful that I could have the experience of being at the Casa, it has changed my life profoundly and for the better. My connection with the Casa remains with me like a monumental life event or influence. I cannot logically explain the depth of my feelings, or even understand myself why I would love sitting in current as much as I did. Blissful and given by grace is the best I can say.
Brenda, US

Life enhancing
Lynne, US

Wow! I want to return for a month or be a part of the casa during my summer months volunteering--i found it very peaceful and nurturing for me.
Marj, US

Peter, Brazil

A wonderful feeling
Lale, Turkey

A wonderful and amazing experience which I am still processing. I feel it is life changing for me. I give thanks for it and to João, all the entities and all the people involved
Margaret, Ireland

Life Changing
Danielle, Ireland

Wonderful and uplifting experience
Nancy, US

Great, enjoyable, great people. I learned to be even more patient
Jean-Bernard, US

Purely incredible. I am bringing my husband next year who has lived with MS for 39 years. It is as close to heaven as you can get here on earth
Mary, US

Marvellous & spiritual--but cannot point to any specific physical changes. Pilgrims there were often high energy & knowledgeable--don't be nervous about most of them!
Hampton, US

As i have already said, it is always a privilege to be in the presence of a great being.
Carol, UK

Words cannot adequately express. But If I could afford it, I would move there. When I first stepped out of the taxi, I knew I was finally home. How I pray I could be there now.
Brian, US

I received a profound spiritual healing and awakening while at the Casa. I found that love and compassion are the most powerful energies on earth-something that I had forgotten recently. The Entities opened me up to receive the ultimate gift- knowing the Divine in myself and knowing we are all One body, one mind, one soul. I was made a daughter of the Casa and have began to channel and do energy work/healing. I plan to return to the Casa and give thanks in person, work in the current rooms, and plan to use my gifts for the good of humanity. God bless you all, and thank you.
Rosa, US

One of the most incredible, life-changing experiences of my life.
Gretchen, US

Amazing! I will return.
Martha, US

Calming. Josie really prepares you for the Casa experience; giving a tour before the first session we attend, telling us the rules to follow while there and giving an overview of the people of the area and how to act in their homeland. I left Brazil feeling the most peace I have ever felt, even though my pain returned to full strength when I returned to the USA. Faith in God became a part of my everyday life and the desire to become more of the person he wants me to be.
Lee, US

Heavenly. I felt alive and positive for the first time in many, many years. I felt a deep peace withinmyself and a sense of belonging to this world.
Carol, UK

Of great value; true grace! I'll be back in 2005.
Barbara, US

Each one has been different and astounding in their own way. I have made 2 presentations since I returned in June and will be meeting with the Unity minister of Pensacola to set up a third presentation. I have had tremendous healing each time I go and hope to return next year.
Terri, US

Life changing
Jason, Australia

My experiences are wonderful. I'm sure my own impatience hinders healing. I try very hard to be patient, and will come back as often as it takes for complete healing to take effect.
Janis, US

strongly affecting
Ruth, UK

It was fulfilling in many ways. Thank you to the Entities and All involved.
Nicolette, US

Uplifting, educational, rewarding, expanding, healing, spiritually aligning, settling, full of break-throughs, empowering, and a gift of freedom.
Bethany, US

Very positive and spiritual
Rita, US

The most wonderful experience of my life. I will return hopefully later this year.
Kane, Australia

We are so grateful for the experience, we give thanks to all who made our stay so wonderful,and we especially enjoyed the time in the presence of the entities very much. We continue to trust their healing process with us both, & and an escalation of our development for our work here.
Susan & Michael, Australia

Changed my life forever. No words can describe the love and peace I found there! A few days after arriving home, in a coffee shop, I accidently ate a biscuit containing sunflower seed. I am deadly allergic to these seeds, my throat closes up, I lose conciousness and my heartbeat stops after 10 minutes. The owner of the coffee shop wanted to rush me to the hospital, but I knew I only had about 6 minutes left now before my heart stopped, as my throat was burning and closing up fast. So i asked her if I could rather sit alone at a quiet place outside. I then prayed to God to help me, and as it was Friday, I linked up to the Casa. I asked the Entities to help me, and to please tell João I am dying, for I knew that only half a minute of his time would save my life. After giving thanks, I rested my head on my arms. I felt at peace. About 5 minutes later I woke up, the swelling had gone and I only had blisters in my mouth. This was a miracle. A few years before, my family watched as the doctors battled to get my heart to start again. The doctor told me then, that should it happen again,they doubt if they would be able to save my life. I thank God, I thank João and the Entities that I am alive today.
Linda, South Africa

