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15 Casa Schedule
16 Procedure - what to expect
17 English Speaking Guides
18 Tickets & Queues
15. Casa Schedule
The Casa gates are open most of the time during the day and evening hours; you are welcome to enjoy the grounds and energy, and to meditate. The Casa is on full schedule Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the morning session at 8 a.m. and the afternoon one at 2 p.m. The shop and cafe tend to be open Mon–Fri from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; the dispensary is open Wed–Fri.

The crystal bed (see 27) is open daily by appointment except Sunday.

Complimentary soup (blessed by the Entity) is served after the morning activities Wed–Fri. It forms an important part of the treatment. The soup is blesses and everyone is encouraged to take the soup every morning. As you face the Secretaria’s window, the dining area is located to the left and around the corner.

16. Procedure - what to expect
At the designated opening times (8 a.m. and 2 p.m.), people are already gathering in the assembly hall around the platform. Within an hour the program begins with introductory and spiritual messages, after which João typically enters the room in a trance state. Occasionally, he will embody an entity in the presence of the assemblage. However, house matters may be addressed, João’s entrance may be omitted or there may be other variations.
17. English-speaking Guides

There are some English-speaking staff members designated by the Entity to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Unless you know Portuguese, you will need one to accompany you and to translate for you as you go before the Entity. Look for someone wearing a light blue smock-jacket.

On June 8th 2006 Medium João signed a declaration stating the following
"All Portuguese translation is provided for free by volunteers at the Casa. The Casa does not authorise anyone to receive money for any translation"
View Official Signed declaration (4 languages)

18. Tickets & Queues
If this is your first visit, go to the bookshop and obtain a first-time ticket; this indicates in which of several queues you should wait to go before the Entity. Returning visitors request a second-time ticket and queue in a separate line. Note: If your photo was previously shown to the Entity, that counts as a visit and you are considered a returning visitor.

At the beginning of each session, a staff member will ask for a show of hands of those who are having surgery (Portuguese: cirugia). These people were told by the Entity on a previous visit to return for surgery at this time. They form a line to go to the surgery room. Note: Ask an English-speaking guide to alert you when this announcement is made.

Another line consists of people who were told by the Entity to return at this time for another consultation; these people do not require tickets. Ask someone to direct you to the proper queue.

No ticket is needed to sit in the current rooms (see 23). People wishing to sit there are asked to arrive before the public program begins, and to take their places quietly, so as not to disturb others.

For an 8-day review after visible surgery, get a ticket and ask a casa guide when to go in.

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