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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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9. Accommodation

There are numerous inns (pousadas) and rooms-to-let in the village near the Casa, and in the main part of town across the highway. At the date of this writing, you can arrive in Abadiânia without reservations and easily find lodging. If you prefer the convenience of reservations, see Resources for pousada telephone/fax numbers and mailing addresses. The pousadas are simple, clean and safe, and offer single, double, and dormitory-style accommodations. Most rooms have private baths, and all include a light breakfast. Most serve lunches and dinners in their dining rooms, but some offer meals only when there are ten or more guests. Full board is inexpensive, however, meals are readily available elsewhere (see 10).

Local Pousadas
Hotel e Restaurante Amazonas

Avenida Frontal 721
(062) 3343-1378 (tel); (062) 3343-2317 (ph/fax);
English spoken, security, garden
Luis & Bete
Prices $R52, $R62 and $R72 depending on which room, including 3 meals / day. Large pool, brown rice; wholewheat bread

San Raphael (the new part of Amazonas)
$R80 a night single and $R124 double with meals.

Hotel Brasil

Avenida Frontal 681
(062) 3343-1348
Price $R42 per day for a room with three meals. $R30 per day without meals.


Hotel Rei Davi
(formerly Hotel Villa Verde)

Av. Belem, Qd 14, Lotes 14 a 16, Bairro Lindo
(062) 3343 1145 (tel)
(062) 84147408 (mobile)

Charlene & Marcio

Marcio is also a taxi driver and speaks good english.

Hotel Paraiso

San Jose, Rua 04, No 59, Lindo Horizonte
(062) 3343 1231

$R39 per night including all meals. Speaks English, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

Jardin Das Fontes

Av Frontal 727
(062) 3343-2021 (tel); (062) 3343-1438(fax)
Price $R85 a night including meals; $R75 per person if a couple is sharing a room
Spanish spoken; some English.
Garden, waterfall; very near Casa

Pousada da Izaira

Rua Gerulio Vargas Q15, (Next to the Health Clinic)
Information Portuguese (062) 3343-2373
Information English (062) 3343-1604
$R20 Per person per night includes breakfast
Lunch, dinner $R5.00 each

Irmâo Sol, Irmâ Lua "Martin's"

Av. Antonia Pereira da Silva, Q. 08 L. 01
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
55 62 3343-1544 (ph/fax)
55 62 8419-1775 (cell) Martin
English, Spanish, Portuguese & German spoken by Martin & Fernanda
Price is $R90 reais including all meals. Has garden setting with fountain and security. Pool, 10-minute walk from Casa

Jardim Dos Anjos

Av. Belem Q. 16 L. 01
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
(062) 3343-1793 (tel); (062) 3343-1081 (fax)
Marcio & Mardenia Tagle
Best meals; quiet garden location. English, Spanish, some French spoken.
Price $R70 / night including meals

Pousada Catarinense

Rua 05, L. 07
Bairro L. Horizonte
(062) 3343-1443 (ph/fax); cellphone (062) 9628-1183
Carlos & Rosane, Gentil & Valeria Carlotto
English and German spoken; big garden with chapel, waterfall & pond, dogs and tropical birds; screened windows; proper executive van (12 pers) & taxi available.
Room including breakfast & meals - Single R$60, Double $60 per person; Room with breakfast only - Single R$45, Double R$35 pp; Meals R$8;

Pousada Dom Ingrid

Av: Francisca Teixeira Damas Nr. 706
Phone/fax: 55 62 3343 1206
Cell phone: 55 62 9628 7408 Ricardo
English, Spanish & France spoken, very nice rooms. Security.
R$70 per night single room with 3 meals, or R$130
per night double room with 3 meals also.

Pousada Dos Girassóis

Av. Getúlio Vargas, Qd. 10 Lt. 04
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
(062) 3343-2089 (tel); (062) 9622-2934 (cell)
Email: &
Claudio & Miriam
English spoken
Price $R60 / night including all meals

Claudio and Miriam have a beautiful farm or 'fazenda' called 'Fim De Semana'. There are trips there for the day at the weekends. You can relax in the countryside with the blessing of the Entities. There are opportunities to swim, walk, fish or just to sit quietly and meditate. Lunch and transport are provided. For reservations contact Claudio or Miriam

Pousada Furlan Rua Frontal B
Small, quiet, across from Pousada Catarinense
Pousada Lindo Horizonte

Rua 3
(062) 3343-2354 (tel); (062) 9921-3338(cell)
Price $R45 / night including meals

Pousada Luz Divina

Pousada Luz Divina
Rua de 1 Maio QA Lote 19, Vila Bastos
(062) 3343-1830; Cellphone 480-861-8871
English & Portuguese spoken
Catherine & Sandra
Garden, fountain; quiet side-street location; English spoken; cats; American-owned, caters to American tastes.
Prices for 1 $R75 / night

Pousada Martins
(Not Martin the translator - see Irmâo Sol, Irmâ Lua, this pousada existed before Martin's arrival)
Pousada Martins
Rua 4 Q 16 L 2
(062) 3343-1352 (tel)
Bicycle hire; good rates on long-term stay
Pousada Nosso Lar

Av. Frontal 545
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
(062) 3343-1372 (tel); also
(062) 3343 1373
Price $R35 / night with breakfast, no other meals provided.

Pousada Sao Jose

Rua 4, 59
Lindo Horizonte
(062) 3343 1231 (tel)
Prices $R55; Internet

Pousada Santa Rita
(Managers Maria & Veronica)

Avenida Frontal (adjacent to the Sao Paulo Pizzeria)
(062) 3343-1243 (tel);
Price $R25 including breakfast or $R40 including meals

Pousada do Sul

Rua Araguaia Qd. F-Lote 7/8
(062) 3343-1379
German spoken
$R25 / night with breakfast; other meals available. 2 rooms open directly onto street. Quiet side-street location; cat.

Pousada Xavier
(was Odetes)
Rua 4 No. 39, Abadiania
Tel 3343-2314 also (62) 9657 9408
Odete Fischer
Prates Pousada & Internet

Rua 4 Qd. 16 Lt. 3
Tel (3343) 1200; (Cells)9974-8367, 9268-6184
Neusa and Daniel Prates (speaks English and
teaches Portuguese and is available for translating). $R60 per night with meals.

Current prices (February 2006) in general range from R$25 to R$80. Hotel Brasil offers a monthly rate of $R600 per month. Some of the pousadas do not offer a monthly rate. However lower rates for longer stays may be negotiable as well as lower rates for fewer meals.

Breakfast is always included; you can pay for as many or as few other meals as you take there: Keep track! Food more to your liking, or more varied, can be had various places in town.

To send a letter, add to address given: CEP 72940-000, Abadiânia, Goias Brasil.
Postage from USA: From the USA, a letter up to 1 oz. is 80¢ (5/2002) and takes at least a week.

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