Wonderful experience. I felt the presence of the entities before I got there and after I returned to the US. I would like to return someday.
Karen, US

I was only there for 3 days and before that, I travelled to many healers or holy people from whom I learned a lot. When I got in contact with João and the entities, my life changed. I am so thankfull, I am so blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Paul, Switzerland

Very rewarding and spiritual experience. I left with hope and when I arrived I was lacking in hope. It was an experience that I will never forget and I love to share with others.
Stephanie, US

truly special and important
Eva, Switzerland

Big improvement on my daughters health and a very precious beginning of a new concept of live.
Montserrat, Spain

Absolutely amazing and transforming. I can't wait for my next visit. I loved it.
Jo-Anne, Australia

I went with hesitation and questions. I feel it was a privilege to be able to have such an experience.
Michael, US

Both experiences have been sacred and calming experiences for me.
Cindy-Wynne, Canada

Moving, and spiritually soothing
Lucielle, Canada

Confirmed my beliefs in self cure and received the loving energy from Jaoa (his energy was clearly loving and could feel it once in his presence.) enlightening for sure.
Raynor, Canada

Rewarding and Life altering!
Joanne, Canada

I loved the whole experience. In my first surgery I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, esp. the lower abdomen. I could hardly walk out of the room and was incapacitated for several days. My second surgery had only minor after-effects. The third for "spiritual work" had no after-effects. I have no way of knowing what effects the treatments or time in the current room had on my health or being. I did have the feeling that I never again would feel as rotten as I had the months before I went, and that proved to be true. I continued to do other holistic treatments and presently am feeling totally okay, thank God. The experience of being there was joyful in every way. I met wonderful people, a couple who will be life-long friends. A friend later took my photo and I got the X meaning I should return but have not done so and don't know if I will. I would hesitate to make a claim that I was healed at the Casa because I simply have no proof, but I can definitely say that I felt better afterwards. Was that because I was so happy for a month or because of the activity of the entities? Who can say?? But to anyone wondering, I would say without hestitation, "Go!"
Iona, US

great/fantastic--went for medical reasons but at this point all appears to have been a spiritual healing which I hope will filter down to the physical. Have no medical records as yet to show health improvement. Perhaps this will become apparent as time goes on and after doctor visits. I do feel a new level of energy though and a new level of awareness.
Richard, US

The most powerful and wonderful experience of my life
Sharon, US

I find it difficult to evaluate at this time. i feel a definite change in my healing energies and less of a change physically.
Elaine, US

Go and experience it, it is a very special place and remember the feeling when you return home. Very special, I am looking forward to returning as soon as possible. When you stand in front of John of God it is the closest you will come to standing before God on this earth. There is no point in hiding because he can see into your soul.
Carmel, Ireland

It opened my awareness to how entities can perform healings
DeAnne, US

An absolute life changing experience. The love I was given by all the people there has allowed me to come back to U.S.A. and love all my brothers and sisters in a way I had aspired to but never fully understood how important and fulfilling.
Alicia, US

Hilda, US

Transforming, healing, and enlightening
Marian & Dirk, US

0ne of God's Treasures
Bernadette, New Zealand

Life changing. Fantastic. A pure gift.
Laura, US

Absolutely transforming. Before I went I doubted God's existence. Was very ill. Now I know he is very much alive and real and in us all. So much love & peace in my heart now. Has turned my life around in the most positive direction.
Vivian, US

Giving a sense of peace
Leonard, UK

Absolutely wonderful, miraculous and I cannot wait to return when god makes it possible for me to do so thank you
Sandra, US

a huge opening to the world of spirits, a total change in my life, find the faith again
Joy, Switzerland

Serene, peaceful
Ashley, South Africa

Excellent. I feel like I have had a near death experience, in that now that I am home, I am glad to see my family and friends, but sad to have had to leave such a "heavenly" place
Beth, US

Pamela, US

Wonderful divine experience! I do plan to come back next year!
Valentina, US

Beautiful, exeptional experience, would like to go again and again. Unfortunatly now, after 10 month i dont have results i am looking for. I am looking forward to find a solution.
Boštjan, Slovenia

Wonderful; miraculous
Somen, Netherlands

Marijke, Netherlands

Very strong light experience. I would like to come again with family and friends who need help, light and love
Ute, Germany

It was a life changing event anchoring my belief/knowingness of God. Planning to return to continue work phically, emotionally and spiritually.
Joan, US

Wonderful and uplifting
Erika, US

Life altering
Marilyn, US

Lucreda, US

Like the song "I once was lost but now I`m found, was blind but now I see"
Elena, Cyprus

