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32. For the Physically Challenged

The Casa is barrier-free for wheelchair access, as are most of the pousadas in the village. Bring your own chair, as the Casa does not provide them. Caution: some streets in the village are unpaved and may be difficult to traverse without assistance (especially during rainy season when the streets are muddy). Taxis are available to transport you to and from the Casa, typically for a fare of R$4 each way. Ask your host to arrange for one, if needed.

33. Map & Layout of the Casa
Map of the Casa
The Casa’s various buildings serve visitors in important ways. As you enter the complex you will see the dispensary windows on the right. At the far end of the parking lot is the bookshop where you obtain the (free) tickets to pass by the Entity. The shop sells books, videos, tickets for the crystal bed, crystals, blessed water, T-shirts, rosaries, and other souvenirs.

As you turn away from the bookshop and walk back towards the center of the complex, you will pass a small cafe on the left; to the right note a small room full of discarded crutches, canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. (What you see is symbolic of a much larger number; the newer, usable equipment is donated to worthy causes.) You may enter that room and an adjacent room to view certificates and photos commemorating special healings by John of God.

Beyond the cafe on the far left end of a promenade are the public toilets and straight ahead is the Secretary’s Office (secretaria), the administrative center of the Casa. Here you may make written requests for healings, arrange for photos, have questions answered and receive help with numerous other matters.

As you stand facing the Secretaria window, to the left and around the corner is a sheltered area with tables and benches, where a lunch of free soup is served after the morning session. Across the garden area from the dining area is a building that houses the crystal bed.

To the right of the Secretaria window, you will see the large open assembly area, where speakers address the audience and visible operations are performed. The doors near the stage lead to the interior rooms, including two current rooms, an operating room for invisible surgeries, and a recovery room.

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