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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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13. Shopping & Services

The village shops of Abadiânia provide basic necessities (soap, toothpaste, clothing, shoes, snacks, etc.) as well as local crafts, cheeses and sweets. In the commercial center of the village, across the highway, are pharmacies, hardware stores, specialty shops, a bank, a post office (correio), and business supplies and services, including photocopying and faxing.

Internet / email facilities
There are internet facilities at the following places in Abadiania

RBM Management
Av. Frontal Q.A L. 01, Abadiania
Tel & Fax: (62) 33431943
Email address:
Red Gilson, Marco Dacosta
$R10 an hour

Prates and Montagne
Neusa, Daniel and Pablo Prates
Tel: (62) 3343 1985
$R6 per hour

Pousada Sao Jose
Rua 4, 59
Tel: (62) 3343 1231
$R6 per hour

Details of internet services in Anápolis are included in the Anápolis guide.

At Brasilia airport Smart VIP Office provides internet access 7am - 11pm everyday

At Sao Paulo Airport 'intercom@x' provides communications, computing, email and fax facilities. Intercom@x is open 7am-10pm Mon to Fri and 7am-5pm on Sat & Sun
[ / (11) 6445 2388]
The Sao Paulo post office at airport is open from 7.30am to 10.30 pm everyday. 'Telefonica' telephone service is open from 8am to 8pm every day.

14. Getting Around

Taxis and buses are the primary modes of transportation. Buses to neighboring towns are very reasonable. Inquire locally for bus stops and schedules. Taxis are easily arranged by hotel staff, or you may make your own arrangements; some drivers speak English. It is an easy walk to the commercial parts of town.
Have your pousada arrange for your taxi needs.

Some Local Taxi Services
Taxi Drivers Authorized by the Casa as of October 7, 2004
ANTAO - Taxi do Antao, (062) 343 1308 also (062) 9918-4053
Adolfo/Corumbá - cellphone (062) 9974-4905; Also (062) 3343-1429
Boquinha - cellphone: (062) 9957-0968; Also (062) 3343-1371
Carlos Carlotta - cellphone (062) 9628 1183; Also (062) 3343-1443
                       Email: (Speaks English)
Divino Rodrigues Pires - (062) 3343-1226; cellphone (062) 9957-3118
Domar - cellphone (062) 9628-2576
Domicio - (062) 3343-1314
Jeninho - cellphone (062) 9622-4357; Also (062) 3343-1264
Joao - cellphone (062) 9957-0968; Also (062) 3343-1371
Joao Rocha- cellphone (062) 9991-6587
Jovanes - cellphone (062) 9623-1506

Luciano - (062) 3343-2239; cellphone (062) 9974-2668;
             Email: (speaks English)

Marcos - cellphone (062) 9261-0761; Also (062) 3343-1943 (Speaks English)
Mateus Corrêa - (062) 3343-1605; cellphone (062) 9974-8040
                       Email: (speaks English)
Pedrinho - cellphone (062) 9991-3751 Also (062) 3343-1191
Rayne Borges - cellphone (062) 9208-1896
Raimundo - cellphone (062) 9974-4039; Also (062) 3343-1469
Ricardo Maninho - cellphone (062) 9957-3110; Also (062) 3343-1348
Rodrigo at the Dom Ingrid: cellphone (062) 9629-1907; Also (062) 3343-1206
Romulo - cellphone (062) 9947 2061; Also (062) 3343-1407
Sr. Totonho - cellphone (062) 9608-0605
Vivaldo - cellphone (062) 9629-1907; Also (062) 3343-1407

(Note: From Brasilia, dial 062 first; If calling from the US, dial 011-55-62 + 7 digits, omitting 0 in the city code.)

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