I experienced inner peace as I had never had before.
NancyLee, US

Antonio, Germany

Great christian healing wonderful
Lygia, US

Mark, US

I felt a great energy level while passing through the entity row. When the entity send me to sit down in the current room, I started crying because of the emotion I felt when in contact with Its eyes. I experienced a deep peace and a felling that everything was right !
Laércio, Brazil

An awesome, Grace-filled experience. It was a privilege to be in the Presence and I carry this experience with me.
Julia, US

Elijah, US

Beautiful, love, peace, healing, friendship, what's real. Keep feeling a pull back there. Recently returned from trip #3 and already want to come back. The casa music that I listen to at home makes me cry and cry and smile and laugh.
Susan, US

Extremely important part of my life healing - I live in Abadiânia with Entity blessing
Sakanta, Brazil

My whole body radiates one big huge smile since visiting the Casa. The Entities alleviated my daily migraines and nausea the day before I departed the USA for the Casa. The Casa opened my heart. Thank you for sharing so much love.
Pamela, US

Confusing, upsetting, and yet very wonderful!
Marjorie, US

Life changing and wonderful
Judy, Australia

It was a great gift and act of grace.
Chris, US

Absolutely wonderful. I will return.
Lisa, US

Julie, UK

Transformative. I have had no visible changes in physical issues (yet), but received a lot spiritually. I am coming back in May.
Juli, US

The only place in which I have belief that I can be completely healed.
Andrew, UK

Very beneficial, valid, and grounding.
Monica, US

Spiritual trip of a lifetime & a significant improvement in personal health and life-style
Eric, UK

The time at the casa changed my life. I'm so thankful for everything I learned, I experienced, for the love and the help and the wonderful people I met. I will come back at least once a year for the rest of this life.
Isabel, Germany

Inspiring and spiritually fulfilling. My energy while there was imense, I will return next May or sooner. I would strongly recommend anyone with a serious illness consider visiting the Casa.
Beverly, US

Christopher, UK

Miraculous and a deeper belief in the depth of my faith and trust.
Tony, US

My experience during my 4 visits to the Casa de Dom Inacio in October of 2000, 2001,2002 & 2003 has been the most rewarding and amazing in my life. I am returning this October 2004 for my 5th and possibly last journey to Abadiania.
After my first visit in 2000, my need for healing was not paramount in my desire to return. Through these last 4 years I've had the strongest sensation of a spiritual need to return to Abadiania and the Casa to enjoy the spirituality of what I feel is truly a special place on earth. In 2001 I encouraged my long time friend, Patrick Davis to join me in a journey to the Casa. Patrick had been stricken with a very aggresive form of prostate cancer in the mid 90's and had been battling this disease for 8 years. He refused the radical surgery but opted for various treatments that did terrible damage to his body. During the course of more than 100 direct beam radiation treatments, his bladder,urethra,was badly burned and his spinchter was destroyed resulting in his incontinence for more than 18 months. Patrck was hospitalized in more than 8 facilities including, Mayo Clinic in Pheoniz Arizona, The Cancer Institute in Seattle, The Houston Medical Center, Texas and several hospitals in Honolulu. After being told by his Hawaii doctors that he must return to Chemotherapy, he said "NO" that he wanted to go to Brazil and the Casa first. I can still see in my mind, the day that Patrick and I sat side by side in the invisible surgery room at the Casa when João entered the room and after many prayers, extended his arm and like the split second time to snap fingers, we were convinced this is when the healing took place. On return to Honolulu, Patrick was anxious to have his first PSA blood test which gave a reading of.01 the lowest possible. In subsequesnt tests, Patrick's PSA continued to read at .01 and to this day, almost 3 years after João's healing in Oct.2001, Patrick's Doctors in absolute amazement declare him Cancer Free. In my humble opinion, this is a "Miracle". Obrigado. Vaya Con Dios.
Ronald, US

Wonderful, peaceful, lightening.
Lee, US

great experience
Paula, UK

Amazing. Unforgettable. Undescribable.
Robyn, US

Incredible. So much so thatI wrote a journal on my experience and had it privately published for anyone who wishes to read about my amazing experience at the Casa. I do not sell it, but make it available upon request to anyone interested. The 56 page journal is now into its 2nd printing (revised and up-dated,) and would be happy to send a copy to you. I am very grateful to God, to João, and to all who shared my Casa experience with me.
Patrick, US

Our visits were very special events that we look back on with great warmth.
Christopher, UK

Unbelievably life altering. I wrote a much longer summary on our website, but it's probably too long to include here.
Teiana, US

