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Dom Inacio (St Ignatius Loyola)
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34. Videos & Taping

Videos of all public sessions are available for purchase (R$13) at the bookshop, usually within 24 hours of taping. You may request a particular date to be copied in the format used in your country (e.g., NTSC in the U.S.A). Photos of visible operations are also available from the Secretary's office. Please place all video / photo orders early; allow a few days.

Videos of previous operations run much of the time in the assembly hall of the Casa except during the programs.

Personal video and audio recording is allowed with prior permission. You must sign a waiver, stating that you will not misuse the recordings. The Entity has occasionally limited the number of cameras on stage during an operation.

35. Suggestions & Donations

You are likely to see suggestion and donation boxes in the open-air areas of the Casa. Look for the word Sugestão (in yellow) for suggestions and Doacão (bottom word on the box). Suggestions may be made in English. Also posted are signs in Portuguese which translate: "No person or official of the Casa de Dom Inácio is permitted to ask for or receive money or any kind of donation." It is important to observe this policy.

Any donations for the Casa should be placed in the designated boxes; bank-drafts or other non-cash donations may be handed to João or to Sebastian, the secretary. Receipts are given on request.

36. Behaviour & Dress
Regard the Casa as a church or shrine. Please respect the posted signs requesting silence (Silencio) inside the house. Women should not wear transparent clothing or extremely short skirts. No short-shorts on either gender.
37. Medical

If you think you need medical attention, first request healing energy from the Entity. When urgent or the Casa is not at work, try to find Leonora. She runs the recovery room. If this fails, speak with Elisabeth at Amazonas or with your pousada host. If you have been operated on recently by the Entities, avoid conventional medical care unless recommended by the Casa. There are Casa-approved doctors in town who can see you free or at modest charge.

For simple first-aid, lab test, or basic emergency-room diagnosis / treatment, there is a clinic in town: Unidade Hospitalar Infantil de Abadiânia. It is open Monday to Saturday 7am - noon and 1pm to 6pm. Go, sit and wait your turn.

Ambulance service, phone local #3343-1334.

Pharmacies. Cross the highway and go left until you see a major avenue bearing right. Go right and there are two pharmacies on the left. The first one you come to does first aid and some simple diagnostic / treatment procedures.

38. Useful Tips
  • To keep mosquitos out of your room during the rainy season, it is helpful to close your windows at sundown and not open them again until morning.
  • Bring a little flashlamp, useful in the event of a powercut
  • For light sleepers, it is a good idea to bring earplugs (wax earplugs are best). It can be quite noisy at night-time with dogs barking, roosters crowing, trucks etc
39. General Advice from the Translators
It is recommended to use the local taxi service that provide safe services The Casa have no connection to the taxi service and any issue is between you and the taxi driver The taxis do not pay commission to the Casa

Do not mix the spiritual work at the Casa with another kind of energy work. If you come to the Casa just participate in the treatment of the Casa in that trip If you want to go to another healer do it in another trip Joao has nothing against other healers but doesn't like when people mix treatments as it can affect their treatment they are undertaking at the Casa Therefore it won't be beneficial for you

It is recommended NOT to go to Pirenopolis or Crystalina due to energy There are crystals everywhere in Brasil Sometimes it is rumoured not to go to these places as the Casa want you to buy their crystals This rumor is not true Its purely an energy thing about not going to Pirenoplis or Crystalina. There is heavy energy in these towns

Please ask the Entity for advice about doing something Go to your embassy or the federal police when dealing with Visas Dont undertake the services of a lawyer without researching the person properly If in doubt ask the Entity for advice.

The Casa is not aligned with anyone collecting money for a cause.

40. Prayers from the Casa Prayer Meetings

The prayers said at the Casa prayer meetings held each Wednesday and Sunday have been compiled from various contributors of people worldwide who have come to the Casa over the years.They are universal and derive from a wide range of creeds, cultures and beliefs. We sincerely hope you enjoy them and that they are of healing benefit to you all.

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