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10. Meals

All hotels (pousadas) include breakfast with the room rental. Lunch and dinner are served in most hotels buffet-style. Dining is open to non-residents, so you may dine anywhere in the village, though it is courteous to let your hosts know when you will be dining elsewhere. There are luncheonettes, cafes, pizza parlors and bakeries for eating out.

A typical lunch or dinner in the hotels is about R$5 reais and offers cooked vegetables, salads, beans, rice, and meat. Bottled water is sold in the pousadas, as it is not advisable to drink tap water. An additional charge applies to drinks and desserts. It is safe to eat raw fruit and vegetables and drink the beverages in the pousada dining rooms. Food preparation standards generally are regulated by the Casa and accord with the dietary restrictions when taking herbs.

There are now five cafes in Abadiânia

Cafe Central, Av Frontal S/N, Qd. 19 Lt.05 - Grainne and Joao

Fruttis Tel 3343 1927 - Ultan

Moitara Armazem Cafe Tel 3343 1483 - Charan and Mariane

Prates and Montagne Tel 3343 1985 - Neusa and Daniel

Pizzaria do João Tel 3343 1794

11. Laundry
Laundry services are available at a modest price at most pousadas. Charges are typically added to your bill. Rates are modest. Your laundry will be washed, pressed and returned to you in a couple days (depending on the weather, as clothes are sun-dried).
12. Telephones

You'll find pay phones on the main street of the village and at the Casa to make national calls. Fruttis Juice Bar (Tel 3343 1927 - Ultan) has facilities for international calls. It has by far the best rates in town, approx. 25¢/minute to North America or Europe and 4 phone lines. Alternatively a good method for calling long distance is collect. Calling cards can be used, but reaching an English-speaking operator is often difficult. Phone cards are available for purchase at grocery stores, bakeries, etc. Instructions in English are posted in the phone booths.

Good news: If your pousada has a phone, you can use it to bill a call to your AT&T or other major phone company calling card. Call your company prior to leaving the USA and request the access code to use once inside Brazil. Dialing the access code will connect you with English language prompts to follow. Charges will appear on your phone bill. Note: This does not work on pay phones.

Another recommended option is to buy an international calling card from AT&T. It works fine. You get an English-speaking recording that guides you through the steps, which are easy.

You can also rent cellular phones in Rio, São Paolo or Brasilia for about US$6 per day and US$3.45 per minute. They reportedly work better in Abadiania than in, say, some parts of New York City ....

Local numbers are 7 digits. When telephoning within Abadiânia, no prefix required.
Telephoning outside Abadiânia requires you to add a prefix as well as the area code (62). The prefix determines which telephone company will connect you. The normal prefixes are 014 and 021. Thus to telephone, say, the number 3113001 in Anápolis (same area code of 062), you need to dial 014-62-3113001.
To dial international you also need a prefix. You can either use 0021 or 0023, then the country code, area code and the number.

Add 55 (country code) +62 - not 062 - when calling from outside Brazil.

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