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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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1 Entrance Requirements
2 Location & Transportation
3 Length of Stay
4 Costs
5 Currency
6 Language
7 What to Pack
8 Bringing Photos / Requests for others
1. Entrance Requirements

Some countries, such as the U.S.A, require a tourist visa to enter Brazil, which involves a fee and some lead-time. Contact your regional office of the Consulate General of Brazil to obtain a visa application form. A U.S. citizen must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond arrival date in Brazil to obtain a visa. For help with travel arrangements from the U.S, check with the either of the following agencies.
Brazilian American Cultural Club (BACC) travel office for discounted air fares at (800) 222-2746 (NYC 212-730-1010). (Note: they can also help with travel visas.)

Brazil Fiesta Tours and Visa Service, San Francisco Phone (415) 986-1134 (800) 200-0582; FAX (415) 986-3029; Email:; Website or

Discover Brazil Tours, Miami, Florida Phone (305) 382-9443 (800) 524-3666; FAX (305) 382-9446; Cellphone: 305 632 3592; Email;
website (Also help in arranging visas)

Discounters, aka "bucket shops" may have similar or even better deals. Look for ads in the newspaper travel section (e.g., New York Times or other major metropolitan newspaper) or internet sites.

If you must go to a government office to renew your visa, you are advised not to wear shorts, a short skirt or sleeveless top. Your visa can be extended in Policia Federal in Anápolis.

Advice on Completing Official Documentation - Josie Ravenwing, Sept 2003

2. Location & Transportation
The Casa de Dom Inácio (Ig-nah’-see-oo) is located in the village of Abadiânia (Ah-bah-djah-yuh) in the state of Goiás (Gway-sh). The village lies between two airports which service the area, Brasilia (BSB), 103 km and Goiânia (GYN), 91 km. Both airports are within a 2-hour taxi ride. Taxi is the preferred method for reaching the village, though rental cars and buses are available at the airports. There are taxis available at the airport which cost only about R$10 more than those coming from Abadiãnia. When making a pousada reservation, you can ask them to send a taxi-driver to meet your flight. (Look for your name on a sign when you arrive at the airport.) The average fare for a taxi from Brasilia is R$150; from Goiânia, R$100. Tipping, say R$10 is not expected but greatly appreciated.
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