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Casa Experiences continued ..

Since the Friends of the Casa website was lauched in mid 2002 many people (who have already visited the Casa) have completed the Friends' questionnaire which requests feedback on individual Casa experiences and reasons for visiting. The questionnaire concludes with a section

'How would you sum up your Casa experience?'

Here are some of the replies which we have received to date

Hampton, USA
"Very interesting.....and somewhat confusing".
Gloria, USA
"Extraordinary - life changing"
Deborah, USA
"Wonderful, although I still am going through a lot of crisis".
Rejane, USA
"Amazing that there is a place in the world that strenghens our hopes and dreams and you feel the love from so many that helps us heal. I love it and am looking forward to a longer stay, I am excited".
Martin, UK
Montessat, Spain
"It has changed our lives. I thought we were going to help our daughter: but when we arrived, I realized we were there for all of us as a family. Our visits have had a profound effect on our lifestyle and attitudes. Also, our daughter is getting better and better. I am sure we will go there again, & we have helped a number of others to go there too".
Christian, Spain
"I can't wait to go back".
Joan, US
Bob, US
  "Extraordinary. I will be back. The Casa and Abadiânia are a daily part of my consciousness now".
Susan, US
"Life transforming - it accelerates my growth process, it brings all the places where I am not in my heart and integrity- it teaches me what God is about- it makes me very, very uncomfortable until I learn my lessons- I have been doing "work" on myself for years and years, but when I found the Casa I was blown away: two weeks at the Casa are the equivalent to ten years of therapy and supervision all together. I want to create a life that will allow me to continue going there forever and bring everyone I know and love... I am going for a whole month in Feb. 2003 and I am forever grateful to the Casa that is assisting me in bringing my own mother and husband, for the first time, and a group of wonderful people. Abadiania is sacred ground".
Graciela, US

"You will know if you are to come there; it's a feeling and the reason you think you are coming to the Casa is but the tip of the iceberg. It is like the peeling of an onion, with layer upon layer to be revealed in a timely manner, to get to the root issue that has manifested to the physical body.
I gained something I never expected - I saw miracles - I felt spirit - I believe I am still being worked on - and lastly, I believe that God's will will be done".
Jon, US

"Felt like Home".
Helen, US

"Very positive, hope, determination to come very soon, longer, to do the best with the Casa to heal".
Mathurin, France

"Wonderful, peaceful, healing. And I am very happy that Joao-in-Entity gave me permission to bring small groups to the Casa"
Barbara, US

"There are no words to describe how I feel about the Casa. I miss not being there. I will be taking people from here in April-May".
Adriana, Australia

"Total obsorption of the Infinite, cosmic attunement, complete healing & transformation & love like I've never known. Increased spiritual gifts".
Barry, US

Judy, US

"It was a most beautiful experience. I was declared a Filha of the Casa and will go back as often as I can".
Doris, US
"Amazing, loving, peaceful, full of wonder. Don't give up on being healed...It IS happening, but physical cure itself doesn't always happen quickly. Just have faith that what is supposed to happen will".
Susan, US

Martha, US

"A very very good and useful experience!!! "
Zoi, Greece

"Pure love pure healing"
Jacqueline, Australia
"Still evaluating; still hoping"
Gene, US

"A spiritual renewal"
Janet, Canada

"The most amazing experience of my life"
Judy, Australia

"Life Changing"
John, Ireland

Sheila, USA

"Unique spiritual healing. Good network of friends"
Deirdre, Ireland

"Very, Very good. Learned a lot. Will go back for at least three weeks, soon".
Maarten, USA

Brett, USA

"Amazing, peaceful, loving, a unique growth experience"
David, USA

"I was very calm and peaceful, I saw everything very clean, and everybody was so nice with my family and I'm grateful for this experience".
Sueko, Peru

"A truly humbling experience. Magical. A course in love and compassion."
Annette, Belgium

"My wife is not yet entirely healed but I was completely changed being there ...I accidently went there for my wife as an Atheist and the Entities changed that with visions and other miracles which have transformed me body and soul".
Duncan, USA

"I feel more spiritually attached to The Casa than any other place on Earth".

