The new Friends of the Casa website is under construction, and in the coming months will be developed as the miracles at the Casa, in Abadiânia, unfold.

The powerful healing work of the Entities of Light continues at the Casa with God’s grace and love. Regular sessions run at 8:00am and 2:00pm on  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with a rosary prayed at noon. The rosary is also prayed every evening at 6:00pm.

People are coming together from all over the world, sitting in Current to meditate, cherishing this tranquil space. Visitors can attend the Sacred Waterfall, pray at the Casa Triangles, bathe in the light of Crystal Bed energies and enjoy  the gardens.

There are many Casa de Dom Inácio Facilitators who are already engaged in assisting visitors for this year. Incredible deep healing, spontaneous spiritual interventions, luminous transformations and insights at the Casa have been reported in recent weeks.

The Light will prevail. All is unfolding in perfect order in the hands of God and his messengers – the Entities of Light and Love.

The Casa de Dom Inácio (the House of St Ignatius of Loyola) is a spiritual healing centre in Abadiânia, central Brazil, founded over 40 years ago. Throughout its activity, countless people have achieved apparently miraculous healings - of cancer, AIDS, paraplegia, blindness and many other serious or seemingly ‘incurable’ physical and mental conditions.

Friends of the Casa aims to support this work by sharing information about the Casa, related activities and initiatives. You can email us at

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