It was a wonderful healing experience.
Susan, US

Very good, magical, uplifting, and surprising healing for me.
Steve, US

Wonderful and highly rewarding on many different levels. My wife, who's scientifically minded, didn't feel a thing and refused to accept that anything marvelous was going on there. I'm always very cautious when talking about this with other people, particularly if they are in very vulnerable situation. Others are so skeptic they all they want to do is to find reasons to strengthen their materialistic views, and in so ways, unconsciously, they DON'T want to see anything happening they might lead them to a change in outlook on life….
… In Brazil, some friends who told me about João, warned me that the place was wonderful, but not everybody who went there got healing on the physical level, for the body. I liked that assessment, because it was fair and realistic. There are many people who have to go through what they are going through because that's what they need to experience to learn and evolve into whatever they need to. So, I would suggest that people sharing their experience with enthusiasm, also point out that not everybody going there were necessarily blessed in the same way; perhaps in some other, less visible way.
Humberto. UK

I would like to return , and continue healing & help others
Chris, US

The most spiritual event I have every experienced. Total bliss, tranquillity, and love. This doesn't even begin to capture the essence of my experience.
Greg, US

There are not words to describe the beauty of my trip- what I have gained and what I have been able to give to the world because of my trip here.
Melissa, US

Warm, friendly, loving and healing.
Bill, US

Enlightening,& joyous
Raynor, Canada

Heart Opening
Erika, US

My experience was great. I am planning on returning in November. I am thankful that such a place exists.
Linda, US

Totally life-changing experience
Linda, South Africa

Though I haven't had any physical evidence of being healed, it was the most incredible experience of my life. I hope to return soon and often!
Patricia, US

Unbelievably interesting. I do believe a healing occurred for me, although I still have the effects of my disorder, and will probably return soon for some further work.
Wendy, US

Michael, US

Profound and life changing
Breda, Ireland

Words are very poor for what is happening there. There are no words to describe. I love you all. People what support Casa that with any way. Go and say it to all our brothers.
Alexander, Greece

Waiting room to HEAVEN
Jana, Australia

healing and beautiful
John, Canada

Amazing and heavenly
Soheila, UK

It's hard to put the experience of going to the Casa into words. The best I can do is to say that it was the most incredible, powerful, spiritual, loving, self-discovering experience I have ever had. Words don't do justice to what it's like to be there.
Wendy, US

Very worthwhile, one of the most important things I have done in my recent life
Esak, US

Interesting and profond...
Odette, Canada

absolutely fantastic, amazing, wonderful
Felicity, Australia

i n c r e d i b l e
Elizabeth, Canada

I loved being there...
Laura, Australia

A mystical very effective energy healing place on the planet
Maria, US

Melissa, US

Spiritually, the experience was life-changing. It has opened my eyes to possibilities of spirituality. There don't seem to be any physical changes for me, and I am disappointed in that.
Mickie, US

My personal healing experience was a good one. I went to the Casa very scattered and in great physical pain due to drastic life changes. I had constant chronic pain for the past 10 years or more . The emotional pain turned into pain that attacked my body and caused me great discomfort. After my surgery I had an exceptional release of many unwanted experiences. I was sent to the recovery room where I cried for three afternoons. I could feel the entities working on me and they have continued to work on me at home. I would say that I have gained much of my personal power back and that the pain is greatly lessoned.
Many people have noticed a change in my outlook and how I am dealing with situations. It has been said many times that I am much more grounded.I have greatly cut back on medications and feel that if I continue to work with the enities I may be able to eliminate all medications when my life change is complete and I am in a more peaceful environment.
I plan on making another trip to The Casa as soon as I can. I am also hoping that thru the grace of God that I will be asked to help at the Casa here in the U.S.A. or Brasil.
Mary, US

Enlightening, Helping my growth and healing, I felt connected with the place. THANK YOU
Dvir, US

Most wonderful experience that makes me want to return often.
Stan, US

Joyce, US

A place of great healing. I watched my son Ben transform before my eyes.
Michael, US

Totally satisfying and exhilarating. Coming again this year.
Phyllis, US

It is wonderful to bring people to the Casa, everybody had a great experience in healing their body, their soul and their emotions
Julia, Switzerland