"It was a blessing to have this experience"
Maria, Greece

"Positive. Got spiritual and emotional healing, not much physical healing yet"
Judith, USA

"An amazing experience that has changed my life forever, one filled with a new found love and faith that I have never experienced before".
Karen, Australia

Stephen, USA

"Be Patient and open. The real healing starts at the spiritual and mental levels first. The body will heal faster if you know this. Allow yourself to be vulnerable while you are there".
Stephen, USA

"The first 2 weeks were very challenging; the last week I was able to surrender and it was beautiful. I was asked to return and I am looking forward to it".
Nancy, USA

"It was nice to visit in body and I felt VERY safe there. I was able to access emotional information and memories and feel safe and contained while doing so. It was nice to see my friends again, too".
Londa, USA
"Healing and life-affirming. Wonderful!"
Maureen, UK

"Truly moving--want to go back and stay for 1 month"
Faith, USA

"It was the best gift that I could give it to myself"
Vicky, Canada

"Positive, life changing"
James, USA

"It was an awesome experience!"
Phyllis, USA

"Fantastic! Like none other. I'll be back each year".
Barbara, USA

"Life changing communion with the divine through John, the entities, the mediums. A gift of faith, love, trust, and soul healing, along with physical miracles of healing. The veil between the human and divine does not exist at the Casa. It is the experience of Unconditional Love that I met".
Tom, USA

"Extraordinary, moving, empowering, life changing, paradigm shifting, heart opening, an extraordinary spiritual adventure, a place of warmth and love".
Mark, Australia

"Mixed reactions"
Herb, USA

"I can't explain"
Alexandra, Portugal

"Very beneficial and important, both medically and spiritually"
Tessa, USA

"It was really an unforgettable experience, that changed and developed my life in many ways!"
Martina, Germany

"It helped me connect more deeply with God, and lifted most of the weight of supporting my wife's nine year experience of her cancer. She and I will both be well, regardless of what happens with that".
Brian, USA

"My own life has been transformed by my visits to the Casa. I have become quite deeply spiritual and love it. I am finding myself as I want to be, through shedding lots of the conditioning I've lived through and through connecting strongly with that source I'm happy to call God, but which I see as that quiet place in the universe which offers me the most harmonious path I can follow, and keeps helping me along when I need it".
John, UK

James, USA

"A Spiritual exhilarating experience beyond human expression".
Rudolf, Malta

"Very moving"

"My experience at the Casa was and continues to be life changing. Six months later, my growth continues dramatically! I feel as though the entities are working on me on all levels, fashioning, fine tuning me. Lots of growth and change!"
Dana, USA

Jed, USA

"Life changing, unique"
Gregorakis, Greece

"I came away with a knowing that there is 'something more' and of hope".
Beth, Australia

"The experience of a lifetime. I am planning a return trip in the near future".
Maureen, Canada

"Very enlightening experience, well worth going to".
Paul, Dominican Republic

"It was like being on a three-week retreat: spiritually very refreshing, and we felt that we made lifelong friends among those whom we met in Abadiania. I pray daily for the work of João and the Casa and that one day we may be in a position to return there with our other family members".
Clare, South Africa

"Quite unique"
Joanne, USA

"Wonderful experience, very unique. It gave me a lot of strength and spiritual power".
Karim, USA

"It truly has been and continues to be profound and life changing, in very positive ways".
Rupert, UK

"Truly extraordinary. I could not overestimate how it has benefited us, emotionally and physically. Added an entirely new dimension to our lives - a healing dimension. We hope to go back a third time as soon as possible".
Brian, USA

"Offers a last hope of healing when western medicine has failed you".
Eoin, Ireland
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