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Anápolis Guide
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Compiled by Ultan Ó Meara
Population: ~ 260,000         Altitude: ~ 1000m
Anápolis is the closest big town to Abadiânia, lying 40 km (25 miles) southwest of Abadiânia along the main Brasília-Goiánia highway. It is the second city in the state of Goiás, after Goiánia, the capital of the state. It is a relatively new town and, as such, doesn't have much of historical interest. It is, however, a busy town and should have much to meet your day-to-day needs. The purpose of this brief guide and map is to help you get the functionality you need out of the city.

Please note that this guide comes mostly from my own short contact with the city and, as such, is neither comprehensive nor guaranteed accurate. Neither is the map perfectly to scale, though I do hope that you find it to be close enough to be helpful. Everywhere on the map is within comfortable walking distance. Note that inclusion of an outlet on the map does not imply endorsement, or guarantee quality, unless explicitly stated in the text. Businesses come and go, prices increase, and timetables change. If there is anything you would like to add (or subtract), and I am still in town, please let me know. I take no responsibility for errors - I have done my best.

For all locations listed in the text, please see the map.

Getting to and from Anápolis

The official Casa rate for a taxi to Anápolis is R$45 plus R$5 per hour for any time over two hours. The other option is to take the bus.

The Anápolis bus leaves Abadiânia from the Rodoviaria (bus station) at the times listed below, but the best place to pick it up is at the bus shelter on the Casa side of the main road, just on the way out of town, where it stops about 5 minutes later. The trip to Anápolis takes about 45 minutes.
Where you get off in Anápolis depends on what you wish to do there. If you are planning to use the Internet, the best place to get off is the stop at the end of Avenida São Francisco (ask the bus driver) (no. 4 on map). For the town centre, you can hop off at either Avenida Brasil (no. 12 on map) or the large concrete and corrugated iron Rodoviaria at the end of Avenida Brasil. If you are planning to take an onward bus to a further destination, then get off at the Rodoviaria.
You can pick up the return bus to Abadiânia from the large Rodoviaria, bottom floor, platform 1, at the times listed below. Handier is the bus stop on Avenida Brasil (no. 15 on map), next to the Prefeitura (town hall), where the bus stops about 10 minutes later. Note that the Abadiânia bus does not leave from the yellow Rodoviaria Urbano in the town centre.

The bus costs R$2.55 each way and you should buy a ticket before you get on the bus. There is usually a stall or a booth around the bus stops where you can buy a ticket (bilhete). To get the driver to stop at a bus stop, you need to ring the bell, or pull the cord.

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