Wonderful, powerful, deeply moving and inspiring.
Danielle, US

Wonderful, everyone should go there at least one in this life!
Dale, US

Until now, my experience is only in the astral plan: beautiful!
Mirielle, US

I cannot put into words how very priviledge and blessed I feel to have been able to make this trip to the Casa. The love and energy of the Entities, Medium João, and all those who work and voluntee in the Casa is so powerful that I know I have been transformed (spiritually and perhaps, physically) I feel that I had to travel across the world in order to be reminded of my own Divinity and become re-connected to God in a most deep and profound way. I feel fortunate and will always keep the Casa, Medium Jao, and Friends in my heart and prayers. Obrigada.
Rosa, US

It was beautiful to dwell in the realm of all possibility, and experience such complete divine love.
Tami, US

a life changing experience
Helen, US

a perfect experience, assistants were extremely helpful
Allan, US

mind and spirit altering
Anne, US

very great experience in my own life
Yves, Canada

It was a beautiful experience and I am thankful to have such an opportunity in this life time.
Nathalie, US

An awakening by God's grace.
Bina, UK

Lucreda, US

Leslie, Canada

Amazing experience,which has given me great hope for a cure
Catherine, Ireland

So, so unbelievably wonderful. I am feeling so lucky and grateful and blessed. Did not know if I would be fortunate enough to receive surgeries. Am recovering now from two.
Karen, US

Unforgettable. I will return as soon as possible.
Maria, Spain

Very peaceful. Spiritually awakening. A place to meet wonderful people
Hal, US

Unbelievable, paranormal. Filled with love, hope & compassion. Closer to God.
Steven, US

Mindblowing....and deeply intense!!!
Nital, Switzerland

Fred, China

Deep inner transformation, a sense of cleansing, healing and illumination.
Horacio, UK

enlightening, timely and beneficial
Dian, US

Wonderful! Very supportative persons at the Casa and at the Pousadas (Martin & Fernanda, Bete & Luis at Amazonas)
Charlotte, US

This was the deepest, most profound experience of heart opening that I have ever had. I experienced love everywhere in the Casa experience, from João en Entity, from João in person, from the field that gets created by the staff, the current room, the other meditators and all the seekers, from the soup, the crystal beds, the blessed water, the opportunity to sit in current, from the generosity of the translators and the regulars, from the Pousada and from the taxi drivers and the couple of cafes. This was a truly transformative experience and I will return for ongoing nourishment and support for bringing my Heart into my everyday work, family and community. In Gratitude, Joan
Joan, Canada

exceptional, unpredictable, healing, learning experiences galore, spiritual, heartening, encouraging, inspiring
Sean, US

lifechanging in a very positive sense
Grainne, US

There are two places on earth which the human beeing should se. Auschwitz in Poland ( the dark and evil side of the human beeing) and Casa de Dom Inacio ( the light and loving side of the human beeing) Both places touch Your heart and make an reflection about the impact people can have on each other. You make a fantastic work in all ways, and give people hope, happiness, joy and one experience for a lifetime!
Pernilla, Sweden

it was a beauitful time i had thank you see you soon down the road
Dave, US

A wonderful mixture of frustration, healing and growth.
Lisa, US

It is heaven on Earth to me. I loved it!
Melissa, US

Very uplifting and interesting to meet a wide range of people. There is so much to learn from each other.
Eleanor, UK

A truly enlightening experience and I look forward to returning to say thank you for the self reliasation CASA provided me, one word relief!
Jason, Australia

absolutely mind blowing,wonderful experience
Maeve, Ireland

A truly divine heart opening experience that is constantly expanding. "open your heart, change yourself and change the world". To everyone I have spoken to at the Casa it was a life changing experience, thankyou.
Linda, Australia

Absolutely unbelievable and exceptionally spiritual and healing
Kim, South Africa

Heaven, Heaven, and did I say I was in heaven. I guess when you have a Christ healing body you will have those who will condem, persacute, and will want to shut down a divine body. Keep the love alive and viberate love all throughout Abadiania. I will be their alot in my life. Help make that a life path for me. Thank you volunteers for I know what It is like to volunteer and to not be recognized and thanked. Blessings to all of you and João. May your health heal all of you and assist the healing process in me and my spirit, body, and mind. I learned to shut off my mind and just heal. I learned that money and greed and unaware people make my heart sick. I live in the U.S.A and I dont feel like this is home anymore for my spirit........
I love you all and hope to see you soon. I want to learn portuguese so bad so I can come down their and volunteer and be happy with my spirit that is happy with the love that is down their. Please excuse my spelling. I did get to experiance when the police came to shut down João for the man who did not listen to instructions. Im a psychic and the energy did not win and shut down João. God bless him and his body. I support his body because He is an angel. Love love love ............ keep it alive in Abadiania...... bless you all......... Elijah
Elijah, US

Profound and transformational
Mark, US

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